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Problem Identification and Finding the Evidence


Nursing is a field of healthcare professionals where nurses act as bridge in taking care of the patients. There are certain policies for nursing, and every healthcare also has its own policies and rules. There are some policies that need to be updated or a nurse feels does not exist that they discover while practicing at workplace. Nursing and health policy is a centre that ensures nurses have voice in implementation and development of policies so that they are effective enough to meet the requirements of the patients and their family members (International Council of Nurses, 2019). My situation of uncertainty of best practice is related to a

Quantitative type of question I have completed the PICO question


1.Use the following categories to help define your problem and what you are looking at in simple terms
PICO Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome. (Quantitative situation) (remember to use your readings to help you if you are unsure)

Patient/Problem Elderly patient
Intervention Infection control
Comparison no infection control
Outcome Reduced nosocomial infections

2. Now use these terms from the question above to create your PICO research question so that you have a clear purpose for your search
Based on the above mentioned terms, the PICO research question will be In elderly patients (P) does infection control (I) compared to no infection control (C) reduce nosocomial infections (O)

3. What type of question do you think this PICO answers What would be the top 3 levels of evidence for this question
This is a therapeutic question. The above mentioned PICO question will answer for not increase in infections among elderly people. As compared to younger people, elderly people are more frequent in acquiring infections thus infections become leading cause of mortality and morbidity among elderly people. (Yahav et al., 2016). The top three levels of evidence for this question are

  1. Evidence from one well-designed randomized, control trail
  2. Evidence from one uncontrolled, randomized experiment
  3. Evidence from survey based on the opinion of healthcare professional and elderly patients.


4. The table below will help you to think of the other terms that you might also like to look up when searching for evidence to help you answer your questionthis is part of basic planning for a research.

We ask you to look up alternative terms because sometimes articles from health systems things different names for example, in Australia we sometimes use the term community nurses, but in the UK you of ten talk about district nurses if you only searched under district nurse youd miss all the articles which used the other term you would be missing some of the picture.


Population Intervention Comparison (not commonly used in actual database search strategy) Outcome (not commonly used in actual database search strategy)
Elderly people
Hand hygiene
Washed hands Contaminated hands
Non washed hands, Use of non-sterile gloves Less risk of infection using hand hygiene infection

5. Is there a particular group of people that you want to look at List here any inclusion criteria you might use to refine your search if you have too many papers

  1. Gender Male and Female
  2. Age Range 65 and above
  3. Publication Dates From year 2013 to 2019
  4. Language English


6. What kind of study do you think would best answer your question Select here which type of article you might want to access. You can also use these to refine your search if you have a lot of papers.

  1. Systematic Review study would be the best answer for above-formed PICO question.
  2. Systematic Search Plan (this is what we call a Search Strategy)


7. Now that you have decided on WHAT you will be searching, you need to put down a plan of HOW you will search for your articles. This helps you and others to see how you got your evidence and how you made sure you got the best evidence to help you decide on your clinical action.
Using the PICO terms in your table, enter each term in arrow (group them to get her under the PICO categories).The next step is to combine similar terms using OR so that you have all the papers on the same topic together.The final step is to find papers which only talk about both the population AND the intervention. To do this you use AND in The database.
Key terms

  1. Elderly people AND nosocomial infection
  2. Elderly people AND hand hygiene
  3. Geriatrics AND infection prevention
  4. Elderly people AND use of non-sterile gloves
  5. Geriatrics AND non-contaminated hands
  6. Elderly people AND infection control
  7. Elderly people AND risk of infection
  8. Hand hygiene AND less infection
  9. Elderly people OR hand hygiene OR infection
  10. Elderly people OR increased risk of infection
  11. Elderly people OR infection prevention
  12. Elderly people OR nosocomial infection
  13. Elderly people OR hand hygiene
  14. Elderly people OR hand OR less infection
  15. Elderly people OR contaminated hands OR increased infection
  16. Elderly people OR infection control



combine alternate terms for the same topic to get as many potential papers as possible AND combine the groups of topics to get papers which cover ALL the terms

8. The final step is to paste in a picture (screenshot/screen grab) of the search that you did in the database. The picture has to be readable In providing this you show your marker that you are able to take your strategy and apply this into a database system. You also show us that you understand the systematic approach to searching and your understanding of how to use OR and AND as tools to draw together the articles you are interested in. You can use limits, but you would only do this if you wanted to refine your search because you had too many papers to search through.


International council of nursing. (2019). Nursing policy. Retrieved from https//www.icn.ch/nursing-policyYahav, D., Eliakim-Raz, N., Leibovici, L., amp Paul, M. (2016). Bloodstream infections in older patients.Virulence,7(3), 341-352.

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