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Mental Health and Illness

Table of Contents


Aetiology and pathophysiology of mental illness described in film..

Health Assessments, Treatment or interventions.

The impact of illness on individual, family and community.

Stigma or discrimination in the film..



Introduction to Schizophrenia 

Schizophrenia is defined as one of the serious mental disorder where people interprets reality in a different (abnormal) manner. The disorder ultimately leads to certain situations like a combination of hallucinations, delusions, and at the same time extremely disordered thinking as well as behavior which has ultimately impaired the daily thinking processes by the human being and hence can be disabling by nature (Angelo, 2020). The people having Schizophrenia requires lifelong treatment. There is no particular reason behind this disorder, but a combination of the environment as well as the altered brain with a combination of genetics and different associations. The assignment is based on a movie character (John Nash) in the movie “A Beautiful Mind” who was suffering from schizophrenia (Ashok, 2016).

The movie had been produced in 2001, which was based on the life story of the famous mathematician, John Forbes Nash. The movie has created a timeline on the life of John Nash’s life which gradually begins at the time of entering the graduate school at Princeton to study mathematics where there early symptoms of schizophrenia have started appearing. With time, this disorder has got disappeared. The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate the etiology as well as pathophysiology in the context of mental illness described in the movie and along with that the health assessments, pathophysiology of mental illness will also be analyzed with the help of certain literature reviewed journals. Besides, the impact of the disorder on the individual, family as well as a community should also be highlighted along with the description of any stigma in the movie (Dammen, 2018).

Etiology and Pathophysiology of Mental Illness Described in The Film

In the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, schizophrenia as per the National Institute of Mental Health, is portrayed as a chronic as well as a severe mental disorder which ultimately affects the thinking capacity of an individual and also affects the feelings and behaviors of the individuals which ultimately causes the individuals like John Nash to think out of the reality also becoming out of contact with the reality (George, 2020). There is no particular cause for this mental disorder. However, it has been suggested by the current researchers that the imbalance nature brain chemicals like dopamine (National Institute of Mental Health) is ultimately one of the main reasons behind the cause of schizophrenia.

The beginning of the movie had been portrayed in establishing John Mash as one of the mysterious genii in Mathematics. The beginning of the movie started with the fact that the fellow, John has introduced himself with the other math graduate students in the Princeton University. It have been found that John always tried to crack jokes with good intentions, however it offended other Maths graduate students in the University. Gradually, he makes by himself a different world where the only person in him and he did not entertain any other individuals to enter his world of loneliness (Ashok, 2016).

From the 30 years of age, the different symptoms of illness started occurring which have portrayed the accuracy of the disability found in John Nash. The movie represented schizophrenia as a serious mental disorder when the person, John Nash has gradually reduced speaking with others and was also suffering from certain delusions and often got hallucinated. Some of the studies done in the 1930s have highlighted that before the medications of the disorder, 20 percent of the patients gets recovered on their own while 80 percent of them did not (Irene, 2018).

However, more recent studies have shown that with medications, in today’s world, 60 percent of schizophrenia has achieved remissions as per the review study posted in 2010 Journal Advances in Psychryatist Treatment. The symptoms of the disorder was not clear in the movie. However, after a thorough analysis, the other causes of schizophrenia might also be unsupportive communities (Karen, 2018).

However, it has been found that Nash has supportive colleagues who had helped him in finding the jobs where he found himself protective with hem Again, it has been found that the person also had a wife to ta care of him which has actually prevented him in becoming homeless. The peak of schizophrenia among John Nash have occurred while he was delivering a speech regarding the current mathematical research. This incident has occurred as during the speech, he saw men in suits as well as aisles whom he thought that they were the soviet spies and they might have been ordered to capture him. The disorder had taken place in such a manner that John Nash had failed in distinguishing between reality and imagination (George, 2020).

Health Assessments, Treatment or Interventions

The peak of schizophrenic delusions has occurred when he was giving a speech on mathematical research. At the time of giving the speech, it has been found that some men in the aisles of the lecture room have made him thought that they were the soviet spies and they had come there to capture him (Annika, 2018). The men were the helpers who had chased John Mash to send him to the psychiatrist for some medical help. However, the delusions of John made him believe that he was working for the Department of Defense under the mysterious government agent. These symptoms gradually became apparent among John Nash and this way, his family had also started suffering.

