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This study maintains a key theme of global issue of harmful effects of fast food market on human health. It is an extensive study of the issue and takes into account how the issue has posted an adverse impact on the market as well as human health. It also draws conclusion and insights from the Asessesment-2. It lays emphasis over critiquing the global issue taken into consideration. The initial section highlights that shared responsibility for common good is not realized. Final section stresses on ways to address these challenges.

Realization of Shared Responsibility

In this section of the study, prominence will be laid over the fact that shared responsibility for common good is not realized in the sector of fast food market. It is important for the sector to comply with certain rules and regulations which are encountered in the daily routines. Global food market should lay emphasis over abiding by rules and regulations that are important for management and that contributes towards a common good (Heasman & Lang, 2015). For a business to be efficacious, it firstly needs to acceptable on legal grounds. Global food market is a widespread market that has its branches and stores dotted along the roads in busy cities. It has become an imperative part of an individual’s diet. Thus it is mandatory for this sector to take into account communal accountabilities that subsidize towards a common good. Food patterns nowadays are extremely dependent on the lifestyle adopted by people which vary from one person to another (Liu et al., 2015). Varieties in the availability of food create complexities. Thus food safety becomes an important point to ponder and take into consideration.

Relationship Between Common Good and Human Dignity

Common good is closely associated with CST principles and especially human dignity. Human dignity is an important principle concerned with CST principles. Human dignity is protected by human spectrums. Correlation between the human dignity and common good in consideration with global issue of food market is one of the important aspects in food market. If the food market is in cooperation with another company, then it becomes important that different partners to come together and set conditions and terms so as to ensure safety. Human dignity is one of the most important aspects concerned with ACT principles therefore it is very important that food market abides by the rules and regulations so as to ensure common good of both customers and the industry. Human dignity transcends the claims of all human authorities. Every human deserves right to quality food. It is primary responsibility of food market to ensure the right and adequate food quality (Grew, 2018). Quality food does not mean that the citizens can control the quality of the food but it is the responsibility of the food industry to ensure that the food is up to the quality mark.

Addressing the Challenges

Consumers always stress on food quality and the extent to which it is contaminated. Due to growing number of Latin American imports of fruits, food safety issues have become a global issue. Close examination of recent investigation in contamination reports regarding food markets like in beverages and packaged food it can be noted that in spite of new food safety regulations imposed by FDA, contamination of food still managers to be one of the most debated global issue (Seto & Ramankutty, 2016). Food safety is a shared responsibility not of the food industries but also of the government. The government should impose and introduce new reforms that are strict enough and are followed by all industries. It is important that industries follow all the rules imposed by the government and also there should be penalties when a company fails to abide by the rules.

Food industry must play a major role in preventing contamination and must continue to be interactive in controlling the processes of food manufacturing and packaging and also in management of the food manufacturing process. With imported food products, regulation in import raises the challenges of preventing contamination, which has increased and elevated to a point where it is difficult to maintain quality of the food items. Agricultural products move from countries to countries which include vegetables and fruits which are further used to make a processed food. It is difficult to find out where the product is lacking in quality wheather in manufacturing process or in terms of quality of the material.

It is important to evaluate the FDA plan to focus on strengthening of food safety policies. It should not just focus on ensuring food safety from production to consumption but must ensure the safety after it is packed and exported (Grover, Chopra & Mosher, 2016). It is important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the plan prepared by FDA and what are the factors and limitations of the plan. It is an important aspect to look into the manufacturing processes and identify which factors guide those processes. Strategic planning is an essential element of food safety program and should involve all design related aspects. Implementation of a risk based approach in the safety management program at a product level is imperative.

Strategic planning encompasses identifying public health goals and reducing number of infections caused by specific food products. It is important to identify tools that are used for attaining goals and suggesting research education activities. To address problems of lack of shared responsibility and common good it is important that food sector realises their growth is a function of consumers and it is dependent on their sales. Apart from being financially successful it is also important for the companies to be acceptable and stable on social and legal grounds. A platform should be made available so that all food manufacturing and packaging industries come together and follow a risk based decision making approach for ensuring food safety.

This will not only help the company in improving its sales and inflating its profitability and adaptability but at the same time it will also aid the organisation in building a more robust framework of consumers. Food safety program involves shared responsibility of industries, retailers, consumers government agencies and individuals to address problems related to lack of realisation of shared responsibility and common good. It is important for the government to introduce a comprehensive strategy for companies and consumers to realise importance of ensuring safety of food products especially fast food. Civilians plays cardinal rule in food safety because they help to define decision making of industries related to food manufacturing and management.

Integrating Professional Community Locally and Globally

Activities concerned with food safety at state and local government undertakes certain activities such as inspection, surveillance, outbreak investigation and contribute to the food safety program (Shnayder, Van Rijnsoever & Hekkert, 2016). It undertakes a set of activities which involve strategic planning and public health risk ranking. The most important step of this program is targeted information gathering on religious considerations of other factors which may influence decision making. It involves identifying and considering additional criteria upon which risk based decision making can be done. Cost controllability and market impacts stakeholders. It conducts targeted information gathering and determines the need for collection of additional information for implementing accordingly. Additional collection of data is done through research surveillance and service qualitative, quantitative and semi quantitative assessment of risk. These activities are not fully integrated so that the duplication is minimised.


This study has highlighted all the key aspects concerned with the global issue of food market and its impact on consumers as well as the market. This study consists of shared responsibility for common good which is not realised in the sector. It also highlights the ways in which these changes can be addressed. This has stressed on all key aspects concerned with the subject and thus outlined the study. It can be inferred from the study that it has become a global issue of food safety because it has become an important component of an individual’s daily routine, therefore it is very important that food safety is ensured and this global issue is addressed in an efficient manner by combined action of individuals, consumers organisations and government.


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