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Executive Summary of Lorna Jane Analysis 

Lorne Jane is a clothing brand which is acknowledged as an iconic Australian activewear women-centric fashion brand. This study is a basic strategic analysis of Loran Janes brand in the clothing industry which is a global brand established in Australia. The strategic plan comprises of the internal as well as the external analysis of the corporation and the country. The internal analysis involves the highlighted strength and weakness of the company whereas external analysis lightens the threat and opportunities for the corporation. PESTLE analysis is done to examine the environment of Australia which decides the corporation growth and survival ratio. The report also states the company’s segmentation, targeting and positioning tactics which would aid in the gain of the potential customer base. The report also depicts the marketing mix strategies of the company to achieve the customer’s trust by selling its products without compromising with the quality and availing the products at affordable costs to maintain the customer base and earning profits. At last, there are recommendations which would help the corporation to improve and maintain its position in the marketplace against its competitive corporations.

Table of Contents


Situational Analysis.

Company Analysis.

PESTEL Analysis.

Competitive Analysis.

Customer Analysis.

SWOT Analysis.

Segmentation, Target & Positioning.




Marketing Mix.







Physical evidence.




Introduction to Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane brand is a renowned Australian fashion wear designer who has incorporated their apparel styles to best suit the everyday active living style of women. Though, being a famous brand for about the last three decades the brand has evolved itself according to the requirements of the targeted segmented customers. The corporation follows its legacy to design the products which do not compromise on comfort and quality as they manufacture the most fashionable and updated styles which match the regular active lifestyles of women. Lorna Janes started its business almost three decades ago from a personal boutique shop and it rapidly expanded to the Australian market and consequently enlarged in the other countries globally. At present, Lorna Jane commerce is located in more than 21 countries worldwide (Abril & Rodriguez-Cánovas, 2016).

Lorna Jane provides vision and direction for the strategic planning motives of the corporation to successfully enlarge its commerce as well as inspire with the adoring commitment to live in an active lifestyle and motivate with her personal beliefs and experiences. The corporation aims to partner with the stockiest who have same prices and are also fanatical about endorsing active living. Lorna Jane brand always comes up with the latest designs and styles which are often presented and attracts the business as a profitable growth chance for them to marketplace Lorna Jane exclusive styles worldwide (Andaleeb, 2016).

Situational Analysis of Lorna Jane

Company Analysis of Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an Australian brand company which deals and sells women clothing which is exclusive as well as comfortable for the women in daily active living. The company was founded by the Lorna Jane Clarkson in 1963. The commerce became a big boom multimillion-dollar venture within the two decades after its institution. The corporation also deals with the clothing comprises of gym, fitness, sportswear and other various lifestyle equipment. One of the vital aspects that determine the corporation's expansion is that the products are made for women by women. Apart from earning gains, the company aims to motivate women through active living (Anesbury, Winchester & Kennedy, 2017). At present, the corporation marketing tactics are at best, though it faces tough competitions from some of the well-established brands such as Hugo Boss, Nike, and Adidas etc. Appropriate execution of communication tactic can aid to raise the commerce as it would safeguard the distribution of facts with regards to the goods and services being accessible.

PESTEL Analysis of Lorna Jane


Australia comprises a constitutional monarchy in which the Queen is the head of the State. The Queen is being embodied by the Governor-General at the central level and by the Governors at the state level. The Prime Minister is acknowledged as the head of the government of Australia. At present, the capital of Australia is Canberra and Sydney is known to be the largest city in the nation. The county is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, OECD, G20 and the World Trade Organisation. Australia has also established good terms with the United States. The country marks as a secure and stable political environment. The country also faces criticism on the bases of deportation laws, protection of human rights, indigenous rights, and the treatment of refugees.