For this reason, John Nash had been ordered to undergo insulin shock therapy was that he could be cured of paranoid schizophrenia. Throughout the movie, the personality of John Nash has not deviated much from where his disorder got started. Some of the scenes in the movie have also highlighted that John had been taken to one of the psychiatric hospitals. They're the result of insulin shock therapy for John Nash was painful. However, it had been done so that the person can again lead a better life in the future. After some days, when he got released from the hospital, he tried to resume his normal life (Mataix-Cols, 2020). At the time of taking the medication, it has been found that he was not thinking freely and this was the reason, it had caused no progress in his research. The feeling of John Nash that had been portrayed in the movie was regarding the fact that John was unable to defeat schizophrenia (Karen, 2018).

After leaving the hospital, John was taking some medicines which had prevented him from the delusions. However, not taking the medicines properly had caused him some disastrous consequences. The basic message of the movie that can be reflected in that medicines are an important aspect to treat this type of schizophrenic disorder but not all 100 percent curable (Ashok, 2016). After the relapse of schizophrenia, John had slowly learned in living with the disorder and this made his return to the hospital and also taking medicine (Mataix-Cols, 2020). This way, his disorder not became fully curable but also manageable. In the later stages, John Nash had not paid attention to his delusions and gradually his wife, colleagues became more supportive and the progress have been observed after some years (Livingwithschizophrenia, 2020).

The Impact of Illness on Individual, Family and Community

Schizophrenia is a kind of disease which not only affects the concerned person but also the people and the community surrounding the person. First of all the emotional negativity and the illness among the families and the community. In addition to this, there occurred a communication gap between the person and the community and also with the family members as the person behaves differently and at the same time failed in distinguish between the reality and the imagination (George, 2020). In many situations, the proper treatment of the disorders took much time, and in most of the causes from the preliminary stages, the family not able to understand the illness.

This is a result of negative caregiving which brings negative outcomes. Modern as well as the high-quality researches evidence shows that the carer psycho-education and the training often improve the condition of the brain and in this regard, the family also needed to take part in the psych education which will uplift their mental health, This will ultimately create the positive impact on the patient suffering from the disorder (Angelo, 2020).

The other problem that often been observed due to this disorder is the family conflicts that occurred without any particular reasons. It ultimately disturbs the family peace and along with this the family members also get affected by grief and continuous pain which required adequate counseling. Schizophrenic patients often create disturbances in marriages and also hampers the bondage in the family. In this situation, the patience, as well as the communication skills, often gets lost from the family members (Livingwithschizophrenia, 2020).

This kind of problem becomes serious and dangerous when the concerned person tried to form an identity independently and also occurs among the persons who had just left school (George, 2020). It also occurred at the time of establishing the adult peer relationship. The patients are gradually unable to cope up with confusion, losses, and grief’s which ultimately affect the community as well. The long term problems in the family and ultimately hampers the social balances. This also creates problems for the siblings. Hence in this aspect, every patients like John Nah need to try to seek help from the community and family as well to live independently and to get the confidence back so that everyday challenges can be easily dealt (Irene, 2018).

This way, the stress, as well as the productivity loss, generally occurred among the family members and this way the family routine also got disrupted. This way, an awkward interpersonal behavior gets created, and this way the overall evaluation often gets hampered. The economic costs is also associated with this particular disorder since the individual with this disorder could not be properly attending his daily job routines and this might affect the organizational growth (Annika, 2018). This way the employees will also be getting affected and along with this, gradually the per capita income will also be gradually affected negatively.

This way, ultimately that particular person will undergo poverty and after some years, it will affect the entire economy negatively. In some places, the studies showed that this kind of mental illness has reduced the income of an individual and put them at the risk of poverty. In addition to this, the social isolation of the patient from their family members had also been observed which lead to poor health functioning and also created a high family burden. The treatment of this kind of disorder is also costly and in many cases, this burden cannot be always possible for the family members to bear (George, 2020).

The limited accessibility to the curability of the mental health problems had resulted in limited hospital beds. In some cases, not treating the illness properly ultimately creates a serious situation in families which also involves physical harm. This made the individual stay inside the jail for many years so that the negative effects of mental illness from the patients can get gradually reduced (Ohio State University, 2020). This type of illness is most prevalent among working women who undergo through both offices as well as home stress.

