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Community Nursing

Community nursing deals with healthcare services given to people by nurses but outside the hospital facilities. Community health nurses offer a wide variety of services to communities to ensure their safety and wellness as far as health is concerned. Through education on the prevention and management of different health conditions, the nurses collaborate with the communities for a better future (Stanhope et al., 2019). This is a clear indication that nurses work beyond their healthcare facilities and into the wider community. They serve the communities through education and supportive treatment to ensure their health is safe. They provide easy access to healthcare services to many people.

Mental health is the cognitive, behavioural and emotional well- being of a person. It affects how people feel and behaves in a relationship with their immediate environ. People with sound mental health will typically have a positive relationship with others and the general environment within their vicinity. In recent times, mental health has become a big concern due to the increased cases that do not recover effectively through Medicaid. They are associated with traumatizing experiences in one's life, like abuse and biological factors like the inheritance of genes from parents who have mental health problems to their children. Examples of mental health issues are anxiety, depression, substance abuse and addiction, schizophrenia, among others. Most communities view these conditions as normal, a reason behind their reluctance to seek medical aid in early stages. It is for this reason that community health nurses find it necessary to collaborate with the community in creating awareness on the causes and preventive measures towards the same. However, using the strength-based approach by focusing on the strengths of the clients validates the efforts towards the achievement of their objectives.

Collaborative programs like conversations with the people of different communities can aid a lot. Through these conversations, nurses get to know the community perspective concerning mental health by getting their feedback (Stanhope et al., 2019). Also, those having mental health problems can be let to freely express themselves on what they feel they can do best. Nurses can then lay a foundation on their strengths and change their intentions. Those with mental health issues like substance abuse and addiction will find reasons to change their characters through these conversations. They can organize the communities into smaller manageable groups and converse freely before coming to a consensus. By so doing, they shall be influenced to focus on what they can do best and lead a positive life, a step that will reduce the intensity of mental health problems.

Education to the general community plays a vital role. Nurses can educate the communities in smaller groups about doing away with their societal complex conflicts concerning mental health. Some communities hold onto some concepts that their consequences are mental health issues. As per that, gradual education on the professional ideology over the same shall aid greatly. Step by step, they shall realize the points of weaknesses on their societal concepts and do away with them slowly. By leaning on the professional ideology on mental health issues, the future will experience fewer cases of mental health problems.

Sensitization of communities about mental health can as well help. Most of the communities do not exert any weight on mental health issues. They view them as normal life and therefore behave normally until they reach complex stages. Using the mass media and other means, nurses can sensitize people on these issues and their proper prevention. Proper management activities for those with the challenges on how to cope with them in day to day life is as well essential. Through these, the affected and their families can feel a sense of self- worth and view them as normal situations that one can manage. The nurses can also sensitize people to give adequate support to those with mental health issues while availing them with the necessary care whenever needed.

Building a strong partnership between the nurses and the clients towards a similar goal to recovery may as well help. By so doing, the nurses will offer the necessary talk therapy that will make them open to each other. Through expressing themselves, more strength will be put on what they can do best. They are then aided to build on their best to bring the best outcome. The good relationship makes the patients feel free to attend more and more talk therapies, a journey that shall end at recovery. The nurses can not only bond with the patients, but with the communities at large. Their collaboration will ensure proper mental health in future.

Community health nurses can offer several recovery-oriented practices both to those with mental health issues and their families. They can advise them on engaging in supportive relationships that do not stigmatize their situations. Besides, engagement in meaningful activities that are helpful in their lives can aid in the reduction of idleness, a key factor towards some of the mental health problems. Some patients might have lost hope due to their current situations; therefore, nurses should give them hope for survival and leading a normal and productive life like the others.

Individual dialogues with the families having generative mental health issues with their offspring will help. The dialogues should bring the two parties closer and make the affected communities feel like the nurse is in their situation. Proper advice should be channelled progressively on how to cope with people having mental health issues and preventive measures for siblings in their lineage who will be born in the future. The community health nurse should walk alongside communities with genetic, mental health issues to ensure that they adhere to the instructions and protect their future children from encountering the same.

