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Criminal and Security Intelligence

Key Points of Criminal and Security Intelligence

The key points of this intelligence brief are given below:

  • ‘One percenter’ of the OMCG is involved in organized crime
  • OMCG was originated in North America and later shifted to Oceania. Sydney has been the most affected states among others.
  • The theme of the gang is to challenge law enforcers and spread drug use in the locality. However, technological and social issues are present against the government.
  • Influenced by dark concepts is the motivation of the young generation to join the clan. Sharp young minds are using technologies at the highest level to patronize the government.
  • SNA and CCTV footages are analyzed to draw a trendline in crime. However, irrelevant data may be a barrier in front of law enforcers.
  • Implementation of independent groups is highly recommended along with more CCTV installation to avoid such issues.

Introduction to Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang or OMCG is the rising villain in Australia. However, not all members are identified as a threat.The government identified that 'one-percenter' is an only group in the gang that challenges the law. According to AIC (2020), there are a total of 39 'one-percenter' is present in Australia. Among them, 4670 members are patched and 970 members are prospects. There are issues to restrict these groups. Here, the researcher will brief the intelligence variables to identify and solve the issues. Technology has been a key issue for the law enforcers. The criminals, however, using it completely to befool polices.

Background of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

OMCG is a notorious gang originated in North America and later it came to Australia. The gang is considered as a serious for its narcotic and violent characteristics. However, it is spreading in Australia and Sydney has been the most affected state due to these gang members. Therefore, it is time for the law offenders to create an investigation against these people (ACIC, 2020). The investigation policy will follow a traditional BLUF format to present the report. Here, the researcher will brief the findings of previous analysis regarding the same and propose a recommendation to diminish the issue that is found during the analysis process. 

Summary of The Key Points

The Theme of The Action

Every math solved by the researcher exhibits that a clear motive is expressed by the OMCG members. The motive is to challenge the government. The name of this gang reveals themselves to be a follower of outlawing. Thus, the main theme of the gang is pretty clear. Besides, further investigation of the matter revealed that a large number of gang members are promoting the use of illicit drugs in Australia. Besides, OMCG members are using firearms to promote their fear among the locals (Wortley& Townsley, 2016). A data from the Australian Institute of Criminology marked that over half of the burglary due to a bike gang in Sydney is produced by OMCG. Hence, the theme of the gang is to highlight the weakness of a government by challenging the law in every possible aspect.

Issues in The Investigation

There are five different issues accounted for by the researcher. First of the kind is social issues. SNA was proposed by the researcher as the key element of social investigation. It was invented by a social scientist name Jacob Moreno in 1932 (Wortley & Townsley, 2016). The model interconnects every parallel crime that converges into a common crime. Arguably, it requires a huge collection of data and tremendous accuracy in each data to draw the graph of convergence.

Australia is the best livable nation ranked by Economic outlook for its enhanced technology-based lifestyle. This technology provides ample opportunities for a criminal to get away with a crime. Environmental issues have been found as the present pandemic situation is limiting law enforcer to break into anyone's home. In contrast to this, OMCG members are taking this environment in every aspect. The economic issue is the present pandemic situation has limited the budget of proceeding.

Trends in The Investigation

Trends are followed by marking the area of crime and following multiple CCTV footages to draw a trendline. Dimovski, Stankovic and Kostic (2019) stated that, the accuracy of this trendline depends on the number of data which are used in it. However, due to COVID19 situation, it has become very difficult to analyze a large amount of data using a pittance amount of money. Recent murders with drug involvements are analyzed by the police officers to predict the next target area.

Background Information


Some external factors are driving the activity of OMCG. Also, the bikers are freely moving from one place to another. The young generation, who are fond of dark lifestyle is mainly the admirer of this gang. Mancini et al. (2017) stated that literacy and technology provide certain crimes that an illiterate and underdeveloped nation can never produce. The technology in Australia providing aa huge scope to these members. Using dark web and social media, the gang connects with young minds. Thereafter, their brains are washed completely to create antigovernment psychology. Matthews (2018) further mentioned that depression is often a driver of crime. That means a depressed person searches for a bold activity to reduce the mental pain. Instead of finding a proper solution, some people often get involved in such activity. 


A million-dollar question is “what motivates a criminal to continue such activity?”. It is probably low 70 IQ of the young generation. For example, a fly is always attracted to the fire that usurped its whole life. The adolescence period also acts like the same (Mancini et al., 2017). Young minds, with low IQ and poor decision-making abilities, get involved in negatively influenced staffs. It is not that these people are motivated by some external factors. They are already motivated due to their poor choices. Besides, motivation for an investigation comes from the increasing drug use and increasing risks in social lives. The rush driving and accident is a sporadic incident in Australia. Civilians are very unsafe at the road during the nights. Thus, immediate action is required to terminate this issue.

Techniques and Processes

At first, the CCTV footages of nearby places, where recent crime is reported, will be collected. Additionally, the response of the local witnesses will be recorded. Besides, gang members who are already in prison will be interrogated. Thereafter, the area with the most affected cases will be divided. Now, the facts collected from various sources would be like the discrete boxes of a puzzle. The intelligence team will join each of these parts to solve the puzzle. Analyzing the trends and future crimes to take precautions. Besides, the low workforce due to present COVID19 has restricted the number of a law enforcer. So, the intelligence team can help the local policemen to employ more police to most vulnerable places. While the least vulnerable areas can be eased.

