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Case study Solution 1

Case study solution 2

Case study solution 3

Case study solution 4

Case study solution 5

Case study solution 6


Project Management - Case study Solution 1

Scope creep relates to additional features and function addition in the requirements. This includes the work not authorized or beyond the agreed scope. If the expansion of scope is permissible than it is not considered as a social creep. The scope creeps create disengages the worker with changes within the stipulated work and budget constraints (Harned, 2017). In the given case study the unmanaged contact between the contractors at NMN and initial requirement set up loosely encouraged clients for change in scope on gathering further information. The project team may try to improvise the service requirements with demands not realized at the time of project initiation this is related to basic causes identified by uncertainty about technology and the output based on the project. The delay in delivery and generator is due to non-specification in contract terms. Secondly, the knowledge base development of the team leads to changes that are social creeps. Lastly, the modification of product carried is concerned with output, the outrage contract with NLP for Green meadows highlight scope creep. The client improvisation on the project by the subcontractor on their terms on contingencies that arose due to lack of common interface created BWNS information system

Project Management - Case study Solution 2

Scope changes one of the basic causes of project changes–Technological causes, it is one of the common that changes in project. The contingency can be avoided due to contract terms specifically if based on the information system (Elgoibar, 2016). The uses of technology in as cheaper and recent innovation will result in changes in the Project team. The use of new software applied requires system configuration. Technological forecasting increases the budget for scheduling and input costs. The BWNS information non-configuration related hindrance with project work at the meeting. The scope changes common in different software and interface applications as the modification of rules apply to the outputs and affecting the progress due to uncertainty of technology just like in Jacqueline s case not the single incident but frequent encounters

Project Management - Case study Solution 3

The GO/No-Go Control takes specific that specific pre-condition has been met. Cost overruns may be shared with the client. The sharing of cost overrun by the client in contract, this is entirely dependent on the consensus of the contract. The GO/NO GO Control are key decision points into the lifecycle for phase and tranches as a review for project delivery by the controller (Meredith, 2017). The project sponsor with the information available can determine the work if not justifiable.

Quality gate tracking


Business control measures

Quality gate numbers(depend on task timeline)


Product program guidelines


% change in the achievements


Team assigned


Figure-1-Phase gate

The continuous review by the team will at frequent intervals help in approaching the problem areas through phase-gates. The phase gated process controls the project through its lifecycle to ensure a smooth course of work in the firm. The new product and development can be incorporated through it. The gates planned are determined on funding and budgeting performance-based (Smyrk, 2019). The reporting progress through the gate process in its phase is useful for the firm’s project. The information requirements for an extension of standard reports ensure actionable by management for decision making. The same can be implemented by Jacqueline s team by allowing quality gate for phase on performance control of the overall project

Project Management - Case study Solution 4

The project should implement a reporting system. The information needs should be detailed for lower-level personnel for individual task performance and senior management for overview for progress on the project. In Jacqueline’s case, the project manager’savailability was not communicated beforehand to her. The problems associated with the project are not brought to Jacqueline for her perusal. It is necessary to communicate information at all levels

Three common reporting problems are

Firstly, the design of the report includes details that are covered too much that it hides essential inputs from workers. The unnecessary details led to important points being missed. As a contractual team member, the information required for discussion with the client is difficult to find. The cost appropriation of reports with the inclusion of material that may not be relevant is a concern too. Any carelessness is owing due to validity of report with high input of data.

The second major problem is associated with the project information system and the firm’s information system. The poor interface between the two results in data comparability. Jacqueline has observed that the BNWS system didn’t work in collaboration with the project team system (Meredith, 2017). The base creation of the project information system should use the parent firm’s multifunction process as engineering, finance, personnel. Different reports should be constructed using standard data for managing the project. A customized project database is for customized needs for a large number of products. The overall organization has to design system for data protection from distortion from one system to another for configuration

Planning and monitoring concerns are the third problems. Monitoring system s failure of not capturing information through the project plan creates a control barrier (Meredith, 2017). The research department software used for contractual information and budget overrun will be inappropriate for use in this project. The PM has to execute a problem for the standard reporting system. The action results for performance and time and cost variables should be reported through the monitoring system. The variance report should be shared with inputs separately for departments

