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Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Organisational Background 3

Organisational culture 4

Communication: 5

Interesting Challenges: 6

Effective leadership: 7

Team Spirit: 8

Work-life balance: 8

Working condition: 9

Work Climate: 9

Organisational Structure 10

Conclusion 11

References 12


The current report is addressing the significance of organisational culture for its employee development. Along with this, the study is also focusing on the role of a company Zendesk has for enhancing organisational culture and promoting effective and beneficial culture and structure for their employees. The role of organisational culture is very much effective for a company that helps to align the employees with the goals and purpose of the organisation. It helps to motivate and promote the wellbeing of an employee to pursue their journey with the company. Zendesk is demanding that they are providing such an environment that focuses on the employee wellbeing associated with the organisational wellbeing. This is showcasing by the current report and it is discussing the contemporary organisational culture and structure of Zendesk for stimulating employee growth associated with organisational growth.

Organisational Background

The Zendesk company is an organisation that provides service-first CRM for enhancing the relationship and service of the customer relationship. Innovation and growth of the company are encouraged by the stakeholders and continuous growth is promoted effectively by the company. the software provided by the company is powerful and skilful which is also flexible for the users. The software is widely used by different business and can meet any business needs. Transparency is a significant trait of the company which has been conducted towards the employees as well as customers. On the other hand, in terms of employee satisfaction, the company is having a great workforce. The 2020 statistics is showing there are about 3570 employees are working in the company who are quite efficient and retained for a long time (, 2020). The main reason for having a significant number of employees are the positive work culture and employee motivation within the organisation. The product gave by the organization is ground-breaking and skilful which is likewise adaptable for the clients. The product is broadly utilized by various business and can meet any business needs. Straightforwardness is a critical characteristic of the organization which has been directed towards the workers just as clients. Then again, regarding worker fulfilment, the organization is having an extraordinary workforce. The principal reason for having a huge number of representatives are the positive work culture and worker inspiration inside the association. The company has its headquarter in Sun Francisco and the branches in various countries like USA, UK and others.

Figure 1: Zendesk Company Culture

(Source:, 2020)

Organisational culture

As per the previous discussion, it has been noticed that Zendesk has a significant level of workforce culture that motivates people to work with. However, Arditi et al. (2017) argued that in the current work world, promoting workplace culture ineffective way helps to enhance the outcome and helps to retain potential employees within the organisation. in case of Zendesk also, their organisational culture is based on shared values, beliefs and assumptions. This is effective for promoting a strong influence of the organisation on people as well as people’s positive attitude influence on the organisation’s profitability and sustainability in the completive marketplace. According to Aydın (2018), the organisational culture has seven significant dimensions which are associating with employee welfare. These are team spirit, communication, leadership, challenges, work climate, working condition, and work-life balance. In the following, these aspects are related to the context of Zendesk.


The company Zendesk is promoting good communication within the workplace in which, people can express their feelings. The understanding of interpersonal communication is appropriate for promoting a warm organisational culture. As per the opinion of Abiodun and Olu-Abiodun (2017), with the help of effective organisational communication can enhance productivity and performance by engaging the people. it has been found that Zendesk promotes the transparency in communication that the employees can express their feelings and emotions without any barriers. Apart from this, with the help of effective communication, team management and employee management relation can be successfully established. As per the videography, the anger bursting footage or the victory dance is showing the employees are not judged for their achievements or failure in the company and by the other employees. There is a warm relationship between management and employees are also noticed which is effective for enhancing productivity and performance. Due to the warm relationship between management and employees, a positive communication structure can be noticed despite having a culturally diversified environment. On the other hand, Kassim et al. (2018) opposed and commented that with the assistance of successful authoritative correspondence can improve profitability and execution by drawing in the individuals. it has been discovered that Zendesk advances the straightforwardness in correspondence that the workers can communicate their sentiments and feelings with no resistance (Zendesk, 2020). Aside from this, with the assistance of compelling correspondence, group the board and representative administration connection can be effectively settled. There is a warm connection among the board and workers are additionally seen which is compelling for improving the efficiency and execution. Due to the warm connection among the executives and representatives, a positive communication structure can be seen notwithstanding having a socially differentiated condition.