Supporting Data

Matthews (2018) defined the supportive data as those data which police requires to be sure of a crime. For example, the identity of the Outlaw Motor members is revealed publicly. However, the police presume an identity with the rudimentary investigations. Although, the official needs proper assurance before issuing an arrest warrant. Thus, supportive data should be collected from the websites of OMCG. Thereafter, surveillance devices are installed in their cars and homes. Often in their wallets to listen to their activity. Apart from that, the law enforcer should identify the weakest link in the network. They will arrest the weakest for an anonymouscause and pressurize for a surrender. These weakest links are often proved to be the most useful data sources.

Supportive Evidence

Evidence will be collected from the supportive data sources. Apart from these, CCTV footages and response of the local people has been collected. A high percentage of the drug use in Australia is committed by the OMCG. In 67.5% cases, the road accident due to a bike is recorded from this clan. CCTV footages depict the faces of some members (ACIC, 2020). In fact, the CCTV footage depicts that some of the members are supplying drugs to local men. These local men are interrogated and the links to these members are drawn. Sufficient data is collected to project a perfect SNA.

Charts and Graphs

Australian Institute of crime has recorded the emergence of crime due to OMCG is getting high for the last five years. According to the report, 88% of the gang members are involved in some kind of criminal offence. More than 80% of the crimes ever committed in Australia is caused by them. In fact, their rate of offence increased by 50% since last five years.

The most peril fact is an increase in violence due to gang members. Intentional violence due to the gang members is recorded as over 60% by the AIC (2020). AIC (2020) further mentioned that drug dealing is increased by the members by over 40%. Besides, the gang has committed many short-term instruments.

This increasing violence has forced the Australian government to take serious options. Therefore, the logo or batches of this group is collected and published to aware people. These logos are mentioned above.

Detailed Explanation of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

Information Source

Various sources have been considered to collect information. For example, illicit drug information is collected from CCTV footages and interrogating the locals. Intentional violence is also recorded from the CCTV. The surveillance audio devices have been the source to analyze the motivation behind the intentional crime. OMCG website has been a source to collect the badges of the clan. The arrest of the weakest links and their responses has been a very vital information source to plan intelligence against OMCG (Matthews, 2018). Database of the North American nations are very vital information as the constitution of this clan is originated there.


The most challenging part for the law enforcer is technological limitations. Instead of having highly efficient surveillance devices, the gang members get away as they are using jammer devices to block radio signal in their territory. The police targets with four-wheelers vehicle. While these members use two-wheelers and prefers narrow lane where a large vehicle can barely move. The present COVID19 situation has further limited the scope of law enforcers. Another issue is the support of teenagers. This group is a supplier of drugs to many civilians. Thus, in many cases, public support helps them to get away with a crime.

Irrelevant Information

It is not a new phenomenon that the law enforcer collects all the information and proceeds criminal proceeding and then the information is dismissed (Dimovski, Stankovic &Kostic, 2019). Besides, all the information collected for something is ended up with something else. These types of information in a criminal proceeding is termed as irrelevant information. Besides, in many cases, proper investigation fails to deliver a fruitful result due to political pressure. Drug users often linked with political personalities. Therefore, in the end, the law enforcers had to give away everything for hierarchical pressure. Arguably, OMCG members are notorious for the last few years in Australia. However, a few of them are arrested. But the law enforcers have ample information to arrest 50% of the clan.

Recommendations on Criminal and Security Intelligence

Based on the above analysis, the researcher is proposing solutions to the issues identified here:

  • Freelancers should be employed to analyze and support patrolling vans in the COVID19 situation. It may further increase local jobs in the area to diminish the crime associated with economic issues.
  • The government must promote some CCTV cameras in most vulnerable areas. Also, enhanced encrypted radio signal audio devices to be used by law enforcers.
  • There should be an independent team responded to a mission to avoid any possibility of corruption.
  • There should be a team specialized in analyzing trend line to diminish irrelevant data.
  • Social education should be promoted by the government to gain the trust of the youngsters.
  • Law enforcers should be polite and kind to non-violent criminals to gain their trust and find a weak link.
  • Supply of advanced technology, that hinders policing process, should be banned completely.

Conclusion on Criminal and Security Intelligence

Social, technological, economic and environmental issues are present in the investigation policy against OMCG. Affectionate toward negative influence is identified as a key issue in social perspectives. The technology is providing support to the law enforcers to hack the systems of OMCG. However, increasing technology is helping the gang to sneak through the eyes of the police. Dark Web and drug dealing are popular crimes committed by these members. However, limitation like irrelevant data and political pressure often creates a hindrance in the process of investigation. Thus, the researcher recommends using independent intel groups to deploy in such area and promoting govt freelance to truncate the supply of members to this group. In addition to this, the government shall allow the participation of young people to work for the nation as freelancer. This will their social and morale value to avoid any illegal activity.

References for Criminal and Security Intelligence

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