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Introduction to Organizational Change Management

News UK is the most famous British organization dealing in Newspapers. It usually publishes "The Sunday Times", "The Times", and more, these two being the best-known quality newspapers of the world. It is an international business emphasized on forming and distributing content that educated, amuses, notifies, and stimulates its customers. It also owns a leading UK and Irish company wireless (News, 2020). Organizational change can be defined as the modification of structural associations and roles & responsibilities of people in the company (Yousef, 2017). The change introduced in the case study was that the company planned a change in its culture and wished to set up an information technology system. It wanted to digitalize its services on a fee basis meaning that its digital products will be charged. Furthermore, the factors that triggered that change were constant annual losses, barriers to entry diminished customers' desire for news online through phones, and tablets. This case study analysis report discusses the organizational change process adopted in the case study of News UK. Moreover, this entails the evaluation of the effectiveness of the change approach using the stages of the BPS consultancy cycle.

Organizational Change Process

The change management process can be defined as the series of actions that a change management team follows to apply change management to an alteration to bring about individual evolutions and certify the project fulfills its predicted results. The change that took place in the company belonged to the planned approach. This approach can be defined as one that assumes even sailing from the present stage to the anticipated without noteworthy disturbance from internal and external factors. The suitable model of change management for the planned approach is Lewin’s model. It is reliant on three stages namely unfreeze, changes, and refreeze (Hussain et al, 2018). The change of digitization can be brought about by the company by changing the attitudes, competencies of the workers through extensive training programs by effective leaders. Further, it can change the prevailing business processes, structures, and systems. It can also bring digitization by changing the culture and interpersonal style of the company.


This stage means minimizing outdated practices and accepting modern challenges. It also involves management to aid its employees in understanding the new approaches to adapt to the change and prepare them to clear the traditional roles, responsibilities, and processes. In this stage, the supervisors must make their workers competent enough to hold novel ideas. All the staff members are to be motivated in this stage by updating them about the vivacity of change being scheduled in the setting of business welfares. Additionally, training is important that can be given by effective leaders so that workers can be more comfortable adapting to the transformational change (Cummings, Bridgman & Brown, 2016). In this case study, there were given significant training to editorial staff about social media and mobile journalism. Newsroom 360 created all the training, events, and communications necessary to make people think about the change of digitization. There was a session aimed at galvanizing the team of Newsroom 360 and introduced them about their roles to play in the project. One team was created with senior members and early members from digital leaders program from “The Sun”. Team building is the most important tool for organizational development. It can be defined as the procedure of assisting a workforce to become more effective in finishing an activity. Further, in order to motivate change in attitude, activities like getting Medias to encrypt an app were utilized.


It is the stage at which the newest and different practices and notions are examined. It generally entails helping a worker to trust reason and performs in a range of contemporary conduct. The strategies and goals set by the company for employees were communicated (Manchester et al, 2014). The MBO (management by objective) is the concept useful for the same as it better understands the workers about their roles in bringing change. It is the procedure of setting aims for them so that they recognize what they are thought to do (Karyotakis & Moustakis, 2014). In this phase, the company must start logical steps in respect of the strategic plan for change. This can be attained by developing robust associations and proposing rewards. The strategy to bring about the intended change was a new building movement by the company.

That move helped the company to assimilate the digital and print media and gave an opportunity of inspiring location for presenting events for readers, assisting novel methods to produce revenue. Furthermore, the company planned to grow its business intelligence unit so that it may focus on the customers. It was generally made for assisting advertising running times that were an associates club and the part of contribution for ‘the Sunday’ and ‘the times’. Furthermore, the deepness of aspect involved in the fruitful rollout of the method software publication system to around 1500 journalistic staff is amazing. The effective operation of developing a change program along with the technology program concurrently was dependent on flawless communication between the two. Moreover, certain business analysts work in combination with subject matter experts to bring about enhanced transformation.


This is the last stage of the change management model given by Lewin. This stage particularly entails the application of strategies set in the above two stages into real practice at the workplace. The main focus in this phase is on eliminating the process of work later than prompt change development. Moreover, the refreezing stage helps the company to make freshly revolutionized change a part of their policy so that employees do not get back to the formerly used working methods of the company (Burnes, 2020). In this stage, News UK has made digital products significant in its business. After adopting the strategies in terms of employee training, digital leaders, new building, tech staff, analysts, subject matter experts, and more, the company has achieved a truly reorganized multiplatform newsroom in 'The Sun'. Furthermore, it also experienced an enormous change in 'The Times. However, the change did not occur much in 'The Sunday times' as it published just once in a week therefore much emphasis was on just print rather than digital media.

Evaluation and Reflection of Organizational Change Management

The BPS consulting cycle is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the change approach taken by News UK. The stages involved in this cycle are contracting; gathering of information; use of evidence-based approach to form actions; implement & review solutions; evaluation of outcomes; and report & reflect on outcomes. This method is generally a practice regarding decision making via obvious, sensible, and thorough utilization of the finest accessible evidence from different sources by asking, acquiring, appraising, aggregating, applying, and assessing. It is therefore done to enhance the probability of a promising consequence (Barends & Rousseau, 2018). There are numerous pieces of evidence of the recommended stages being carried out in the case study. The case study recommended that the company required novel technology, novel educated and skilled employees, business analysts, and subject matter experts, to bring about the change of digitalization and digital products along with the print media in all its platforms. This recommendation is reflected in the case study and it required a suitable change management approach like the unfreeze stage to reduce the outdated practices of performing activities.

Furthermore, it has been recommended that the printing editor and the digital specialist must work together to bring change in an effective manner. This required another stage 'change' of Lewin's model that is responsible for making suitable plans for employees and set goals for them for how they will communicate to collaborate with each other. Moreover, evidence can be seen from the training activities created for the workers to better know the change strategies. The technical knowledge was given to them by effective leaders who were proficient in digital activities. In case, I was the practitioner engaged in this change initiative, I would like to do focus tremendously on the workers first and train them before I start. After, I would like to involve all the employees and discuss them with the change initiates and involve them in decision making so that they could be satisfied throughout the project. I would also like to build a separate team of change leadership rather than just bringing one leader. I would also like to implement the change as fast as possible by using extraordinary communication practices.

Conclusion on Organizational Change Management

From the above case study analysis of the News UK on the change management initiatives, it can be concluded that changes are necessary to bring on a frequent basis in an organization for building a competitive advantage in the market. It can be concluded that Lewin’s model of change management is used for the change management process that consisted of three stages namely unfreeze, change, and refreeze. Further, it can be inferred that the BPS cycle is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the change approach taken by News UK. The stages involved in this cycle are contracting; gathering of information; use of evidence-based approach to form actions; implement & review solutions; evaluation of outcomes; and report & reflect on outcomes. The recommendations for this change initiative are the prompt implementation of change, a separate team of leaders, effective and flawless communication, and more.

References for Organizational Change Management

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