The youth are the most affected groups by peer pressure. Due to that, the community health nurse can organize them into manageable groups and discuss with them about the challenges they encounter and how they deal with them. Through these forums, a trusting relationship shall be developed. They can be taught how to cope with different feelings healthily (Del Fabbro et al., 2016). Concerning technical cases, the nurses can give way on how they can contact each other and get the necessary talk therapy instead of making wrong decisions. Those in relationships can also be organized into conferences where community health nurses shall present to the ways of dealing with relationship issues without affecting their minds. This should be done in discussions to avoid imposing force on what the communities should do. Respect their decisions and drive them onto the truth slow by slow until they realize fully the benefit they can get by managing their stresses and maintaining a positive relationship (Sağkal et al., 2019). After getting to the reality, they should be enlightened on where and how to get support concerning the mental issues in case they encounter beyond their capability.

Using the strength-based approach, communities can be taught to accept those suffering from mental health problems, love them and incorporate them in various works that they can do. In so doing, they will feel motivated and supported by their communities. Also, the isolation of the patients slows down their healing process and might even result in suicidal attempts. Therefore, the communities being supported should collaborate with the nurses for the betterment of their victims. The victims, together with their families, should be given priorities to input their ideas that they feel about themselves. Through these, the nurses can advise them on the best way towards recovery.

Nurses should focus on building a therapeutic relationship with those having mental health issues. They should encourage them by citing to them examples of people who have been in situations like theirs and managed greatly. By so doing, they will have a positive impact on life and feel like they are worth. A lot of focus should be put on their desires and aspirations and build onto them to make them possible. To begin these therapeutic relationships, the nurse should have a broad study of the victims, their likes and dislikes. The strengths of the consumer are then utilized to bring out the best in them and build on to ensure a full recovery.

Formalized structures like seminars, meetings and conferences should involve families and communities of those affected by mental health at large (Moorkath et al. (2019). The reason behind is that families might be contributing factors towards the conditions or can reveal more information about the clients that can help in their recovery process. However, their decisions should be put first before the medical practitioners. Gradual education on utilizing their strengths more than their weaknesses will make them feel more worthy. In so doing, the nurse will empower them with the knowledge to do what they enjoy most every time. This is one step towards the healing process that will be gradual until they recover.

Building on their strengths, communities and families of those affected by mental health should be educated on the best ways to keep their mental health fit. Through this, the future shall have little mental problem cases. Discussions should be held to identify the types of foods they eat to get an insight into whether they take a balanced diet. Building on their suggestions, medical practitioners can teach them the importance of feeding on the correct diet and avoiding junk foods. Also, keeping the body hydrated keeps the mental health fit. They should be taught to love their bodies and be ready to do anything as long as it will keep them healthy. Regular consultation should be involved to ensure that they fully understand what they should add to what they have been taking to keep their mental health safe.

Secondly, physical exercises play a vital role in keeping minds healthy. The nurse should advise people in groups on the importance to add on the little exercise they have been doing. Through the exercises, there are chemical reactions that reduce anxiety and relax the body. The exercises should not be strenuous, but instead, they should be deriving enjoyment exercises. After the exercises, one should get enough sleep of about eight to ten hours. These will settle and relax the mind in preparation for other tasks. Lack of enough sleep often leads to confusion and poor concentration. They should as well be taught on managing stress by identification of the sources of stress and avoiding it completely. In all these sensitizations, there should be no force. Instead, discussions should be held, and the nurse should add to what the clients do to advise them on the best way to do it.

Thirdly, they should be taught to develop a positive opinion of who they are. Despite their mental health conditions, they still have many other good things that can impact their lives. In so doing, they will develop high self-esteem. They will accept themselves the way they are and create positive relationships with the people around them. This can make them learn more from others on how to deal with different circumstances effectively. Though what they learn from others, they shall find reasons to laugh every day no matter what the situation is. Laughing makes them reduce the intensity of stress and set the mind at peace. After the thorough education mostly through interactions and discussions, the communities shall change their ways of life and solve mental health problems effectively.

The expanded services of community health nurses adversely help many communities. The vast medical interventions bearing no fruits are a clear indication that mental health problems can be solved better through sensitization. The strength-based approach makes the consumers with their communities at large to realize the full potentials in them despite their conditions. This method should be practised globally by all community health nurses due to the positive effects that it has on the patients. Through the community sensitization programs, the number of mental health issues shall drop in hospitals because most people will handle them on their own and cope with them in their lives. Keeping the mind fit prevents one from getting mental health problems. High self-esteem, physical fitness and cultivating good relationships with others are the key pointers to prevent mental health problems.

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