The Australian economy expands by 3 per cent in 2018 and due to which business investments, household incomes, and inflation are also expected to rise rapidly. At present, the current tax rate in Australia is 30 per cent. There are some vital imports done by Australia and they are vehicles, machinery, and fuels like oil, apparatus, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, valuable metals, furniture and plastics. On the other hand, gold, iron ore, natural gas, coal, beef, financial services, wheat, educational services, and copper are the vital exports of Australia.


Australia is considered to be the best to reside in the globe concerning wealth, education, health and a better lifestyle. The country has been recorded for a small population where the life expectancy of a male is 80 years and for women is 84 years. The country has more number of retirees and less number of working which can be a major issue for the nation. The country is determined to be the most multicultural and multiracial around the globe. The nation has various public and private universities in which a huge number of international students take admissions. Most of the students majorly come from Nepal, China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil and Colombia. The people of Australia are very fond of either watching or playing sports such as cricket, swimming and hockey (Eigner et al. 2019).


The country is well known for its advanced technology across the globe. It is famous for adapting novel technologies at a rapid ratio in comparison to any other developed nation. Local corporations are majorly financing in technologies to cope up with the incrementing demands of the consumers.


Australia is determined as one of the utmost attractive nations across the globe with spectacular beaches, forests and mountains. It is also famous for its marvellous diversity where more than one million kinds of plants and animals are instituted. Furthermore, the nation faces some serious environmental challenges like drought as Australia is known as the driest continent on earth. Some of the vital concerns Australia faces are: water insecurity, the spread of pandemic diseases, conflicts over water, land and food.


Australia comprises of fair legislation to safeguard the fair tradeoff for both the customers and the commercials. It has rational trading laws, competition laws, and consumer laws. The Fair Work Act, 2009 is the initial part of the regulation that commands occupation in the nation. On the other hand, privacy laws are dealt with to maintain the personal details of the consumer in commerce (Camilleri, 2018).

Competitive Analysis of Lorna Jane

The company Lorna Jane faces tough competition with the corporations like Nike etc. which also delivers the same products and are well established in the marketplace across the globe. The Nike Metallic Clash Collection has fascinated a large number of customers of Australia because of its unique designs, at ease experience, and cheap cost. Furthermore, the company focuses on unisex appeal and is not constricted to a specific sex. Adidas is another international brand which provides a wide range of products in the area of sports and lifestyle. The company Lorna Jane have the chance to enlarge its products by introducing men’s collection and accessories to reach the threshold phase of the potential consumers by applying an operative marketing tactic (Černý, Vaněk & Hubáček, 2018).

Customer Analysis of Lorna Jane

The company targets the young girls under the age amid 25 to 45 in its commerce which endorses them to live life comfortably and promote an active lifestyle. To make a difference from other established companies, the corporation needs to enlarge its target market to the men as men love to wear activewear. It would help the company to attain its threshold phase by attaining bigger populace and incremented sales ratio (Gürel & Tat, 2017).

SWOT Analysis of Lorna Jane


  • An exclusive brand name that motivates women and fascinates potential consumers.
  • A vital part of the sportswear industry which includes the healthy lifestyles section.
  • As it is a private institution, the corporation is free to mark its cost and introduce the products


  • The company being a female-oriented brand relishes only precise criteria.
  • In comparison to the competitors, there are few retail outlets.
  • The company do not sponsor any sports event despite being a sports clothing brand.


  • There is a high chance for the company to aim the men’s sportswear marketplace as it is the majorly used market in Australia.
  • The company may take benefits by launching products abilities which are left by the rival corporations.
  • The corporation should offer sponsorship to the sports events which would aid in establishing the brand value.


  • Since the brand is female-oriented which may lose the potential male consumers.
  • Various rival corporations are being established under the clothing criteria (Harris, 2018).

TOWS Analysis

Strengths – Opportunities

  • Manufacturing and launching of the products which comprises the men’s clothing and accessories which would ring a big boom in the sales as men love to wear activewear in comparison to females.

