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Clinical Reasoning Cycle


This study talks about the health condition of a patient and the determinants of heath initials, identification of her health concerns. this study also portrays the plan to prioritize the issues of her health and also set some goals to cure her anxiety and stress. 


Determinants of Health Initial- Ruby (43 years of age) have a history of general anxiety disorder (GAD) of which she has had professional treatment. This has included non-pharmacological support from a visiting psychologist and occasional short-term pharmacological treatment by her GP (Prozac). Her anxiety has been worsening of late, but she has been reluctant to seek medical advice from anyone other than her own GP. Ruby’s other medical history includes Diabetes Type ll managed with Metformin SR, 2000 mgs nocte. Her other medications are listed on her medication chart. Ruby’s height is 160 cms and weighs 90kgs which places her BMI >35.

Interview, documentation and observation- Way of life factors - she enjoys strolling yet thinks that it’s hard to have a daily practice, likes cooking, diet is somewhat high in salt and sugary beverages is feeling pressure.

  1. Socially- single parent of adolescents confinement, as of late isolated, lost work contacts as lost employment.

  2. Economic- jobless, getting hand-outs – low pay, answerable for family.

  3. Cultural and natural- living in country town, little chance to go to exercise centres, constrained neighbourhood wellbeing elevating occasions to join in, restricted business openings. New to living alone, causing pressure.

Identify health concern- Individuals with GAD don't have the foggiest idea how to stop the stress cycle and feel it is outside their ability to control, despite the fact that they generally understand that their tension is more exceptional than the circumstance warrants. All nervousness issue may identify with a trouble enduring vulnerability and along these lines numerous individuals with GAD attempt to plan or control circumstances. Numerous individuals accept stress keeps awful things from occurring so they see it is unsafe to surrender stress. On occasion, individuals can battle with physical side effects, for example, stomach-aches and cerebral pains. 

At the point when their uneasiness level is mellow to direct or with treatment, individuals with GAD can work socially, have full and significant lives, and be profitably utilized. Numerous with GAD may stay away from circumstances since they have the confusion or they may not make the most of chances because of their stress (social circumstances, travel, advancements, and so on). A few people can experience issues doing the least difficult every day exercises when their tension is extreme.


  1. Identify and prioritize problems-Ruby (43 years of age) has a history of general anxiety disorder (GAD). Ruby states that her anxiety has increased since her husband’s bowel cancer diagnosis 3 months ago. Ruby states that as a full time Mum, the children are always with her and even though she knows that they are being well cared for, she misses her children dreadfully. She says that the children are always a good distraction if she starts to feel stressed. Ruby also states that she self-medicates valium 10mgs at night but has also needed to take some during the day, sometimes up to three times a day. Ruby says that she has always taken valium when she needs it, and because she worked at the pharmacy for so long she always had access to it, and so many people were taking valium at that time, that she knows how much to take and is very careful not to take too much.

  2. Ruby also states that the ‘valium’ only dulls her thinking and the best thing it does is put her to sleep. She says that her GP knows that she takes valium when things get really bad, but will make an appointment when she gets back as she doesn’t think that she would be able to look after the children on her own, the way she is now. Ruby was wondering if the diabetes tablets may make her anxiety worse. She says that the visiting psychologist was really helpful to teach her to do other things when she gets stressed but it’s now really difficult to get an appointment at home, and she doesn’t know anyone in Brisbane to help her, and really, she’s forgotten what she used to do that worked.

  3. Ruby states that she doesn’t eat healthily normally and since being in Brisbane it’s worse as she doesn’t have anyone to cook for, and really likes that fact that there are so many cheap food outlets nearby to where she is staying and at the hospital. She says that she was never one much for exercise, and tries to walk at home, but being in the city stresses her out even more with all of the traffic and the people, so she uses the taxi vouchers that she has been given to get to the hospital.

Goals for each problems- For Ruby to be able to understand the cause of her Stress levels and have an action plan as to how to work towards reducing her stress Levels. Along with that to comprehend the connection between life style and wellbeing infection and be ready to assume responsibility for her modifiable hazard factors, explicitly to build up an ordinary practice schedule.


  1. Actions or interventions that are taken for the top three problems, Utilize the aptitudes of persuasive meeting to assist Ruby with concentrating on the needs she wishes to address. 

  2. Plan to execute joint strategy (ie. mediation systems) that will incorporate training, unwinding and reflection exercises, and alluding to partnered wellbeing proficient help if Ruby feels this would be significant.

  3. Work with the Trans theoretical change model to empower Ruby to travel through the stages to achieve change in her reasoning and activities. 

  4. Assist Ruby to assume responsibility for her absence of activity, by urging and supporting her to set up a sans cost social care group, for example, a mobile gathering.

