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Social Justice

As per Rick Morton, in his book, ‘One hundred years of Dirt’, he had rightfully stated that privilege is the absence of context and no doubt is comfortable but the fact of the society is that privilege does not constitute good citizens (Morton, 2018). Privilege and absence of context is the social lethargy which is directly proportional to the ignorance of minority in the society. The problem of social injustice can rightfully be seen and can be associated with homeless minorities like the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the territory of Australia. The present essay will rule down the operations of privilege and oppression in society concerning the population of minorities in Australia. The statement made by Rick Morton was based upon his personal experience where his family had owned a decent amount of landmass in Australia. In his book, he had in the face upon the fact that only a particular category of people can live there due to the landscape being highly incompatible and vicious with life. The storms swept away the terrace of the housing and the wind moved into the windows. The thirsty cattle and the devastated situations of children crying for long hours are evident in the situation of social injustice. The essay will analyze the social injustice and the lack of social justice upon the minorities in the territory of Australia concerning the challenge of homelessness in the country. The essay will also focus on providing various recommendations for improving the situations of minorities oppressed in society.

The minorities like the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia do not choose to become homeless but various factors are driven towards the homelessness of youth in the minorities (Samuels, Ferber, & Herrera, 2003). The factors are directly proportional to the lack of social justice in society. The housing crisis is one of the major factors of issue regarding homelessness in Australia as there are no appropriate measures from the end of the Australian government to provide decent housing facilities to the minorities in the country. Overcrowded housing leads to domestic violence in the minorities and various other structural factors contribute towards the issue and challenges of homelessness in Australia like social inequality in a form of youth unemployment. Unemployment amongst minorities is usually due to the social inequality experienced by the minorities in their adulthood (Tiwari, Harris & van den Akker, 2018).

Various research has indicated that the challenge of homelessness due to social inequality negative impact on the overall health of the minorities which is not exhaustive but extends to the impact of mental well-being. social injustice also triggers various social problems like alcohol issues, consumption of drugs by the minorities which is ultimately a threat to the society, the issue of unsafe sexual encounters due to consumption of drugs, violence and much more is is triggered by the social injustice. Mental illness can easily be developed by the minorities in Australia's duty experiencing long-term homelessness. Various researches have indicated that the youth in minorities like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are vulnerable as they experience the majority of homelessness in the country and gradually develop depression and anxiety.

There are various kinds of literature provided in different journal articles and books that had explored the challenge and issue of homelessness trigger due to lack of social injustice in the society. The research has emphasized the fact that social justice leads to a better society. On the other hand in every instance of lack of social justice of social inequality, the direct negative impact can be seen upon the physical as well as mental well-being of various minority ethnic groups. it is the responsibility of various stakeholders and authorities of the society to regulate and maintain social justice by creating policies to combat the challenge an issue of homelessness suffered by the majority of ethnic minorities in the history of Australia like the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. International Non-governmental organizations can play a vital role in creating a restriction of social injustice by adopting inclusive practices of providing guidelines and awareness to the minorities to raise their standard of living. the major challenge which triggers the issue of homelessness in Australia is identified as unaffordability and poverty in the country. Due to the problem of social injustice in society, the youth of the minority or ethnic groups are not provided with enough opportunities to equality engage themselves in employments and therefore the ethnic groups remain poor.

In my opinion, the very less number of youth of minorities are engaged in some kind of work in Australia and they are being paid a very less amount of wages in terms of income. The money earned by the minority is comparatively very low as what they have to pay for their rent according to the housing standards. Here comes the role of the Australian government to take various measures in terms of formulating policies to address the issue of social injustice. The minorities must be provided equal opportunity to work with equal variance or income as to what is being paid to the other citizens in the territory of Australia. It can be seen if social justice is provided to every sector of the society, more than half of the problems and challenges sitting in the country can be avoided. Minimum support in terms of finance can be provided from the end of the Australian government to support and aid the minorities in coping up with the problem of homelessness in Australia that had triggered due to the existence of social injustice in the society.

The Aboriginals in Australia and the Torres Strait Islander group are the major ethnic minorities in the country that had experienced a major degree of discrimination on various grounds in the society. Discrimination can be categorized as a major factor and element of a lack of social justice in society. Various International articles talk about the injustice experiencing by the use of various minority groups in the country. I believe that it is a need of an hour that the government must adopt the various techniques with the help of another state as well as non-state institutions so that the problem and challenges suffered by the minorities in terms of homelessness can be minimized. Societal inequalities are usually discussed by keeping in view d group of people who are being disadvantaged or are oppressed or discriminated like the originals and Torres Strait Islander groups Australia. There is the various existing section in the society who are being missed treated and receive unfair privileges on the grounds of being oppressed. A balance must be maintained between the privilege needed by the groups and the level of oppression they are in society. So per as the issue of homelessness is concerned in Australia, the social injustice can largely be seen amongst the Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islander people. The government of Australia must provide the adequate privilege to distraction so that we may not start taking it as an advantage and stop taking their responsibility of taking care of them. The only role of the Australian government is to provide them with equal opportunity as other sections in the society.

Providing social justice will help the minorities to make them self-sufficient to earn a decent amount of wage or income so that they can provide the family with comparatively decent housing facilities than before. It is the responsibility of the state as well as the federal government to come together to provide opportunities and other training facilities to the minorities so that they can create a sense of confidence to raise their voice against any form of discrimination, oppression, or injustice in the society (Menna & Landy, 2006).