Strengths- Threats

  • The company launched the LJExcel product which was aimed to allow working in at ease without comprising with the style which attracted the female consumers which lessened the risk of losing potential consumers and stand out in the marketplace in comparison to the other corporations.

Weakness- Opportunities

  • The company should focus on men’s clothing and should also extend the age limit of the targeted audience to expand its dimension and should open more shops with effective strategic planning.

Weakness- Threats

  • The company should focus on men’s clothing and accessories and should also open its retail stores in various other nations to achieve higher sales and bigger targeted segment (Kim, 2016).

Segmentation, Target & Positioning of Lorna Jane


Lorna Jane is competent to expand its target market by using the process of market segmentation. By the usage of mutual components for segmenting consumer marketplaces, the target marketplace can be considered to support the kind of clothing they are required to manufacture. After acknowledging the focused marketplace this aids the corporation to acknowledge their consumer's desires and requirements. There are some variables which contribute the Loran Jane to consider their target marketplace and advance their marketing tactics according to the precise needs of each market section are:


  • The age varies amid 14 to 65+ years.
  • The company targets only the female in the gender category.
  • The company targets the middle-class category for sales at an affordable price.


  • The Lorna Jane retail shops are majorly situated in sunburn town areas where there is a large number of women have a keen interest in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • The unique blend of design and material is based on the weather as per which the corporation manufactures its products.


  • The company produces its products for the women who lead to live a healthy and active lifestyle and who wants to facilitate the advantages of being at ease and fashionable at the same time.
  • The company sells the inspirational singlets transcribed in bright colours which inspires and motivates the consumers which result in larger scales of the singlets.
  • The retail shop not only sells activewear clothing but it also provides books and compassionate surrounding for its consumers with motivated employees to assist the consumers in their shopping.


  • Purchase occasion

When it is required to establish or promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Benefits sought
  • Clothing will be of good quality
  • It would be comfortable
  • It would be trending
  • It would be promoting an active lifestyle


Most of the consumers after shopping leave the store satisfactorily and would tell their near ones about the store which will automatically help in the advertisement of the corporation (Liu, Li, Chen & Balachander, 2017).


The company targets the young girls aged amid 14 to 45 years by providing high quality and fashionable activewear. It also assists the activewear with appropriate accessories and also by providing motivational resources such as pamphlets, books etc. Lorna Jane has made it's brand distinct from others as they are completely women centric fitness shop which offers high quality and trendy clothing and accessories and in comparison to this brand there are fewer corporations which deliver high-quality products and have maintained trust with their consumers (Nash, 2016).


The company has made its brand to the higher position than it is now simply viewed as a corporation which offers the products which are manufactured in high quality with keeping in mind the latest taste of the people and always be trending with affordable costs. By positioning like this, it leads them up for an incremented progressive ratio and enlarged consumer base which by default turn the corporation a well-trusted brand in Australia (Nash, 2018).

Marketing Mix of Lorna Jane

The marketing mix consists of 7P’s which comprises of product, price, promotion, place, people, processes and physical evidence. These advertising tactics aids to rise high and further outcomes in the achievement of the brand.


A product is an item which is offered to the public in an exchange for fulfilling the needs and requirements of a consumer. A logo is used in the brand to:

  • discover the products and to distinguish the items from different health brands
  • benefit inner praise that arises from shopping a logo that symbolizes reputation and position


Price denotes to the sum of currency that it will value a purchaser to buy the product that the organization is retailing, at Lorna Jane, this originates into the milieu of the way an awful to the clients are organized to pay so as for his or her items bought at their stores and online. There are three possible pricing strategies that a commercial enterprise may want to use. Those are:

  • Cost and Margin

An assessing technique resulting from the price of manufacturing or shopping a product after which including a mark-up.

  • Market-based pricing

A process of setting charges in keeping with the interaction among the levels of delivering and call for; whatever the marketplace is ready to pay.

