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Part 1

Written Activity

There are various models and methods for an operational plan as it can be divided into two forms which are inclusive of standing plans and single-use plans. Also, an operational plan plays a key role which is not exhaustive by focusing upon any particular department of the Organization but works together so that each team can contribute according to their specialization for achieving the goals of the Organization.

Models and Methods for An Operational Plan

A single-use plan is used for carrying the course of action which is not likely to get repeated in the future and used only once to achieve the objective of the business (Hamel 2000). So far as the standing plan is concerned it is used for the activities that are likely to occur on a repeated basis in the course of business. This method is used to solve the repetitive problems in the organization in a more structured way so that the members of the organization knows as to what has to be done under such a situation.

Gantt chart is commonly used in project management which helps to show all the activities and events displayed against the period required for the completion of such activities (Hamel 2000). Activity and time scale are listed together under the representation of a bar. This will help to know at a glance about various activities and the duration under which it will start and end. There are no strict rules for the models of operation plan and they can be goal specific, can be indicated of how long the goal will be acquired, the budget requirement can also be inclusive of such model, apart from this what actions are required to achieve the goal, as well as the requirement of physical and human resource, can also be inclusive of a particular model which is used to develop the operation plans in the organization.

Role of The Operational Plan

The operational plan plays an important role in achieving the ultimate goals of the organization as it helps to provide a crystal clear picture as to how a particular department or section in the organization must act to contribute towards achieving the objectives of the organization (Mackay 2014). It becomes very easy to achieve the strategic goals by the team of the business as they will know the exact area of contribution which needs to be made by them for achieving the goals. Apart from this, the operational plan will also help to align all the strategic plans of the company in such a way that it can correlate with the ultimate objectives of the organization (Mackay 2014).

The alignment made by the operational plan can only be achieved if it is ensured that the department of the Organization aligns itself with the objectives of the Organization. Therefore it can be said that an operational plan helps to identify the ultimate goal of different teams, sections, and departments of the Organization. Apart from this and operational plan will also give guidance as to how the goals will be achieved and what resources will be needed to acquire the ultimate objectives of the Organization (Berad 2017).

Budgeting Process

It is important to note that there are various processes of allocating the budget for conducting the smooth flow of the Organization. Resources are the essential ingredients that are used by the Organization to produce the services and goods for the customers in the market. It must be noted that the resources can be categorized under two heads i.e. physical resources as well as human resources (Hawkins 2017). A physical resource will be inclusive of premise under which the Organization will operate, the equipment which will be used for producing the goods or services for the Organization, vehicles which will be used to transport the goods and services from one place to another and at last the most important resource is the raw materials which will be used to develop the goods or services.

Apart from this, human resources are inclusive of the staff which is used by the Organization to drive the business. Various other costs must also be considered which are inclusive of advertising cost, the cost for the arrangement of interviews, and cost for training (Hawkins 2017). First of all, it is very important to analyze the amount of capital needed by the Organization by finding out the exact need for an amount of physical and human resources needed Organization. So the capital must be broken into two categories physical and the working capital. Physical capital will need a one-time investment for the equipment, vehicle, and premises. Therefore outlining goals and monitoring the outcomes is the budgeting process used by the company.

Key Performance Indicators

There are various approaches for developing the key performance indicators which must be identified for providing unique business outcomes for the Organization. Statutory and regulatory requirements are one of the approaches which help to focus upon the selection of key performance indicators according to the regulatory and statutory requirements. The life cycle approach also helps to develop the key performance indicators with the help of the record life cycle, this KPI will be formed for each stage of the Organization (Berad 2017). A risk-based approach also helps to identify the specific functions and activities of the Organization that can likely create a detrimental impact upon the Organizational goals. This approach will help to identify the risk under two parameters which are the probability of the currency of risk and the impact of that particular risk will also be identified with this approach.

Apart from this, the because and effect approach can also be used as an alternative approach for developing the key performance indicators as this will help to examine the areas of specific concern by using the technique of cause and effect in the Organization. Another alternative approach is based upon levels that suggest that the Organizational key performance indicators are based upon two levels which are the strategic KPI and the operational KPI. It is very important to understand that some of the key performance indicators can turn out to be appropriate or relevant for both the levels (Ballantyne 2008). So, therefore, these are the few alternative approaches for building up key performance indicators in the organization.

Regulatory and Legislative Policies

There are various regulatory and legislative policies and frameworks that are relevant for formulating and operational plan of the Organization. These legislations and regulatory requirements are inclusive of dealing with the sustainable development policies by the Organization, the legislative framework also ensure that equal employment opportunities are being provided by the Organization by ensuring the occupational health and safety of the employees. Apart from this, there are certain requirements issued by the local government which also deals with the use of land by the Organization, and it also deals with the permits of building and planning the tremors for hazardous work-related activities by the Organization.

The legislative and regulatory requirements keep a check upon the business permits provided to the organization by maintaining the standards of safety of all the employees working in the organization as well as for the customers who are closely related to the goods and services related to the organization (Ballantyne 2008). Apart from this the legislative and regulatory requirements like the work health safety norms, the fair compensation policies, and the anti-discrimination policy keep a check up on the operating procedure policies formulated by the Organization. Management procedures and emergency procedures are also the key areas which are guided by the regulatory and legislative frameworks of the country. Therefore, it can be concluded that the legislative and regulatory requirements play an important role in developing an operational plan for the Organization as a whole.

