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Critical analysis


Action plan




Australian Nursing Standard Assessment Tool (ANSAT) functions in accessing practices of healthcare in the workplace. This study will particularly focus on the skills of health interviewing along with the measurement of the pulse and measurement of the temperature acquired by me. I will be evaluating my experience using Gibbs reflective cycle

Gibbs reflective cycle helps in evaluating personal feeling through six stages (Li et al. 2020). It involves a description of the events, feelings, evaluation, critical analysis, conclusion, and action plan. The following study will be based on the Gibbs reflective structure.

diagram illustrates Gibbs reflective cycle

Figure 1: Gibbs reflective cycle

(Source: Created by the learner)


Based on the different aspects of ANSAT I have gained proper knowledge regarding three different skills used in the process of nursing. Among the three skills, health interviewing is the first skill gained by me and is also considered as the most difficult skill in the process of nursing. I have learned the skill through the conduction of initial interviews of the patients that further outlines the attitude, knowledge, skills and another factor.

On the other hands, skills of measurement of pulse have also been acquired by me. In this process, I have learnt that the frequency of heartbeat of a normal person ranges from 60-100 per minute. Besides, it is being measured with the help of three fingers around the wrist.

Another skill that has been acquired by me is the measuring of temperature. In this respect, I have learned that the most common areas that are used for the measuring of temperature within a human body are the mouth and the armpit. Besides, the forehead is often used for checking the temperature of the body. Moreover, it is measured in either degrees Celsius (°C) or degrees Fahrenheit (°F).


I have come across various feelings while learning the above-mentioned skills. While learning the skills of a health interview, I felt a little dizzy as it involves a lengthy process that was also a bit difficult to remember at first. However, while acquiring the skills of measuring pulse rate and temperate, I felt that these skills can be channelized into a good way and I can also utilise these skills for my betterment along with the betterment of the others. Therefore, I held a positive feeling while learning the skills of nursing mentioned earlier.


Standard 4 of ANSAT tools reflects the constant practice of the skills (Australian Nursing Standards Assessment, 2020). As opined by Heath et al. (2018), comprehensively conducting the assessment gathered tends to improve the possessed skills. Through this standard, I will be more experienced regarding the process of treatment. For instance, in one of the situations where I was entitled to undergo the process of health interviewing, I was acknowledged with a certain condition of the patient that was unknown to me. One of the patients I interviewed was suffering from a health issue due to mental trauma. However, as argued by (), to apply this standard, one needs to be more specific in the work. On the other hand, another patient came into the healthcare centres being affected by a train accident. I was in charge of measuring the pulse rate of the patient to analyse the living condition. While analysing the condition I noticed that the pulse rate was constantly deteriorating and after a few seconds of examination, the patient died. Besides, there is also a need to practice the skills regularly (Camp, 2017). This implies I have to be more specific regarding the visit to the health care centres and attend patients regularly for polishing my skills.

Critical Analysis

Factors of health assessment play a crucial part in the treatment of the patient. As opined by Pentimalli and Preafico (2016), heath interviewing is one of the most versatile tools in the nursing assessment and is also considered a therapeutic tool. It can provide me with the opportunity of analysing the different aspects within an individual. On the other hand, as illustrated by Mitsuhashi et al. (2018), the measurement of the pulse rate is considered to be equivalent to the rate of the heartbeat within an individual. It can be effective in providing the right care at the right time. Contrarily, as argued by Bousefsaf, Pruskia and Maaoui (2019), measurement of temperature involves the process of measuring the current temperature for the current or later evaluation. It can be effective in analysing the temperature for setting the proper dose. Hence, learning the mentioned skills can improve the process of treatment and will also help me in choosing the right treatment for the desired disease.


The skills of nursing that have been acquired by me in the nursing training have gained me several positive and negative experiences. The skills of nursing helped me in analysing the condition of the patients along with their mental state. In addition to this, through the skills, I have gained a lot of experience and will assist me in the future state of my career.

Action Plan

table shows action plan for SMART goals
table shows action plan for SMART goals

Table 1: SMART goals


ANSAT tends to evaluate the performance of the nurses within the centres of healthcare or the graduates those are practices the skills of nursing. This tool is also determined by observing the behaviour of the nurses further providing consistency for the nurses. Besides, the skills of health interview along with measurement of temperature and pulse rate acquired by me can help me in my future practices in the healthcare centres. Besides, being patient-focused and practising the skills patient-centred care can help me in my future operations. Hence, it can help me in my future operations.


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