Apart from this, in my opinion, to ensure that social justice prevails in the society, social workers also have a vital role in regards of improving the conditions and avoid any discrimination suffered by the ethnic groups in Australia. Various researches have already been conducted by many scholars regarding the related field of social justice and operation of minorities in the territory of Australia (MacKenzie, & Chris, 2008). The researches have incorporated various qualitative as well as quantitative research methodologies by conducting various surveys on the first hand to interpret the experience of discrimination and social injustice referred by the minorities in Australia. I believe that lower-income is the major problem of homelessness in the territory of Australia which is directly proportional to the lack of opportunities provided to the minority groups in the country as compared to any other sector of the society.

The problem of social injustice also triggers the other social problems like sexual exploitation of young girls and physical abuse suffered by the female in the household (Carole, 2011). Whenever a youth in the minority experience the discrimination or any other form of social injustice in the society, can be seen that usually the frustration is taken out in the form of physical assault upon the inmate partner. Whenever a child witnesses sexual abuse and the household, a child may tend to develop trauma and other mental issues. it can be seen that witnessing domestic violence in the household can create a negative impact on the overall cognitive development of the child. by analyzing the existing problem of lack of social justice in the society specially towards the minorities like the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups in the directory of Australia, I believe that the Federal Government of the country must formulate and required budget regarding providing basic assistance to the minorities to cope up with the problems they are facing in the society. The budget must be utilized to provide ample opportunities to all the ethnic minorities irrespective of their gender, race, or cast.

Every coin has two sides, and similarly, when the financial assistance is provided by the Australian government to help the minorities to live in decent housing, the help can turn out to make the youth of minorities lethargic (Iview 2019). Assistance from the Australian government can likely make the minorities not realize their responsibilities of making their life better. There is a high probability that the youth of ethnic minorities like the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group start completely relying upon the help and assistance from the end of the government or other institutions in the country. In such a way providing privilege to the ethnic minorities turn out to be problems for the society as a whole. Under such a way, minorities and ethnic groups can become a burden for the state as well as the Federal government.

The government can be recommended to provide subsidies in terms of housing facilities in the territory of Australia to the ethnic minorities who are being oppressed by the upper-class society in the country. I believe that it is usually the budget constraints that force the ethnic groups in the territory of Australia to live under deteriorated housing conditions. Financial support to the youth of minorities can become an option to provide them with opportunities to earn some income without the element of social injustice in it. According to my opinion, society will not run smoothly only if there is merely a formulation of various policies and measured from the end of the government or any other authorities like International organizations. Those formulated policies must be implemented adequately to achieve the ultimate objectives of adequate social justice to all the sectors in the country.

Human rights and social justice are proportionate and whenever there is social injustice in the society there has to be a human rights violation on the other hand (Chileshe, Lou, Michael et al. 2010). The discrimination suffered by the ethnic minorities in Australia is a result of the violation of human rights. Interference must be made by various International Organizations to ensure the human rights for all the sectors in the country without any discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity (Yates, Hulse, & Reynolds, 2014). I believe that there is certain prejudice that are been associated with the system of different categories of oppression in the society and it is the responsibility of the state government, to maintain a balance between identifying the socially deprived groups and providing them with adequate advantage by not creating injustice to the other sector.

Australian government must formulate for already existing tax reforms to provide relaxation in terms of tax rates and other financial concerns in the country. The Government of Australia can work upon the housing planning in the country so that an adequate number of houses can be built at affordable prices that can be either purchased or be used by paying rent by the ethnic minorities. It is important to have a uniform standard of housing rents which must be equally be imposed upon all the factors of the society irrespective of their ethnicity (Insley, 2011). However, the ethnic groups like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups that are being deprived of equal opportunities in employment can be provided with some subsidies under the policies. So on the larger front; it is the utmost responsibility of the government to ensure the balance between the rights of minority groups.

Rick Morton in his book highlighted providing privilege in the society, but on the same hand. the ignorance of minority is prevailing in the current society (Morton, 2018). The challenges and problems suffered by the ethnic groups in Australia regarding the issue of homelessness can be taken as a major evidence of how social injustice in the society can trigger various other social problems in the country. A stereotype that usually inequality is perceived from a viewpoint of oppression suffered by the victim of the minority in this society. It can be seen in the society that ethnicity, gender, race, and similar grounds can be focused upon various multiple levels of aggressive oppression that can be witnessed in the society and creates a negative impact upon the lives of people. All these factors are interconnected to each other in such a form that they become a part of a corresponding system of domination as well as a privilege in society.

Fostering social justice in society and creating various organizations and communities for embracing the equity and inclusion of diversity is very important. The problem of homelessness amongst the ethnic groups in Australia is evident in the fact as to how oppression is inclusive of both advantages as well as disadvantages in society. Opportunity and a motivation to bring a change in the society by achieving social justice in the society can only be possible if the people from the privilege section start intervening in the society to bring such change. It can be seen that there is an intersectional perspective which is inclusive of the group of individual that is a part of both the disadvantage as well as the advantaged group and are within the same social group. The government must use the social lens to bring necessary restrictions to the oppression in the society as well as at the same time can provide the necessary investment to bring social justice.

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