  • Competition based pricing

Where the fee shields charges (expenses of raw materials and the price of functioning the enterprise) and is akin to the contestants’ value.

Out of those three assessing approaches, the one this is most relevant to Lorna Jane is competition-based pricing (Richardson, 2019).


Lorna Jane uses the four components of the ‘promotional mix’ to tell, convince and prompt consumers approximately their shop and merchandise. The four elements are:

  • promoting
  • private peddling and association promoting
  • sales advertising
  • promotional and public relations.


The Lorna Jane merchandise is formed through a warehouse in China that most effective productions Lorna Jane products, owned with the aid of an Australian private impartiality company; CHAMP undertakings. When contrived there they are then disbursed to granaries in distinct republics that shop the inventory. From the storerooms, they are then elated to the distinct stores who inventory the objects to vend to the patron. The Channel desire of Lorna Jane is distinct, as clients ought to journey to a particular Lorna Jane store if they want to buy the goods. The goods are not offered in another store except for respectable Lorna Jane shops. Another location to purchase them, other than in official shops are online (Sulaiman & Syahrivar, 2018).


The employees at Lorna Jane are there to be supportive to clients and to inspire them on their healthful and lively way of life journeys. Clients will make a conclusion on a shop based totally on their personnel, so Lorna Jane guarantees that their staffs are continually glad to assist, nice, passionate and stimulating to clients. The personnel are those who aid to form the connection among the logo and the shoppers; so they must offer a high-quality photograph of the brand (Nash, 2018).


The strategies at the Lorna Jane keep involving making sure that the procurements what the client wants and that the client is aided importantly in the shopping technique. The staffs will assist the patron to discover what the client may be observing for and even more. If what the purchaser is considering for is not in the shop, the sales assistants can look online, or locate an adjacent save to have the product in the store. A notice transcript or e-mail also can be dispatched out if the store re-store the product. Though the personnel will also make commendations to comparable products which might also gratify. It is also significant at Lorna Jane that the clients are receiving what they wish inside the peak effectual methods conceivable, as the client is what marks the deals (Richardson, 2019).

Physical evidence

Physical evidence denotes to the location wherein the provider may be brought. When a customer stroll into a Lorna Jane shop, the colouration pink is included a number of the smartly hung, colour coordinated substances on racks. The products are prearranged by type and by way of colouration. There is a television installed that show the Lorna Jane lively wear in usage, and encouraging and stimulating quotes throughout the shop. The sense of a Lorna Jane keep offers the incorporeal advantage of delight to a client, as they recognize that the shop is expressive what the logo entitlements to be approximately (Thukral & Ratten, 2020).

Recommendations on Lorna Jane Analysis 

As it is seen that every product of the Lorna Jane is to motivate women to live an active life full of determination, passion with a strong self- esteem. There are some recommendations to improve the services of the brand and they are:

  1. The company should safeguard the performance testing on every cloth based on real-life use and consumer feedback.
  2. The company is required to endorse the quality and endurance of their products in comparison to rival corporations.
  3. The company should focus on creating unique designs which are not imitable by the other brands and this will help in fascinating customer attention.

Conclusion on Lorna Jane Analysis 

In this report, the research indicates that there is a strong need for fitness clothing within the health and wellbeing enterprise inside the country so Lorna Jane should maintain generating excessive first-class clothing to maintain position amongst the competition. The employer must check out foreign places enlargement inside other nations wherein there is an excessive call for health garb as it gives the emblem exposure and permits further earnings and increase. Previous studies and contingency plans, surrounding components within the legal environment, should be carried out and applied. The segmentation, targeting and positioning give the idea of how to place the product in the marketplace to earn gains. The marketing mix is important as it studies the position of the market with each aspect which would either bring profit or loss to the product. This is allowed to ensure that there are efficiency and fulfilment for the duration of the commercial enterprise expansion and to prepare the organization for any surprising occasions that have been to arise within the overseas market.

References for Lorna Jane Analysis 

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