Role of Policies, Planning, and Procedures

Organizational policies, planning, and procedures play a significant role in determining the scope of an operational plan that can be implemented in the Organization. It is important to note that policies, procedures, and practices adopted by the Organization are directly proportional to the operational plan that can be incorporated in the Organization. Every policy and procedure related to regulate and govern the confidentiality and privacy of the client determined as to what the plans must be incorporated in the operational plan of the Organization. apart from this, the guidelines related to the ethical standards for the community service as well as for the internal conduct of the Organization will also play a significant role in determining the operational plan of the Organization (Chermack 2007). Policies and practices related to the recruitment of staff, appraisal, and supervision are related to the operational plan of the company. It is important to note that all the practices related to the conflict resolution process are in the organization and are also directly related to the operational plan of the Organization. 

Apart from this the policies, practices, and procedures related to the confidentiality of the customers, duty of care imposed upon the employers’ Organization by different legislations of the state, and any other procedure which is certainly related to the coordination activities with the external agencies are also directly related to the operational plan of the Organization. apart from this policy and procedures related to the rights of the workers working in the Organization as well as their responsibilities are also directly proportional to the formulation of the operational plan in the Organization as it is important to know that these policies and procedures are dramatically related to the resources available for developing the policies under the operational plan of the Organization (Berad 2017). Also, every practice related to the formal agreement under which the Organization and the customer are entering upon is also a key consideration that is related to the operational plan of the Organization.

Part 2

A1. MAMILs is a company that wants to expand its market in Tasmania, Barossa, Claire Valleys, Margaret or Hunter valley and NSW surrounding areas. Therefore, a SWOT (Internal) analysis is to be done to study the market conditions of these areas (Chermack 2007).



· Covers diverse regions

· Covers different temperatures

· Accommodate up to 30 cyclists. 

· Business model can be copied

· Dependency on shipping

· Have to pay $3-5k per tour



· Expansion through product mixing

· Insight in new markets

· Business diversification

· Too much competition

· Threat of loss in terms of customers

· Monetary loss.

Strength – The major strength of MAMILs is that it covers a diverse area and time to attract customers as well as quality in the market. The SWOT analysis clearly shows that a large number of customers help the company to grow and penetrate in the current markets.

Weakness – MAMIL has such a model that can be easily imitable and dependency on customers from the targeted regions is a major drawback for the company. Along with this, the major factor is customer satisfaction which depends upon the service providers and failure of providing adequate training will result in the failure of the company (Batra 2012).

Opportunity – The Company is not restricted only to one type of region, rather has a large blanket for diverse areas in different seasons. Diversification of different markets/areas is also one of the major advantages, as inferred by the SWOT analysis.

Threats- Competition is one of the major threats to this platform as there is a high chance of copying the idea for this model.

A2. After using and applying the SWOT analysis, it will be beneficial to decide on a go for developing the business of MAMILs after considering all the risk management. It is analyzed that strengths and opportunities are more significant than the weakness and threats to the business. It is important to note that the services provided by the company cover a diverse range of regions which are likely to attract money customers (Chermack 2007). With the help of this in the later future, the company can extend its Market by business diversification and product mixing.

When strengths and opportunities will be combined, it will become easier for the company to cope up with the weakness and threats analyzed under the SWOT analysis. The cost of providing services and training can be accommodated by the expansion of the business for various reasons surrounding the NSW. Also providing a tour for 7 to 14 days and the services of drop off and pick up of the organizations are enough to attract many customers that will eventually provide profit to the company.

A3 “Worldlab” is the business name.

A4 “Working together to make cycling and adventure your daily habit”.

A5. The vision statement is a proclamation from the company regarding thinking forward to watch the company wants to become shorter. A vision statement provides an aspiration of the organization as a whole which provides a roadway for the emissions where it needs to be getting directed by the authorities and management of the organization. The company works for the enforcement of respect for the other individual. The confidentiality of all the customers will be the prime motive. Keeping in regards to the services provided by the safety of the customers is the utmost importance (Ballantyne 2008). The work of the company will be guided under the belief of commitment towards quality through continuous improvement and participation in the form of recognition of values within the company.


image shows hierarchy level

A7. Performance management cycle has been chosen as a functional unit for "world lab". The management plan has set out the planning, reviewing, action and tracking the performance of the employees in the company in order to improve the performance of world lab. Fig 1 describes the management cycle of functional unit.

image shows Performance management cycle


A8. Key result areas are also known as the parameters under which the company specifies a fix role to a particular department (Berad 2017). For the human resource manager of the company key result areas or the key performance areas are as follows

Goal - To hire a minimum of three sales executives within 3 months.

KRA - onboard as well as recruit the suitable candidates for the company.