The improper use of the medications ultimately leads to the drug resistance based on which the negative public health indications for the global community have been raised. The agitation and the anger out of loneliness often been observed among the patients because of which they often become the victim of acts of violence for the other people in the family members (Dammen, 2018). The long term impact of this type of disorder ultimately hampers both the mental as well as physical health of the patient and hence support from both friends as well as the normal activities gets deteriorated. The other negative symptoms involve emotional misbalances and they forgot in thinking clearly and always under some stress or pressure (Angelo, 2020).

Stigma or Discrimination in The Film

The person Like John Nash who has been suffering from schizophrenia often been found that they are being stereotyped and discriminated against In the movie, the person, John Nash also got leg pooled by his friends and at the same time, his write-off formulas on the window panes and the wearing of the knotted hat often caused the friends to ridicule him. This made him feeling under-confident and had also gone through certain behavioral changes which had gradually impacted his daily life activities. This always made him absent-minded and ultimately this had caused his children and his wife to be distressed when it has been found by them that in the reality also, the person was making up stories due to the presence of hallucinations and delusions (Mataix-Cols, 2020).

Discrimination often takes place when this type of mental disordered persons gets rejected from society and has been considered as social outcasts. In the real-life, these type of patient’s job applications also gets rejected by the organizations based on their mental health reports (Livingwithschizophrenia, 2020). This ultimately creates the additional mental trauma or the patients. Hence in this situation, the community as well as the family support is always needed trough the proper electroconvulsive therapy. From the discrimination, the trust issues had been generated as the people suffering from this disorder started to reject the suggestions of other people.

According to Karen (2018) the social theory on stigma highlights a characteristic or the behavior of an individual which has been negatively interpreted by the other people in the community. The relationship between the individual and the family members got deteriorated with time and it had also ultimately created negative social control. It is the stigma among the people that psychiatric patients are often violent by nature. It has been argued by Yancy (2012)that this concept is wrong as the media portrays the person schizophrenic. The patient’s past needed to be nurtured well along with proper guidance and communication so that the public can be able to overcome this negative stigma.

In this situation, it is always needed by the community or the family members to make the patient understand regarding the cognitive therapy with the help of which he can be able to understand his problem and at the same time can learn to avoid the hallucinations gradually through which he could lead to mental betterment. The discrimination lies in the fact that the patients with schizophrenia have not been treated with dignity and the schizophrenic people often suffered from symptoms like poor insight, anosognosia which often increases if the person avoids the medications like John Nash (Annika, 2018).

The discrimination that has been reflected is the lack of social support for the person based in which his mathematical research often got hampered along with the lower down of the productivity. Hence in short stigma defines embarrassments, shame, alienation as well as fear. This ultimately led to poor health outcomes. The other internalized stigmas involve a delay in the treatment, and also decreased amount of treatment adherence. This also leads to resources destroying discrimination like wages, housing, mortgages, and education (Ohio State University, 2020).

Stigma is real in real life and it also creates adverse effects on the psychological health of the individuals and through this, the isolation feelings among the individuals often get developed along with the creation of poor self-esteem and hopelessness feelings. This made the patients lonely and also leads to a certain kind of distractions (Ohio State University, 2020). This is the reason, the societal attitudes due to the disorder got negatively impacted and the bizarrely disturbed behavior often gets observed among the patients and also among the community and his family.

Conclusion to Schizophrenia

To conclude, the stigma that has been reflected in the movie in the context of the person of John Nash can be easily eradicated through the community's active participation and the family members' involvement with the patient through positive communication and the generation of new ideas and concepts. The regular discussions and counselings are required for the patient with schizophrenia so that he can be able to easily heal himself from certain mental disorders. It has been suggested by many authors that there exist multiple pathways starting from engagement in the collaborative as well as the empathetic relationship through which the patients can be easily empowered themselves so that the daily stresses can be eradicated.

In this context, the shared goals, as well as the positive attitudes among the patients, turns out to be important for the environmental promotion based on which the positive outcomes can get generated easily. The integration of these kinds of factors will ultimately help the reduction of discrimination along with the enhancement of the accurate empathies and the promotion of social contracts. Again, the proper and regular medications turn out to be important so that the mental illness can get easily curbed away and the patient can again feel confident enough in dealing with the daily life challenges.

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