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Student Interaction Issues


Task 1

Task 2


Task 1

The issue selected for this report is Student and Making Friends.

This issue is very common among the students whether they are in business schools or in normal schools. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for people to connect with each other or start interacting with other people. But it is very much necessary to address this issue so that students can get comfortable with each other in the class.

How Do Students Perceive This Problem?

Whenever a student joins a business school, they enter it having lots and lots of wishes to fulfil their dream of completing their degree with the prestigious institution and the getting their dream jobs etc. So, they have a clear mindset that they will not concentrate on any of those things which can divert their minds from studies (Chan Tack and Small, 2017). There are many times that the students have a pressure from their parents’ side as well for not making friends in their business school as it might waste their time and energy. So, students do not think it as a problem as they believe that whatever they are doing is right and this is only good for them.

Another reason is that when students enter in their business schools, they are already in their early 20s which means that they must already be having their core friends group with whom they used to hang before. So, these people always restrict themselves in making good friends again as they think that these people will not be with them always and it is better to keep only professional relationships with them so that they can be used as connections later on. But this is not the case with many people because there are many times that people find their lifelong friends in their business schools. The whole case is of the mindset of the students and also the environment which they receive when they enter their schools.

There are times when the students enter the business schools after their marriage or doing their first job. This factor also impacts a lot because in this situation it becomes very difficult or the people to connect with their classmates as they think that their mindset might not match ot they are not so mature to hang out with (Griffith and et. al., 2020). So, there are various reasons due to which students restrain themselves from making friends in the business schools.

How Do Differences Amongst Your Interviewees in Terms of Background, Gender, Family Situation Etc. Influence Their Perspective of The Problem of Making Friends?

The factors like the gender, family situation, backgrounds, income etc. still impacts a lot while making friends because these are taught from the starting that friends are made in same status and not with everyone. So, when students with these kinds of mindset enters the institution then they first find out that who are those students whom they can be friends with and who are those from whom I need to stay away. A business school is a place where students enter from different cities, different kinds of families, and variety of educational backgrounds on the basis of the merit they have got in their exams (Klaiber and et. al., 2018). But when these scholars enter the institution then they have to face these kinds of difficulties like these. So, in order to avoid any kind of complications they decide to not make friends with anybody and just concentrate on their studies.

This is a very serious situation because in this modern world and a modern place like business schools where everyone is equal, if students will behave like this then it needs to be solved because it can ruin the entire study environment for the students and they might not be comfortable as well. Many times, the students start feeling that they are low at something which they should not be and they start having inferiority complex with others. This is not a good sign because it can have a very bad impact on their studies.

There are many business schools who runs counseling sessions for these kinds of students becaue they feel that students come from different kinds of backgrounds and they need to proper counseling before they can resume their studies in the college. These counseling sessions are really very effective because it can help the students in becoming comfortable inside the school and make friends as well with people who are just like them. This is a very crucial issue and it is the duty of the institutions that they should understand how their students are feeling inside the schools.

Task 2

In this section, the research which has been conducted in the previous section will be analysed. The analysis is done in the following manner:-

a) What Is the Precise Problem that Students Are Experiencing?

As per the research conducted above on the reasons why students are not able to make friends in the business schools, various kinds of reasons were mentioned there and out of that the reason which is being felt by majority of students is about their background and status. This is a very strong reason because of which students restrain themselves from making few friends in the business schools because they feel that the other schools might not connect with them or are of higher status etc.

Normally, in a business school students enter in two ways:

  1. Through Clearing their MBA entrance exams

  2. Through direct admissions

When the students enter after clearing their exams then the students that enter the institution are of different background, income level etc but they all are very good at studies (Yousuf and Backer, 2017). These are the kinds of students who mainly face issues in making new friends. Although they also have their core group but they try to make new friends here as well but when they get rejected by the students who are of higher status then they push their feet backwards and tries not to be friends with anybody.

The students who take direct admissions are the ones who majorly creates issues with the merit students. These students are generally of higher class and they have already made their special group inside their business schools. These students start the problems of different status, class etc. so, because of them the normal people face difficulties.

b) How Big Is the Problem?

This is a very big issue because students enters a few place the they try to make friends in order to become comfortable there but if they will receive such kind of environment then it become very difficult for them to handle such stressful environment. This issue has the capacity to destroy the mindset of students with which they might have entered the business school. It is very necessary for each and every student to receive good study environment as then only they can be conformable in the premises. There are many other reasons as well like there are kinds of students who just want to party, gossip and frequently roam here and there. So, there are many times that the mindset of people does not match in this and they end up in becoming strangers again. These kinds of problems comes in the life of every student and not only just business school students and since people here are more mature so they are required to handle it more better manner (Mesidor and Sly, 2016).

Many times the students feel that they are not having those kinds of social skills which the students of these kinds of colleges must have so they try to build that inside them. They feel low in front of students with higher status even though academically they are better. The feeling of not making friends impacts the students’ life a lot and thus it becomes the duty of very organization to make their students feel good by referring them to few good students who can guide them about the whole school and tell about the people who study with them. It is always said that if the students will have a good and healthy mind then they will be able to solve all the issues in a much better manner but if they are being bullied unnecessary then it can be a very bad situation for everyone.

c) What Are the Main Causes of The Problem?

The main causes of this issue are the students who are from higher society or from the ones who already have a gang inside the college which is quiet popular as well. apart from that, there are also students who are extremely good at any sports or any other fields and then a new students tries to out beat them then these are the ones who created problems for them (Chan Tack and Small, 2017). These kinds of issues are very common inside the business schools because here each and every one is a merit holder and everyone thinks to be on the top always. This kind of complexes stops these people from becoming friends with each other. They just behave formally with each other.


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