Interesting Challenges

Employee motivation can be degraded due to monotony in workplace diversity. For this reason, enhancing work diversity and challenging work is necessary for the company. Providing a challenging task to the employees are effective for enhancing the skills and competence. Apart from this, the chance of growth and development are to be offered to the employees with the help of these challenges and barriers. According to Şomăcescu et al. (2016), motivation and appreciation based works that challenge the present knowledge and ability of a person is effective for enhancing the skill and knowledge. In this way, the knowledge and level of expertise can be increased in Zendesk. With the help; of effective leadership strategy, the learning mediated challenges are to be faced by employees and appropriate strategies can be incorporated for mitigating such challenges. Giving provoking errand to the workers are powerful for upgrading their abilities and fitness. Aside from this, the possibility of development and improvement are to be offered to the representatives with the assistance of these difficulties and boundaries. On the contrary, Aydın (2018) opposed that this is effective for enhancing the outcome and promoting organisational growth. In the case of Zendesk, the company has started its business with few people which they have estimated has grown by about 1000%. This is showing employee attraction, retention, and developing skilful and knowledgeable employees. The Zendesk is not only providing challenging work, but it also providing challenging extracurricular activities like challenging sports task, social tasks, CSR activities like volunteering activities and many others. These are effective for enhancing the outcome of the business and the prospect of business. 

Effective leadership

Within the environment of Zendesk, an advantageous leadership strategy could be shown. The CEO of the company has been showcasing as communicating with the employees openly. He smiles, works with the subordinates as a co-worker, cheerful and motivating for the employees. Along with this, the company norms and policies also with company safety policies are also followed by the CEO along with other employees. González-Rodríguez et al. (2019) supported and commented that this is a transformational leadership approach which is essential for a motivation oriented workplace. Apart from this, the team culture of the company is not differentiated with managers and non-managers. These lack of segregation is providing a cheerful working culture within the organisation. Employees can state their feelings, ideas and statement without any boundaries and employees are encouraged to do so. However, Naranjo-Valencia et al. (2019) argued that transformational leadership requires to show the path of skill, knowledge and better understanding. Therefore, the employees are to be shown with proper skill, knowledge and education-based workplace in which the management employee gaps are lower. Employees can state their feelings, ideas and statement without any boundaries and employees are encouraged to do so. In case of Zendesk, the leaders motivate the employees to keep their personal and interpersonal decision making and idea generation like the board work in the videography is showing and with the help of meetings and discussion, effective decision making is conducted (Zendesk, 2020). 

Team Spirit

In the case of Zendesk, the team spirit can be noticed predominantly in the videography. The team culture is promoted by collaboration and effective leadership. As opined by Felipe et al. (2017), proper team collaboration is the result of conflict management, interpersonal skills, communication and goal setting. In the current case, like the board work and CEO meetings, teamwork can be seen in the group pictures in which no barriers within management and employees can be found. Both managers and non-managers are found to be the part of the same team and teams are mostly differentiated with the deliverables like supporting, marketing, IT, finance, creative, sales, service, Executives and HR teams. However, an effective bonding between the team and team members can be noticed in which the communication is good. People within a team can express their feelings without harming other’s emotion and dignity. On the other hand, Hartnell et al. (2019) stated that the group culture is advanced by the joint effort and successful authority. A viable holding among group and colleagues can be seen in which the correspondence is acceptable. Individuals inside a group can communicate their sentiments without hurting other's feeling and nobility.

Work-life balance

The factor of effective work-life balance has become today’s most important need for an employee. According to Hartnell et al. (2019), due to high work pressure and low personal life, the employees are suffering from health issues, loss of job, error and challenges in work. Apart from this, Shamsuddin Alaraki (2018) opposed and commented that due to the loss of work-life balance of employees, organisations are also suffering from turnover intentions, employee loss, health risks at the workplace, high rate of absenteeism and others. Therefore, Zendesk is promoting workplace wellbeing and work-life balance. The minimal and appropriate working hour, good culture, greeting in the workplace and modern sharing and caring strategies for maintaining work-life balance. Many social works are conducted to engage variations in working culture. Apart from this, the company is also providing sports and fitness activities after the working hour. The working four of the company is also minimal and affordable for the employees for maintaining work-life balance. Golestani et al. (2017) suggested that with the help of effective work-life balance planning in the workplace, the employees can feel connected. Regarding the needed time off, predictability is boosted and workplace conflict can be reduced. 

