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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 

2. Environmental, economic and socio-cultural consequences of tourism and hospitality 

2.1. Environmental impact: 

2.2. Economic impact:

2.3. Socio-cultural impact:

3. Perth Comedy Festival 2019

3.1. Environmental impact:

3.2. Economic impact:

3.3. Socio-cultural impact:

4. Sustainability of Perth Comedy Festival 2019 

5. Conclusion 

6. References

1. Introduction

Tourism and hospitality industry is known as one of the largest industries in Australia which are marked as the highest grown sector in the last decades (Divisekera& Nguyen, 2018). This report is based on the local tourist attraction in Perth, Australia. It aims at the discussion of "Perth Comedy Festival 2019" to measure the key aspects of the local tourism. Critical evaluation of the hospitality product is the major motive of this report through environmental, economic and socio-cultural consequences. Perth Comedy Festival is a major attraction for tourists in Perth. This show has presented more than 50 comedians to engage in the biggest comedy power (Writers, 2019). This report focuses on the major tourist attraction for the sustainable outcomes in the tourism and hospitality industry. Environmental, economic and socio-cultural elements of the tourism and hospitality industry can be discussed in the report to analyze the consequences of Perth Comedy Festival 2019.

2. Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural Consequences of Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world that increases the economic and environmental significance among tourists. Involvement of different activities in the environment affects the tourism facilities. The construction of general infrastructures such as airports and roads, and tourism facilities such as shops, restaurants, hotels, marinas, golf courses and resorts affect the environment in different ways(Divisekera& Nguyen, 2018). Attractive tourist destinations overuse the water resources that lead to water shortages and degradation of water supplies.

It generates a large amount of wastewater which is a concern for the government. Greater Environmental pressure of tourism in several destinations lead to short supply of local resources such as food, energy and raw materials. The high demand of tourists affects the natural environment. Increased construction increases the demand for land resources that impacts natural resources through excessive pressure of tourist and local demands. Negative impacts of tourism on the environment can be seen through deforestation, land degradation, excessive pollution and large water waste (McLennan, Becken& Moyle, 2017). Consequences of tourism and hospitality industry on environment, economic and socio-cultural factors can be discussed as follows:

2.1. Environmental impact:

  • Natural resources: The need for water resources is increasing day by day in the tourist places that lead to water shortages and degradation. A greater volume of wastewater can be identified through high demand. Greater pressure on local resources can be identified that promotes high expectations. Land degradation is a major issue which is increasing by increased construction. Both renewable and nonrenewable resources affect tourist facilities (Gössling&Peeters, 2015).

  • Pollution: Tourism leads to pollution in the environment through the noise, solid waste, air emissions and littering. Increase in air transport leads to air emissions that promote global warming, acid rain, photochemical pollution. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increase with transportation energy. Solid waste and littering is a serious problem that spoils the natural environment such as roadsides, scenic areas and rivers(McLennan, Becken& Moyle, 2017).

  • Physical impacts: Construction activities and infrastructure development increase with the development of tourism facilities such as restaurants, water supplies, accommodation and recreation facilities. Deforestation and unsustainable use of land can lead to a severe disturbance in the local ecosystem(Gössling&Peeters, 2015).

2.2. Economic impact:

Tourism and hospitality industry affects the economic conditions of a nation. With a variety of income-generating areas such as restaurants, retail trade, lodging, amusements and transportation promotes the contribution of tourists in the economy. Travel and tourism industry is a major part of Australian industry that contributes towards 3.1 per cent of Australian GDP that promotes the economic condition by employing more than six million people (Travel Daily News, 2017).

2.3. Socio-cultural impact:

Income generation and employment opportunities promote the development of society and promote banking and health services. Societal influence can be seen with tourism as the individual adopt the culture of others. It leads to change the interest among individuals through interaction. Urbanization promotes in tourist places although it leads to exploit the landscapes. Cultural exchange is also a consequence of the tourism and hospitality industry (Fletcher, Fyall, Gilbert &Wanhill, 2017).

