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Organisational Behaviour and People Management

Introduction to Organisational Behaviour and People Management

Park is an Electronics and Structural design corporation that handles the contracts of the Department of Defence. After so many ups and downs, Park manages to get Blue Spider Project. This project can improve the structural capabilities of the Spartan missile, a short missile that is used by the Army. The biggest challenge in fulfilling the specifications of the customer is choosing the right material that can withstand at a very fluctuating temperature. The overall experiment is done under the skilled project management team for better production. This project needs numerous management skills to complete.

Leadership Style

Incredible leadership is a differentiator for a Project Manager (PM) to move from normal to predominant project execution. Extraordinary leaders move their employees, light their interests, and motivate the best in them. This aptitude incorporates the capacity to move to start with one initiative style then onto the next relying upon the circumstance (Raziq et al. 2016). The style of leadership that a project manager uses, decides how customers get the work done and can either help or frustrate their capacity to perform. There are different types of leadership style in PM that is being differentiated in the following table:








Leader’s Module

Demands Immediate Compliance

Encourage the team towards a vision

Build up an emotional bond with the team

Create strong Agreement through participation

Sets high standards for everyone

Develop the team for the future project

Emotional Intelligence


Initiative, Achievements, self-control

Empathy, change catalyst, Self-confidence

Building relationships, Communication, Empathy

Collaboration, Team leadership, Communication

Drive to achieve, Initiative

Development, Empathy, Self-awareness

Style works best

In a recession or problem with employees

When changes require a new vision or a clear direction is needed

To motivate people in stressful circumstances

To get valuable input from employees

To get high input quickly from team

To improve performance or long term development

Overall Impact







According to the case study, Anderson switches between the two leadership styles that are Pacesetting and Authoritative respectively. Firstly, he set high-performance standards (Pacesetting Leadership) for their employees to achieve the goal with less supervision as he engages in the administrative paperwork but after getting negative results repetitively he switches to authoritative style so he shares the vision with the team, and provides the team to give their facts in the choices. He motivates the group members and to get a greater value (Pretorius et al. 2017).

Tools and Techniques to Influence the Blue Spider Project Team

Gary and Gable divided the projects into parts that are based on the work breakdown structure. They have to do iterative tests regarding the material specification that is required according to the proposal. To meet the specifications following techniques might be used:

Agile: The Agile methodology is fundamentally pounding the huge undertaking project into shorter runs that help in an elaborate examination of the entire procedure during the improvement stage. These exercises bring about a strong consistent improvement during the formative stage, and the groups become increasingly sorted out and coordinated effort slanted to deliver the most ideal outcomes (Vernyuy. 2019).

RUP: Rational Unified Process (RUP) is an astounding technique that was exceptionally intended for the product advertises where the product improvement groups and the projects they take a shot at, can profit by this structure and accomplish the most ideal outcomes. RUP endorses actualizing a successive or iterative formative procedure like the Waterfall strategy, however, with a slight change as the input which is gathered for the improvement of the task in every single future emphasis and adjustments, is taken from the immediate item customers.


Organizing Workflow and Planning 

The most notable part of the Blue Spider Project is the strict commencement of fastening in the arranging steps which are essentially the center of the whole procedure. This improvement characterizes a task that will be completed by different groups or teams and by what way will it come to accomplishment with the goal that the ideal property can be assured and accomplished succeeding on. (Navimipour and Charband. 2016).


A project manager should communicate about the entirety of the procedures and techniques in the undertaking as well as about the different fields of the market, test procedures, and results. This is the main reason for not meeting the specifications as there is always a communication gap between the Anderson and the other team managers. They would not let to know about the failure of the test matrices and the new materials.

Schedule and Time Management

There is a tight budget to fulfill Gable's baby project so their necessity is cautious in several projects where they spend the revenue. This is a direct result of the limited assets and time, that the design has from the origin and also Anderson ought not to spend vital cost on groups and materials that probably won't be convenient when he is imagining the work to be finished.

Tools and Techniques for managing communication

Week by week Status Reports 

Formally constituted accord is a decent approach to intermittently think regarding the outline and report progress. Gary commenced a weekly state report that is communicated to all connected with the assignment to pass on the Lord's costumer’s understanding of project advancement and to introduce what they feel in a regular, documented way. This report should include numerous stakeholders and customers. That can be included emails, Agile frameworks, Extreme project management (XPM)

A Document Repository 

Status reports, prerequisites records, structure curios, and other project documentation require a flaw that is effortlessly examined by all people from the association. Various devices that Anderson and team use should be incorporated by Basecamp, DropBox, and Confluence (Marson. 2015). 

