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Essay 2

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as one of the self-regulatory business models which assist companies to be self-accountable to themselves, to the stakeholders, and also to the public. Through the practice of corporate social responsibility, also defined as corporate citizenship the companies can gain consciousness regarding the kind of impact they have created on different societal aspects involving economic, environmental, and social sides. The company needs to carry out corporate social responsibility. Under Corporate Social responsibility, it is the responsibility of the private companies to organize the ongoing commitment. In this context, Choi & Kwak (2010,p.300) argued that higher effort got focused on CSR so that positive CSR can be linked to improving the financial performances. As per Griggs & Gaffney (2013,p.306), to retain the sustainable development goals, the cross-cultural analysis concerning communication needs to be analyzed through the use of bottom-line terms and arguments in the communications. 

The European Union in these factors have relied completely on the languages and also on the theories of citizenship along with moral commitment. It is the responsibility of the European companies to rely greatly on the financial justifications and at the same time, it is also their duty to take into consideration both the financial as well as the sustainability elements so that CSR policies can get easily justified (United Nations, 2020). By serving the poor, the business can be able to gain rapid growth in the revenues with a greater amount of efficiencies through the cost reduction initiatives for the multinational corporations. This also helps in the translation of the enhanced rate of the purchasing power along with the accessibility towards innovation. 

Cho & Hambrick (2006,p.460) highlights that the sustainable development goals are important for the private companies in Australia where their primary aim starts with the economic responsibilities and at the same time also continued with ethical as well respectively discretionary responsibilities. Here the companies need to follow Carroll’s model where ethical responsibilities as a foundation turn out to be important for the success of the business. CSR is one of the important processes to match corporate operations long with social values when the parameters are changing in a rapid manner (United Nations, 2015). 

Ethical behavior is one of the effective prerequisites to implement strategic CSR. The ethical behavior of the company can be defined as one of the mirror images of the organizational culture along with shared vale sets and the guiding principles. In this situation, ethical behavior along with the culture turns out to be one of the effective parts of the definition of corporate identity. Here accountability is also defined as one of the important parts of sustainable development goals that are concerned with the reconciliation and the alignment of the demands, interests, and needs for both the non-governmental organizations and the environment as well (The United Nations, 2018). Accountability is more important than that of developing false promises. CSR and the sustainable development goals require different accountabilities by the leaders, organizations, and also by the community members through which corporate accountability effectiveness can get readily influenced and can also get interconnected. 

The case that has been highlighted is important here since, at the SDG summit of 2019, the finances got mobilized through the enhancement of the national implementation and the strengthening of the institutions so that the target goals can be easily achieved within 2030. The UN Secretary-General has called itself on different societal sectors for the proper mobilization which is important under three levels like securing the leadership along with smarter resources and solutions behind the sustainable development goals. The local action in the scenario also turns out to be helpful through embedding the political transitions and the implementation of government regulatory framework (United Nations, 2020). On the other hand, to promote, sustainable development goals, the civil society leaders as well as the private organizations have called for the super year of activism so that the Sustainable development goals can be accessed and accelerated easily. 

To promote sustainable development goals at the core of 2020-2030, certain actions needed to be undertaken so that the poverty along with women empowerment and addressing climate emergencies can be tacked. According to the 2017 Foreign Policy, it is the responsibility of Australia to make a positive contribution towards global efforts so that poverty can get reduced along with alleviation of the suffering based on which sustainable development can be easily promoted (Griggs & Gaffney, 2013,p.306). As per the Initiative of the Australian Companies, the multi-stakeholder processes needs to be generated and developed through which economic, environmental as well as social issues can be easily integrated along with the food security and the agricultural security. The sustainable development goals of the organizations also involve the use of the sustainable water and to train the economy that way by ensuring that the users have adequately participated in the water management decision-making process where the requirement of interdisciplinary association across the sectors, political borders and the communities can get addressed (United Nations, 2015). 

