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Modern Business Organization & Management - Internal Assignment 1


A) There are four types of planning mainly identified as strategic planning, tactical planning, operational planning, and contingency planning.

Operational Planning

These plans are defined as the sole use of plans or ongoing plans. Furthermore, these plans are shaped for actions and activities with a solitary incidence (Ballaro & Polk, 2017). Continuing plans can comprise policy and rules, procedures, and the day to day management of the business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans dictate the important decisions made within a business. These strategies comprise the business mission, principles, and vision. Strategic planning comprises a high-level indication of the complete business. It is the initial basis of the business and will dictate the long-term decision. The extent of strategic preparation can be anywhere from the next two years to the next 10 years. 

Tactical Planning

Tactical planning is accommodating of the strategic plan. It engages the strategy that will be used to implement the strategic plan. This kind of planning is very focused and short-term. Tactical plans are sometimes elastic and often shatter the approach down into numerous parts and allocate actionable tasks to each part.

Contingency Planning

Contingency planning is significant for any business as there is always the likelihood of unpredicted changes. A contingency plan is shaped when the unpredicted events happen or the main alteration requests to be made to continue towards the objective. As the business world becomes more intricate, contingency planning becomes more imperative to connect in and comprehend.

C) Every organization has definite objectives or aims. It continues to work hard to accomplish these goals. Also, Planning assists an organization to attain these aims, but with some easiness and rapidity. Furthermore, Planning also assists a business to avoid doing some accidental activities (Ghosh, Kansal & Sundresh, 2020). The planning procedure offers the information top administration desires to make an effectual choice about how to assign the resources in a manner that will allow the organization to attain its aim. Productivity is maximized and assets are not exhausted on projects with little chance of success.

Limitations of Planning

Planning Creates Rigidity

The feature of agility is innate in preparation, meaning thereby that in case of need alteration can be brought in (Feitelson, 2017). However, it should confess that only little alteration is feasible.

It decreases creativity

With the preparation, the executive of the organization starts functioning inflexibly and they become the blind supporters of the plan only. 

Planning engage huge Cost

Planning procedure engages a lot of expenditure as it is a rational course and business requires employing the specialized experts to carry on this procedure. 

Decrease plan of employees

 It is not probable to free planning from human prejudice: Planning is based on an estimate which cannot be precise. Forecasts related to the future which is very hard to forecast. There can only be a guess-work about what will happen in the future.

Does not promise Success

Sometimes the executive believes that planning resolves all their troubles. Such philosophy makes them abandon their genuine work and the undesirable consequence of such an approach has to be faced by the business.



  • Recognize the decision
  • Collect pertinent information
  • Recognize the option
  • Consider the evidence
  • Select among alternatives
  • Take action
  • Evaluate your choice & its consequences


  • Determine what you will allot
  • Select the right individual to hand over the task to.
  • Elucidate the desired results
  • Define the employee's accountability and power as it relates to the delegated task
  • Establish a follow-up conference or touch points

C) There is diverse kind of entrepreneurs such as innovative Entrepreneur, Imitating Entrepreneurs, Fabian Entrepreneurs, and Drone Entrepreneurs.

D) The joint Hindu family business is the oldest and precise type of business organization that originates just in India. It refers to a type of business wherein the company is possessing and carried on by the affiliate of the Hindu Undivided Family (Ghosh, Baig & Goyal, 2020). Furthermore, the Joint Hindu family can be regarded as the benefit to the business because by agreeing on the contract the business will be run based on the Hindu law.

E) Characteristics of Business

  • Buying and Selling
  • Continuous process
  • Profit Motive
  • Profit Earning
  • Production or Trading of Good or Services 
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Government control

Modern Business Organization & Management - Internal Assignment 2


A) The concept of planning describes as looking ahead into the future and attempt to anticipate what it would be or probable to look like and how it will influence the organization and what way the business should obtain to be prepared to cope up with the eventualities it may face. Planning is the idea of setting future purpose in correct perceptive and choice on the mode and means of attaining these objectives (Ghosh, Baig & Goyal, 2020). Planning is a methodical mode of choosing about and doing things in a focused way. It is the procedure of charting out the pathway for achieves the eventual reason for the business process by outlining the series of actions predict with a sensible degree of confidence. Planning needs both originality and examination in defining business opportunities and restraint. Therefore it is called the art of the potential. It is the procedure of guiding the business venture toward evidently specific objectives with the clearest potential vision of the future. Deciding what is preferred and determining the actions necessary are both concerned with planning.

C) Entrepreneurs can make fundamental alteration and establish novel technologies which considerably move on a company. Entrepreneurs also assist the drive to modify with modernism, where novel and better products allow new markets to be urbanized. An entrepreneur is not just regarding cost and profit. An entrepreneur may be motivated to go into a business to present a more moral product or offer a service to a community. In every huge company, there is a mass of talented young executive who applies innovative and entrepreneurial aptitude to conquer the many obstructions innate in big companies (Caliendo, Fossen & Kritikos, 2017). By entering novel markets, launching innovative services, or finding a new resolution to age-old troubles, business entrepreneurs are the key to sustainable business development. They assist to make the future business - finding effectual mode to penetrate new markets without revealing the company to extreme risk. Corporate entrepreneurs have the instinct to observe threats to existing industries and the certainty to modify way and discover brand new market and subdivision. Entrepreneurs with superior proficiency motivate others to be more positive in expressing their views and hearten them to provide advice, which can speed up the procedure of finding a solution.


A) An entrepreneur is someone who initiates a side hustle that can ultimately generate a full-time, sustainable production with workers. An entrepreneur is an inventor, a competitor, and a driver (Li & Martin, 2019). In addition entrepreneur is someone that generates something innovative, a plan, an industry, or a company.


  • Assignment of Work
  • Granting of Authority
  • Creation of Accountability


  • Principle of unity of command
  • Principle of Continuity and Flexibility
  • Principle of Scalar Chain 
  • Principle of Division of Labor
  • Unity of Command 
  • Principle of Unity of Efforts
  • Principle of authority and responsibility

D) The Delegation of Authority is a managerial procedure wherein, the manager segregates his work among the inferior and provides them the accountability to achieve the particular tasks.


  • Nature and individuality of planning
  • Planning is an incessant process
  • Goal-oriented
  • Pervasiveness of planning
  • Planning is a constant process
  • Engage decision making
  • Selective process

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