KPI - Growth on top line basis.


image shows Recruitment Strategy Map

The list of operations within the human resource unit in the company that requires clear operating procedures is proper job analysis, selection, and recruitment of adequate candidates, placements, and onboarding. Apart from this transfer and promotion with performance appraisal and training are also important operations within the unit of human resource that needs clear operating procedures (Boyd 2009). It must be noted that under the compensate department were wages and salaries along with the bonus and incentive are determined also comes under the important unit of human resource. Labor relations and filing grievances and complaints from the employees are also categorized under important units of the company.

A10. Apart from human resource financial and physical resources plays a key role in developing an appropriate operational plan for the company. The financial resource provides a definite amount of money to be used by the company to meet the cost of different departments. The company must perform a general assessment regarding the financial requirements that can be expected from the company at a particular time (McLellan 2014). Apart from these physical resources are also holds very much importance in the company as these can be in the form of buildings, premises, and equipment that is needed by the company to run its day to day activities.

A11. It is identified that the Worldlab is lacking in the physical resources which are the cycles in the present case. It is mentioned that the company can accommodate an approximate number of 30 cyclists at a time. On the other hand, the company must have some extra number of cycles to meet the uncertain and unforeseen circumstance which may likely to come when the cyclist is riding their cycles on harsh conditions and roads. Therefore it is important to work more to accommodate the physical resources for the company to meet the unexpected risk ok of the company (Berad 2017).

A12. To obtain the additional resources for the company it is important to focus upon developing and formulating various strategies that can increase the market share of the company within the competition. It is also very important that the company must work to increase the approval rating for the company which can be done by boosting the satisfaction of the customers regarding the services provided by the company (Harrigan 2015). Also, it is very important to analyses the environment by applying various business models so that the gaps can be identified for acquiring and obtaining any additional resources for the company. Analysis of competitions is also very important to develop details and projects accordingly.

A13. The key milestones are focusing upon a profitable business model by analyzing as to who is the client of the company and what are their values. The second milestone is to repeat the client, this means to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients to make them give personal recommendations of the services of the company to other people. A third key milestone is to be more realistic according to this scalable marketing strategy. Forth milestone is to hire an adequate team and to train them to get the operations much stronger. The fifth milestone is to gain authority in the industry by becoming a team leader. Six milestones are to try hard to reach a significant number of sales (Hawkins 2017).


Progress - Planned date of start and completion date

Overall health and safety of the employees and customers

Performance - Task schedule for this week and Completed task in this week, task schedule for next week

Budget - A planned start date and completion date of the project

Plant budget and cost to date (Lovelock 2008).

A15. Certain key steps will help to monitor the operational plan of the company. It is important to engage with the employees to get their feedback regarding the operational plan and its drawback and impact upon the company (Mackay 2014). Apart from this analysis of all the relevant collected data and information must be done by the experts so that the gaps can be filled for future recourse.

A16. A contingency plan helps to recover the company from any risk that is likely to occur in the form of a serious disaster that impacts the normal operations of the company. The contingency plan will include the preparation and response of disasters or changes in the weather event (McKenna 2009). Apart from this risk must be catering to avoid the failure of delivering the services by the company. Also, facility closure risk must be prepared to reschedule the event in case of closure of the same.

A17. The intellectual property rights of the company can be protected by using the interventions of trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents under which intellectual property rights can be managed (Moore 2018).

Part 3.

Short Answers

A1. Operational plan of the organization helps to identify various factors. The major factor which is identified with the help of organizational plans is the goals of a particular department, section or team of the organization (Mackay, 2014). The pathway of the goals as to how will they be achieved and identification of resources are also determined by the operational plans.

A2. Major five key performance indicators of the industry are the inventory turnover of the organization, operational cash flow of the organization, gross profit margin and net profit margin required through the annual operation of the organization (Moore 2018). Apart from this growth in revenue is also the major key performance indicator of the industry.

A3. Contingency plan identify the source of vulnerability in the organization. Organization must understand various legal requirements which need to be adhered by the organization (Hawkins 2017). Formulation of contingency plan will include the processes, training and responsibilities of employee’s plays a major role.

A4. If time is not managed properly its detrimental impact can lead the organization to miss deadlines and this will be deemed as failure of meeting the expectations of declines and will be bad for the long term business (Berad 2017). Also failure of managing the deadline on the part of employees will also create a tendency of responding late to the queries of the customers.

A5. It is important to obtain an approval of operation plant with all the responsible people who are likely to get affected by the plan (McLellan 2014). For instance regarding the budget of the organization, the operational plan for that department must not be settled without consulting the authoritative people of that particular area.

A6. Few aspects which involved in recruiting new staff is a quick feedback regarding the CV of the prospective employees, sending all the paperwork is also an important aspect along with it employer branding also involves as a major aspect of recruiting new staff (Berad 2017).

A7. Triple bottom line reporting is a framework which makes organization to have more focus upon the environmental and social concerns along with their economic profits (Berad 2017). The report must be sent to the authorities regarding the same.

A8. Monitoring and review operational performance of the employees will include and oversight management along with the feedback from employees and customer reviews (McLellan 2014). Monitoring and measuring of operational performance helps your organization to move towards the progress of goals by comparing it to the planned performance.


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