According to the United Nations 2015 Summit, this Agenda is defined as one of the effective action plans both for these people, prosperity as well as the planet. This way the universal peace can be easily strengthened where the economy will be in a position to face the global challenges and it is one of the indispensable requirements besides sustainable development. Private organizations are responsible for the development of the collaborative partnership through which the worldly views can get shifted towards a sustainable and resilient path (Cho & Hambrick, 2006.p.468). This way the human rights for all can be easily seemed along with the empowerment of the women as well as girls based on which the balance can be maintained among the three dimensions in the context of the sustainable development that is the economic, environmental as well a social. 

It is the responsibility of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2015 to also explicitly involve the disabled persons who are having the real talent in working with other people in the organizations. Here the disability is a disease that the person cannot help. So as per the United Nations. The person needs to be provided with a certain chance to develop a better world for him and also establishing live web resources on every sustainable developed goal and disability (United Nations, 2020). It is the responsibility of the United Nations Australia 2015 to effectively develop the theory on Sustainable Development which involves 17 goals like no poverty, development of the quality education, clean water, and sanitation, development of decent work, and economic growth along with industry, innovation, and infrastructure. In this part, responsible consumption and production also considered as one of the effective parts where the public procurement practices need to be promoted which are sustainable by nature as per the national procedures and policies. The sustainable development tools also need to be implemented through which jobs can be created and along with this the local culture and the products can be well promoted (United Nations, 2015). 

This way the public procurement practices which are sustainable by nature can get promoted with the help of national policies and the priorities. On a whole, the corporate social responsibility of the private organizations is based on certain aspects like the economic responsibilities where the organizations need to make money from their activities like that of donations, grants (Griggs & Gaffney, 2013,p.305). On the other hand, the legal responsibilities involve the proactive duties where the employees need to be ethically responsible behind the making of future profits where everyone’s welfare turns out to be valuable and also recommendable by nature. The corporate social responsibilities of the private organizations in Australia incorporate sponsorships where the company exposure can be found through the placement of its log in the diversified locations like that of the exhibitions and also in certain athletic contests (The United Nations, 2018). In addition to this, employee volunteering also turns out to be important where the employees get encouraged in developing their skills in the wider community perspective after getting benefited from external advice and expertise. 

Essay 3

It is the responsibility of the global mining company that is BHP Billion to maintain honest relationships with the governments and also with the agencies along with the officials and the personnel. This will create a positive impact that is the consistent long term engagement with the government aligning with the company policies (BHP, 2020). The engagement with governmental matters also needed to be undertaken after considering the Corporate Affair’s approval on behalf of the Company. This involves responses towards meeting the inquiries of the government and also submitting the papers on the proposed legislative reforms. The other way through which the Australian government can be influenced is through active participation by the company employees in certain national events and also in certain political processes (BHP, 2016). 

This will ultimately highlight the Ethics and the Compliances. The Australian can also be influenced through BHP Billion’s code of ethics which highlights certain steps like using the company’s code, caring for the people as well as for the society. Along with this, working with others and at the same time protecting the company. This helps the government in understanding the primary focus of the company and its future perspectives. Along with this, the management of the company also carried out their charter values like sustainable decision planning, putting health and safety at priority, and along with that integrity. Through this, the openness gets embraced and at the same time trust, teamwork, and achieving simplicities. These codes ultimately help in outlining corporate participation in political activities both by the government and the company’s (BHP Billion, 2020). 

 The management of the company does not contribute any form of funds to any particular party and at the same time also prohibits certain authorizations, promising anything in the context of delivering the value directly to the government officials so that the decisions can be encouraged without the violation of the anti-corruption laws. For example, BHP is having around 20 governing documents known as Our Requirements which outlines minimum standards required for all BHP employees, Assets as well as Global functions aligning with the company operations (Queensland Resource Council, 2019). Compliance with the organizational requirements with the government is one of the primary causes behind the roll of the internal audit processes. The communication with the government automatically gets managed centrally so that the company-wide engagement as well as the policy alignment can be done nicely. This way the consistencies, as well as company adherences to the Code of Conduct, can be followed across different activities (The Guardian, 2020).