Assess the effectiveness of interventions/actions. Show the evaluation criteria (changes in cues) that you will use to measure if each goal was achieved- Ruby reports understanding the reasons for the stressors throughout her life. She is effectively rehearsing systems to balance her feeling of pressure.


Love and deep passion of a nurse for nursing education can help improve patient service. A nurse must admit that she was eager to assist clients, manage healthcare plans, learn new things, and investigate medical conditions. As a child, dream of a nurse becoming an effective healthcare provider is still alive and a nurse determined to pursue this dream by implementing her plan.

Her background has enabled she to prepare for international communication, pay attention to details, and create therapeutic communications needed in a variety of disciplines. A unique blend of her previous work experience in health education and her current position at various treatment establishments enhances her skills, knowledge and personality in conducting patient care and effective communication.

With the growing demand for nurses around the world, the demand for training is clearly increasing. Many health professionals, especially nurses, are current and in the estimation crisis. The reasons for contributing to these crises are several factors contributing to the complexity and state of the economy. Due to this lack, there was a lack of sufficient experience and clinical skills to hire a nurse at a healthcare institution. Proper training and professional and clinical empowerment are essential. The duty of the Nursing Education Program in her work place is to ensure that patients find the right provider while outsourcing clinical care. The nurse have joined the program to provide information and instruction on various skills, teaching styles and effective assessment strategies to provide several well-planned and outlined training, workshops, or care and learning policies. It enhances her professional empowerment and autonomy in her workplace. The nurse gained that knowledge in an informed environment and increased her confidence and autonomy in her career in the development of practice and education.

Whenever she works in a hospital, she meet a person with a nursing degree. She was always inspired by these people and told herself that one day her dream of pursuing a nursing degree would become a reality. She is currently pursuing a nursing degree. Her immense inspiration has led me to gain more knowledge and knowledge in this field.

As a Peer Health Educator, some of the activities practiced in her educational setting provide updates for the use of a collaborative approach. Providing accurate explanations of pathophysiological conditions and integrating all information as an important component of clinical practice and evidence-based practice is the process of illness and injury to people during educational and actual learning practice. She has always emphasized diagnosis and intervention priorities related to changes in response to illness and treatment conditions, provided case studies in each case, treated clients as needy, and took necessary care.  

Educational sessions and discussions are important in clinical practice, as she learn how to make the most of her education by gaining the knowledge gained through applying ideas and theories. During these sessions, some information and clinical practice can be discussed and clarified. Helping each other to gain proper knowledge and skills in nursing practice focuses on various topics that contribute to this national forum, including her national knowledge and application of nursing theories and principles. Combining teaching in a variety of subject areas, including hands-on experience with her decision-making, problem-solving, and operation-driven leadership skills required in the field, she has been an outstanding professional in her chosen field. She looks forward to contributing to society by educating and developing people through effective education.

She currently have different roles and responsibilities as an emergency room technician, emergency physician technician, physician assistant, psychiatrist and phlebotomy specialist. They serve as her inspiration for many years in healthcare and wellness practice and education. These experiences have resulted in an element of intelligence and sufficient knowledge to face the challenge. During her many years of teaching she realized that this profession requires patience and confidence. When she decided to do it was automatically injected. Her current position in various healthcare environments serves as an effective training area and career extension. The Emergency Trauma Centre has experience in providing primary and critical care and procedures for emergency patients and providing emergency treatment care for emergency patients. I enjoys emergency and frontline interventions in primary care in other healthcare settings and provide primary health services, such as the detection and treatment of common acute illnesses, illnesses and injuries.

Do clinical skills and then interventions, research and research. She thinks it was used as a tool to increase a client's ability and maintain his / her health. She thinks this internship program will give you more opportunities to develop and maintain your skills. Prevention, education and outreach related to the program raises interpersonal communication skills and interest in helping individual patients identify and correct risky behaviours. Her educational intervention is based on peer support for understanding social learning theory, community, and the disease process. Her goal is to provide an educational strategy that strengthens and supports prevention programs, especially in the most vulnerable populations and the environment. Improving people's general understanding by promoting protective individual activity increases the apparent and complex vulnerability of any disease. Her personal and professional goals are to reduce the risk of getting sick and keep the patient healthy.

Her educational background, hard work, professionalism and dedication to the success of the recruiter have been highly valued and accountable. Her great organizational strength, care, management, understanding of controls and recognition of income has been very helpful in her recent career. She has been teaching healthcare for several years. 


This study discussed about the health condition of a patient and the determinants of heath initials, identification of her health concerns. this study also portrays the plan to prioritize the issues of her health and also set some goals to cure her anxiety and stress. 

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