Working condition

Stress plays a crucial role in a person's mind which leads to depression, anxiety and loss of temper. This is against the vows of Zendesk in which employee’s productivity is induced without the stressful working condition. Arditi et al. (2017) commented that, in the company culture, effective work condition helps to build a well-planned and efficient work which is beneficial in terms of productivity. on the contrary, in the case of Zendesk, working condition is effective for employee motivation. This is diverse regarding different contenders and as far as upper hand, the organization is fruitful for its worker the executives and for giving great working condition. However, exercises like games and wellness, recreational exercises, no such conventional working standards and guidelines make the organization work benevolent. On the other hand, Alas and Mousa (2016) opposed that this is different in respect of other competitors and terms of competitive advantage, the company is successful for its employee management and for providing good working condition. Activities like sports and fitness, recreational activities, no such formal working rules and regulations make the company work-friendly (Zendesk, 2020). 

Work Climate

The work climate is exceptionally good within the corporate culture which is providing freedom of employees to work. The videography is showcasing the presence of 'fire witch' which is a desk fish that is a member of the marketing team. The main aim of showing such a case is this is showing the freedom and homely work culture. The Friday Drink, as well as Tuesday coffee, also signify the presence of good corporate culture. Apart from this, Aranki et al. (2019) argued and commented that workplace diversity management is the most significant task of an organization that promotes wellbeing. In the case of Zendesk company, a wide and diversified ethnicity could be noticed as the company is operating in many countries and has the headquarter in sun Francisco. The signifiers like eating Haribo Piratos which is salted liquorice is not liked by all employees but some people like that. This is showing the company is acknowledging diversified tastes and ideas as well as acknowledging all them. On the contrary, effective workplaces are like attracting employees whether they are existing or new which is showing by the ‘sad chair’ concept. The recreational activities like sports, social, playing, ‘desk race’ and others are also supported by the company. 

Organisational Structure

The company’s workplace culture and the interaction between the management and employees are showing the leadership culture and structures of the company. It can be stated that the company is following both Clan Culture and Adhocracy culture. In accordance with Khademi and Saberi-Hekami (2018), the Clan culture is knowing for its extended family culture, mentoring, nurturing and participating culture. On the other hand, Mujanah et al. (2019) opposed that the adhocracy culture is focusing on team dynamic, entrepreneur nature, risk-taking spirit and value the innovation. These aspects can be identified in the videography. The work atmosphere is extraordinarily acceptable inside the corporate culture which is giving the opportunity of representatives to work. This is indicating the organization is recognizing broadened tastes and thoughts just as recognizing all them. If there should arise an occurrence of Zendesk, they have a plan and warm hierarchical culture that is enhanced with acceptable representative spirit, worth and conviction (Abiodun and Olu-Abiodun, 2017). The organization's work environment culture and the connection between the administration and representatives are indicating the authority culture and structures of the organization. This organisational structure is effective for promoting employee motivation and employees can feel to share their issues, ideas problems and other thought to the management. 


Henceforth, it can be concluded, with the help of effective workplace culture and structure, the Zendesk can enhance the profitability and sustainability in the competitive market. In the case of Zendesk, they have a prospectus and warm organisational culture that is enriched with good employee morale, value and belief. The job of an organization Zendesk has for improving hierarchical culture and advancing powerful and advantageous culture and structure for their representatives. The job of authoritative culture is a lot of viable for an organization that assists in adjusting the representatives to the objectives and motivation behind the association. It assists with spurring and advance the prosperity of a representative to seek after their excursion with the organization. Zendesk is requesting that they are giving such condition that employees’ responsibility is completely related to the authoritative prosperity of an organisation. The contemporary hierarchical culture and structure of Zendesk for animating representative development related to authoritative development.


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