3. Perth Comedy Festival 2019

Perth comedy festival 2019 is a famous festival across the nation. Comedians and their comedies bring humour in Perth through effective architectural and passionate understanding. The landscapes in Perth are based on urban design, landscape architecture and relationships of individuals. Through building environment, regular shows are approached by the sponsors (Writers, 2019). Urban designing leads to impact the society through architecture and place used for the designs. Cultural change is also a major concern in Australia that can be identified with the Perth Comedy Festival. Open participation for all the individuals in the festival involves entertainment and art. The consequences of Perth Comedy Festival 2019 on environment, economic and socio-cultural factors are as follows:

3.1. Environmental impact:

The environmental impact of Perth Comedy Festival 2019 can be seen through urban designs and artistic infrastructure. The use of natural resources increases with the excess involvement of tourists. Pressure on the accommodation facilities and restaurants increases with a wide range of tourists in Perth. This is a summer festival that is based on entertainment nights (Goldsworthy, 2015). The use of natural resources for energy and water resources increases to satisfy human needs. Increased number of audiences affects the expectations of the individuals to work more on the designs. Noise pollution, air pollution and plastic pollution increase with a large number of audiences that affects the environment (Dore, 2019). A restriction on the physical availability of the food increases with the environmental impact. Water consumption, reduction in biodiversity and high use of energy in the festival is a major concern that leads to affect the environment negatively(Writers, 2019).

3.2. Economic impact:

The tourism sector is a major part of the Australian economy that promotes most of the income generated from this sector. Through Perth Comedy Festival, the income of the city increases with the more restaurants, tickets, transportation, employment opportunities and accommodation facilities. The income of the majority of people gets affected by the festival and urban architecture. Economic growth can be identified with the Perth Comedy Festival that promotes the GDP of the nation(Dore, 2019). However, it affects the economy through a damaged environment. Employment increases in the festivals to engage the lower classes for better income opportunities. Gross State Product and Gross Value Added promote the economic contribution in Australia through the festival. Although, seasonal employment can be identified through the festival that affects the income generation opportunities(Writers, 2019).

3.3. Socio-cultural impact:

Perth Comedy Festival engages the citizens for the development of communities that promotes social change. Personal development of individuals can be seen through the influence of the festival(Goldsworthy, 2015). Human capital development promotes social cohesion that affects the social and cultural values of Australians. Community empowerment increases that promote local identity. Cultural change can be seen through the Perth Comedy Festival as people get influenced by the comedians. Diversified growth can be affected by the outcomes of the festival. Health and banking sector improves with the Perth Festival that promotes an effective lifestyle of the individuals(Dore, 2019).

4. Sustainability of Perth Comedy Festival 2019

Sustainability is considered s defined level of development that fulfils the needs of the present without compromising the needs of and requirements of the future generations. It is necessary to maintain the environmental quality, healthy communities and effective society for the wellbeing of the community and its citizens. Perth Comedy Festival works on sustainability through the following measures:

  • Recycled and non-recycled items are effectively managed by the management through separate distribution in Perth Comedy Festival. It helps in managing the waste at the venues and promote possible environmental measures (Perth Comedy Festival, n.d.).

  • Biodegradable straws are supplied in the bar service to maintain cleanliness and reduce the environmental impact. Food serving and cutlery items are made for, compostable and biodegradable materials to encourage effective practices.

  • Water tanks are available at the venues to encourage refilling of the containers rather than single plastic use.

  • E-ticketing facilities are possible with recycled materials(Goldsworthy, 2015).

It can be recommended that Perth Comedy Festival should focus on environment-friendly service materials that can promote sustainable long-term goals. A complete e-ticketing system can be promoted by the organizers to promote a paper-free environment and manage digital platforms.

5. Conclusion

It can be concluded that the tourism and hospitality industry is a need for the nation to develop economic values although it also affects the environment in several ways such as water waste, land degradation and forestation. Perth Comedy Festival 2019 is a famous tourist place which attracts tourists from nationwide. With the effective approach for the organization of Perth Comedy Festival 2019, it leads to affect the environment, economy and socio-cultural factors. Cultural change is a major concern for individuals to adapt to festivals. Increased employment opportunities can be seen through the festival and tourist attractions that promote effective income generation opportunities for the economy. Perth Comedy Festival works towards sustainable practices such as biodegradable materials, recycled and non-recycled items, availability of water tanks and e-ticketing facilities to enhance the effective practices. The long-term goals for sustainable practices ensure effective management of digital platforms.

6. References

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Writers, S. (2019). Perth comedy festival 2019 full programme. Retrieved from: https://scenestr.com.au/comedy/perth-comedy-festival-2019-full-programme-announced-20190228

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