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The Impact of Care Practices and Health Demographics on The Prevalence of Skin Tears and Pressure Injuries in Aged Care


Critical appraisal is considered to the toll that is required to systematically examine the article to predict quality and reliability that is used to understand the value of the article. The critical appraisal follows a set step to examine every section of the article and provide the understating toward the quality of the paper (Al-Jundi, & Sakka, 2017). The article needs to be reviewed to predict the different section of the paper to understand the standard of the research (Palmatier, Houston & Hulland, 2018). The critical review is going to examine the quality of the ‘The impact of care practices and health demographics on the prevalence of skin tears and pressure injuries in aged care’ and review the different section of the paper.

Title Author and Abstract

Journal of clinical nursing is considered to be good publishing and they peer review the article before publishing that directly indicate the paper was reviewed before publishing. It has an impact factor 1.75 and according to the rank of ISI journal citation report, it stands on 28 out of 120 (Wiley Online Library, 2020). The paper is considered to be good and reliable as it is published in good publishing and has undergone a review process. According to Bavdekar (2016) title of the article is the first thing that needs to attract the reader to go through the whole research and it should sum up the purpose of the research with type of methodology utilized in the research. The title of the article needs to be simple, clear, brief and presentable to increase the attraction that will grasp reader attention. The title of the article clearly explains the purpose of the research and it is appropriate according to the study.

The author background is also one of the important factors should also be considered during the critical review as it directly influences the reliability of the research. The author background indicates the level of the research and its implication in clinical practice (Ali & Usman, 2019). The two authors of the article are from the renowned university that directly increases the quality of the research. Rachel E Brimelow is the PhD candidate and he is Clinical Governance and Research Coordinator. He belongs to centre for clinical research and Wesley Mission Queensland. Another author of the article is Judy A WOLLIN is an Adjunct Professor and he belongs to School of Nursing, Queensland University of Technology. Both the researchers are experts in the aged care that directly helped them to use their skill during the study.

The abstract of the article is considered to be the mini version of the whole research that need to sum all the different aspect of the article starting from introduction to the objective then methodology, result and ending with the conclusion. The abstract of the article should also convey the relevancy of the research in clinical practice (Shah, 2017). The abstract of the paper is well written but lack little introduction and aim to framed to increase toward the purpose of the study. The methodology is also discussed in the abstract that depicts the time duration of research with the number of participants involved in the study. The result answerer the objective of the paper and the last section of the abstract depict about its relevancy in the clinical practice that increases its implication criteria.

Literature Review

The literature review section is considered one of the important section of the article as it helps to understand the different aspect of the research related to the topic. The literature review section of the article helps to identify the gap in research that need to be addressed and it helps to understand the different study pattern of different researchers. The literature review of the article should be framed in such a way that the reader can connect to every point that ultimately increases his/her understanding regarding the topic (Lingard, 2018). The articles have utilized multiple sources from 2002 till 2017 that help them to analyse all the study and their different aspect to identify the gap in the study. The searchers not only utilized peer-reviewed journal article they also have undergone for the analysis for the books and government website which directly increase the reliability of the data that is presented in the article. The researchers try to cover different factor that can lead to skin injury to improve their understanding of different aspect that should be considered during the study. The aim of the article depicts how the rate of resident skin wound get the effect from different care practice and demographic by analysing data from two different aged care.

Quantitative Method

The methodology section of the article should include population, sample size, data collection method and data analysis method to increase understanding toward study (Sudheesh et al. 2016). The quantitative research methodology tries to quantify the data collected from the study by analysing the variables to predict the result. The numerical data is analysed by using the specific statistical tool which leads to better analysis of the collected data (Noyes et al. 2019). The researcher has done the retrospective analysis in the study for six months to analyse the rate of skin injury in the two aged care. The study was conducted by collected the care plan of the participant and they have also analysed the clinical outcome of the patient to understand the effect of care plan over a particular individual. The researcher has analysed multiple aspects in the study like grading, skin injury and a different type to improve understand the different factor of the skin injury. The study performed by dividing the skin injury into three parts to improve understanding toward different type which include pressure injuries, tears and other skin injuries. The researchers also mentioned about the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study to improve the data that is utilized in the study. The included data of the study include skin injury related to the aged care which directly excludes the pre-existing wound. The totals of individual included in the study are from two different aged cares which include 39 from the 1 aged care and 45 from the second aged care. The researchers have utilized two different data analysis method to understand the effect of different care practise over skin injury and to understand the difference between the rates of skin injury in two aged care. The data analysis is done by utilizing the T-test and Chi-square test to increase the credibility of the research. The data were analysed by the researchers that directly increase its implication in clinical practice.


The data analysed by the researchers indicate that there increased rate of skin injury in the first aged care home when compared to the second and the data help predict the greater mortality rate in the second aged care. The researchers after the study predicted that pressure injury has increased prevalence in the second aged care and they presented the data in such a way that indicated different rate of injury in both of the aged care. The article also mentioned the limitation associated with the study like decreased understanding of the staff, a negative attitude about the study, sample size and less accurate care plan. The researcher has also discussed the implementation of the researcher finding in the clinical practise that can help to improve the working practise of health care professional in aged care as skin injury is one of the common issues in the aged care.


The researchers try to summarize all the important aspect related to the study but some major points were missing that directly hamper the structure. The researchers do not disused about the need for further research concerning the topic. The conclusion of the article discussed the different factors that are associated with skin injury and they suggested using the holistic approach to prevent skin injury to reduce the complication associated with the patient.

Strength and Weakness

The first strength concerning the article is the use of the mixed literature that helps to understand the different perspective of the research that helps to identify the gap that needs to be addressed. Strength of the article is a simple and clear language that helps to increase the understanding of the reader. The weakness associated with article includes lack of knowledge about the data collection method.

Critique Conclusion

The analysis of the article revealed that researchers were able to justify their aim after the study and they also provided the clinical importance of the study to increase its relevancy. The article tries to summarize all the study related to the topic that directly increases the understanding and it can help to improvise the clinical practice to decrease the complication associate with skin injury in the aged care. The article was well structured and able to meet the research criteria that increase the quality of the paper. Some of the sections in the article were missing but overall the research was well conducted.


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Wiley Online Library. (2020). Journal of Clinical Nursing. Retrieved from: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/13652702s

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