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Nursing Patients With Acute Illness

Table of Contents

Identification and analysis of the impact of hospitalisation on Chaz, the patient

Strategies for overcoming the impact of hospitalisation on patients.

Identification and analysis of the impact of hospitalisation on Chaz’s family members.

Strategies for overcoming the impact of hospitalisation on patients’ family member

Reference list

Identification and Analysis of The Impact of Hospitalisation on Chaz, the Patient

Based on the presented case in scenario one, it can be analysed that Chaz is a small boy of six years of age suffering from acute exacerbation of asthma. In addition to this, it has also been mentioned in the case study that Chaz is reading in class one of the local primary school and has been admitted to hospital due to the disease suffered by him. Based on the mentioned instances, it can be stated that Chaz can suffer from high aggressiveness issues due to the fear of being admitted in the hospital. Chaz is a small boy; therefore, fear is the high impact of being exposed to the hospital. Fear of being left alone in an unfamiliar environment can also attack Chaz that can further be effective in creating a negative influence on him (Leung, Trevena & Waters, 2016).

As a result of fear, Chaz can get aggressive sometimes that is prevailing the high chances of refusing to let the doctor treat him as desired. This will generally affect the life condition of Chaz further degrading the health of Chaz and will fail to respond to the treatment. This can also make him uncooperative and will present a cruel picture of the world in front of the small eyes. Hence, based on observed instances, it can be analysed that Chaz, acting as the patient in the current circumstances tends to have the impact of fear, aggressiveness, and uncooperativeness because of being admitted into the hospital.

Strategies for Overcoming the Impact of Hospitalisation on Patients

In the above discussion, it can be observed that the uncooperativeness behaviour of the patients alongside fear and aggressiveness acts as the impacts of being hospitalised due to the disease of asthma suffered by the patient (Woo et al., 2020). However, in order to mitigate the negative impact on the minds of the patients, the staffs of the hospital can be friendly to Chaz. It is because cooperative behaviour often is effective in mitigating the fear from the minds of the patients. Additionally, as per the guidelines of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board [ANMB] Standards of Practice for a Registered Nurse, it can be observed that nurses are responsible for Engaging in professional and therapeutic relationships with patients (Nursing and Midwifery Board, 2020).

As a result of this, Nurses are responsible for creating a friendly environment for Chaz that will helps him in overcoming the fear further leading to active cooperation with the nurses and mitigate the currently prevailing disease. In addition to this, nurses are also responsible for developing a proper plan that will help in taking good care of the patients (Nursing and Midwifery Board, 2020). Other than that, the practices of the nurses also involve Communication is one of the significant elements within the standard of practices (Nursing and Midwifery Board, 2020). In this respect it can be stated the nurses can take the initiative of communication with Chaz, this will help Chaz to open up with the nurses and as a result of this, Chaz will be able to overcome his fear further responding to the medical treatment provided by the health care centres. Hence, with the mentioned aspects, nurses within the healthcare centres with the help of registered practices can mitigate the negative impact formed on Chaz due to the hospitalisation.

Identification and Analysis of The Impact of Hospitalisation on Chaz’s Family Members

Besides, the impact formed on the patients due to the aspects of hospitalisation; the specific result is also built on the family members of the patients. As per the illustration of Mackey & Bassendowski (2017), fear faced by the patients due to the hospitalisation also affects the parents, as they also fear about the condition of the patients the most. Based on the reflected instances, it can be analysed that fear and other impacts faded by Chax due to the aspects of hospitalisation also seems to be affecting the family members of Chaz. It is likely to create a situation of distress and worry on the family members.

It is because the family members of Chaz are going to be worried regarding the fear faced by Chaz in the hospital. In addition to this, the impact of stress in terms of managing the responsibility of the patient due to improper behaviour and condition is also likely to be faced by the family member of Chaz. Other than that, the impact of helplessness, inappropriate financial condition guilt, educational concerns for the child and fatigue is also likely to be faced on the current case (Günay & Kılınç, 2018). It is because, due to the fear faced by Chaz in the hospital, the parents of Chaz might get worried regarding the mental condition of the child in the future. Hence, improper actions can be useful in mitigating the current converse of Chaz parents.

Strategies for Overcoming the Impact of Hospitalisation on Patients’ Family Member

Based on the practices adopted by the nurses as per the Nursing and Midwifery Board [ANMB], specific exercises can be assumed that can be effective in mitigating the current concern of Chaz. Based on the practices reflected in the above guidelines, nurses are expected to communicate with the patient’s family worth dignity and care alongside the documentation of the patients (Nursing and Midwifery Board, 2020). This will prevent family members from being worried about patients. It is because if the parents are regularly updated regarding the condition of the patients alongside proper assurance in terms of taking proper care of the patients, then the effect of negative impact will be low.

In addition to this, Nurses are also entitled to make timely and skilled care of the patients within the hospital (Nursing and Midwifery Board, 2020). This will assure the parents regarding the active supervision of the patients within the hospital. Hence, the parents of Chaz through the mentioned behaviour can be useful in relaxing regarding the condition of Chaz. Besides, it will also help the nurses in decreasing the current concern of Chaz condition due to the hospital and care for his future. 

Reference List for Impact of Hospitalisation

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