Iteration Planning Meetings

Lord Ltd. disappoints with the results and the way of hiding the results. The client likes to know what will be discussed and when they need time to scrutinize the data. So the constant idea of these meetings permits the customer to introduce data verbally and ask and answer inquiries rapidly. It additionally allows them to become acquainted with each other better.

Power to Motivate the Team Members

Expert power is used by Anderson to show others how the project should be done. This is described by the capacity to regulate data, information, or aptitude to other team managers. A typical issue with many project directors face is when the group considers them as not recognizing what is associated with accomplishing the undertaking work', and consequently don't oppose their choices (Shenoy. 2013). For example, Anderson has been an engineer in the R&D department and moved his way up to being PM, and he takes up some division of a basic module of the test and codes it impeccably. His group admires him by understanding that he recognizes the essence to convey something productive. They are currently progressively inclined to hear him out and acknowledge his choices since Anderson has validity in their opinion. Anderson never uses references, punishments, or rewards to make his teamwork.

Methods for Developing Self-Managed Teams for Agile Projects

In Blue Spider Project a self-managed team can be defined as few individuals who seek after and accomplish a typical goal while every department is contributing integral abilities. Software advancement depends profoundly on group performance (Annosi el al. 2017). The fundamental idea of undertaking groups in agile programming advancement lies in the strengthening of the group. All the team members are included in the discussion and give their suggestions.

Team Leadership

Management capacities like the decision of work strategies, and establishment control and checking cases are controlled by the Anderson and every department has its schedule of work. Anderson and team members are additionally setting up their spending plans, what's more, stock management. Individuals handle their activity obligations, yet additionally, settle on production-related choices, take activity to tackle issues, and offer initiative duties.

Organizational Concept

To assemble multiple self-organizing groups the hierarchical formation should concentrate on formalization, socialization, developing, and decentralization whereas the administration techniques should seek after communication, shared features, and trust.

At its core, the agile project management is about –

  • The requirement for a drastically shorter period among arranging and execution.
  • That arranging an activity doesn't give all the delicacies of its usage.
  • That innovativeness and learning are important to understand the project.


Minimum basic determination

This rule has two viewpoints; the first is that no more ought to be determined than is significant; the second requires that the group distinguish what is basic to by and large achievement.

Self-governing groups

This standard depends on the reason that self-ruling, or self-managing, groups are essential for the accomplishment of creative programming experiments. Such groups offer likely favorable circumstances over generally managed groups since they bring the dynamic position to the degree of operational issues and vulnerabilities and in this way speed up and precision of critical thinking (Annosi el al. 2017).


This standard is worried about the cover in people's information and abilities to make normal references for individuals' making of new information; as the degree of repetition increments inside the group, people will think that it’s simpler to share new information and the task will have the option to facilitate its work all the more successfully.

Criticism and learning

The attention on test execution instead of on forthcoming arranging in agile undertakings prompts an intertwinement of learning and work, and issue particular and arrangement.


To meet specifications for expertise in project management and operations engineering and synthesis engineering, Park Corporation will thus be charged either to recruit extremely skilled employees from R&D or to employ staff that have less knowledge than it strength desire. The board heard confirmation that the company has taken both of certain strategies.

The board believes that highly skilled workers in these sections are key to the flourishing conduct of designs (Lenfle et al. 2018). There are few short term challenges in the Blue Spider Project:

  • Competing for accessible expertise
  • Supporting the current workforce until new talent is selected and instructed
  • Practice and carrying operators and skillsets to continue Park priorities
  • Approaching the mismatch within the skills demanded R&D and processes
  • Completion of the project in the given budget

Contributing variables related to effective project

  • Thorough manages the necessities
  • Precise interface control/smoothed out sheets and provisions
  • Accurate system building reports
  • Experienced and skilled team members
  • Iterative testing
  • Frameworks level methodology all through the project process
  • Precise risk management

Conclusion on Organisational Behaviour and People Management

To start a project, a company or the higher authority persons should consider the ethical values to find a project. The partial failure of the project is due to the noncooperative behavior and attempt to hide the things that make things complicated for a project manager in completing the task.

References for Organisational Behaviour and People Management

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Annosi, M. C., Foss, N., Brunetta, F., & Magnusson, M. (2017). The interaction of control systems and stakeholder networks in shaping the identities of self-managed teams. Organization Studies38(5), 619-645.

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