Source: https://www.bhp.com/-/media/bhp/documents/investors/annual-reports/2016/bhpbillitoneconomiccontributionandpaymentstogovernments2016.pdf

It is the responsibility of the Chief External Affairs Officer to deliver and align the government relations activities as prescribed under the Our Requirements for Communications, community, and External Engagement. The Government gets influenced through the company since the company through public submissions, opinion pieces, as well as comments, continuously raises the issues which are important for maintaining the long term relationships with the Government through which the business interests can get served properly along with the interest of the shareholders, hosting communities along with the employees. Recently the company have made certain public submissions and also commented on a range of Australia topic involving tax, energy policies through which the foreign bribery laws as well trade got strengthened in an adequate manner (BHP Billion, 2020). Some of the public policy submission involves tax white paper submission, taxation opinion pieces, ACCC East Coast Gas Inquiry submissions, etc. 

One example shows that around mid-2007, the global mining company, BHP Billion had arranged for a hospitality invitation which has been sent to the appointed Mines Minister during the tiny war of African country. Among 650 people of BHP who have been invited to enjoy the hospitalities at the Games, 176 of them are the government Officials and along with that, the executives from the state-owned enterprises are also sent. Around sixty government officials have taken advantage of the BHP’s hospitality packages and also enjoyed tickets to the Olympic events. However, it can be argued by stating that this event had created a risk of the violation of the anti-corruption laws where the company has failed in implementing sufficient controls to address the height of risk (BHP, 2020). 

The government can also get influenced since BHP is having a long-standing commitment along with transparencies. The company had continuously updated and at the same time also expanded the disclosure which actually helps in the development of the public confidences through the integrity of the tax systems and also has enabled in the development of the informed debate on the tax policies' effectiveness and also on its efficiencies. As per the data of 2016, it has been found that the BHP Billion had released some of its Economic Contribution and also paid the governments which highlights that the total economic contribution by the Company during the financial year of 2016 was around USD 26.7 billion. The adjusted effective rate of tax by the company was around 31.9 percent since the past decades and around 39.8 percent when the royalties have been included. It involves voluntary contributions to host the communities, as well as employee benefits along with dividends. So it can be stated that entirely the management of BHP billion has maintained a transparent relationship with the Government and has not hidden any taxes from them (BHP, 2020).

As per the analysis done by PWC, it has been found that the decline in the prices of the iron ore as a result of the oversupply is having a significant impact on the 40 miners where the low commodity prices which had driven the price of the operations costs and this way the capital accountability cannot be maintained well. The global companies are forcing towards the mining in the emerging countries where urge Organisation for the Economic operational along with the Co-operation and Development tend to have different global diversified portfolios. The management of BHP Billion has gone ahead with the South Flank iron ore development in eastern Australia where the increased on the iron ore has been leased. In addition to this, BHP Billion holds around 50 percent interest in the block and the government had also invited bids for the other 24 blocks in the ninth round of the New Exploration Licensing Policies (Queensland Resource Council, 2019). The management of BHP has continuously focused itself towards the submission of public opinions towards the government to maintained good relations and this way they have promoted a certain amount of policy reforms through which the interest of their business it's easily served and along with that the employees and also the host communities also got benefited. BHP’s total economic contribution in the 2019 financial year amounted to $46.2-billion, with the miner contributing $29.5-billion to the Australian economy through salaries, payment to suppliers, dividend payments, and government taxes and royalties, as well as through social investment (Queensland Resource Council, 2019).

The recent news has highlighted that the Australian Government has granted repeated approval from the BHP Billion to increase carbon emissions. The mining giant has allowed around 3 percent I the increase in the emissions in the three years through the Coalition policy which has promised to limit the increase in the pollution from the bigger industries. On the other hand, the Queensland has welcomes the annual economic contribution by BHP billion and stated that the government is ready in reinvesting the services and the operational infrastructures of BHP billion which signifies better hospitality care along with the health facilities for the Queenslanders no matter where they are living. The Queensland economy has contributed around USD 62.9 billion to the economy of Queensland where it had made around USD 19.5 billion in the purchases (The Guardian, 2020). 


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