Project Management - Case study Solution 5

Conflicts between parties are due to different objectives by the functional team. Identification of problems and addressing them early is a great plan by Jacqueline. The critical ratio estimates the project's progress by comparing actual progress and scheduled progress (Accenture digital, 2015).This may not measure the actual scenario if measures other than coat are not up to mark. Working with external parties and groups may arise conflict among all due to different goals and expectations. The authority and decision making may lead to uncertainty and conflicts for judgmental errors on cost allocation. The allocation of work by PM shall be divided into objectives and requirements as per estimates

Jacqueline's team can independently work with a budget and improvise changes in the line command to PM for output delivery to clients so that they can assist in avoiding conflict. The prior briefing which was not scheduled by PM in the case of his non-availability led to no knowledge by Jacqueline’s team. The relative importance of the task should be developed and optimized for requirements of schedule on the contingency language for preventing any delay in a project with contract terms and timely communication. The contingency clause in the contract protects client interest which is put in thought by Jacqueline for avoiding any conflict afterward by pre-determine the contractual requirements. Potential problems can be solved through a critical ratio. The scheduling of tasks by comparison through behind schedule and on time will evaluate the task progress.

The factors like budget overrun and cost higher than schedule budget provide input so that tasks are given importance for timely completion. The control limits can be altered by the project manager for different activities. The critical ratio can use the earned values for progress in monetary units with the actual progress (Zein, 2016). The use of scheduled progress and the actual cost is used for the earned value that can prevent misleading results. The critical ratio is effective in actual cost and earned value for calculation for planned value in the difference in calculating the budget cost (Vanhoucke, 2018). The project shows progress in which Jacqueline couldn’t incorporate the scheduled changes. The two parts of the ratio actual to scheduled and budgeted to actual shows points of difference if any for a project manager to evaluate for changes to be incorporated. Ratio less than 1 indicates ‘poor’ whereas actual to scheduled progress is ‘good’ (Kerzner, 2015).

This figure shows point of difference as Inform to immediate action on definitive number to move ahead in action for actual progress variance observed if any.

Critical ratio can be calculated through -Actual progress /Scheduled progress* Budgeted cost/Actual cost =Critical Ratio

  • Change control system

The change control system is accomplished for formal change by coordinating changes in the development cycle. The configuration of the management system helps is in integrating the configuration management system (Binder 2016).

Effective change for control procedure

  • This includes review for procedural request changes and cost and schedule for all task identified. Communication to all parties concerned and preparation of summarized reports monthly
  • The contract should be descriptive about change in the projects requests will be processed in the project budget, schedules, and deliverables.
  • The changes will be applicable through change order for agreed-upon terms for change in budget, schedule 
  • Risk identification and analysis for approval by management through the master plan

The system adaptation is for different lifecycle projects and requirements. The formal process will reduce misunderstanding and communications (Meredith, 2017)

Project Management - Case study Solution 6

Jacqueline can use controlling creative activities for project control to improvise efficiency. The fallout and assistance can affect project performance

Below are the steps that can be implemented through the Project Manager-

  • Process Review- The process review focus on process rather than outcome. The adherence to the budget schedule is the controllable with some certainty than the final outcome (Fangel, 2015). The process review enable control at milestone. The review enables change in research design
  • Personnel reassignment – This control related to reassignment creates individual groups on the basis of productivity. Distinctions on the basis of performance creates motivation and productivity assessment
  • Input resources- These input resources filters the efficiency in the project for creative control and alternative changes to prevent contingency for primary concern for risk management

Information flow for Jacqueline is for communication and reporting issues. The project control can be effectively added through the same

  • The information through processing e-mail and action plans, charts will provide technical aid in the management of the project (Nalewalk, 2015)
  • The understanding of the project goals through parallel activities created coordination through group and individual projects with Jacqueline’ s team and individual task allocation for any early warning signals and delay
  • The common changes through shift inclined project team members can be accommodated by project initiation and progress through monitoring and progress check on plan blueprint for clauses as determined earlier for Jacqueline to remotely work without PM s availability on the location at client meetings.
  • Total quality management and employee engagement will help in assessing of risk by accepting and evaluation changes through regularized responsibility mange project scope to prevent inevitable delay and budget overhead regularized by stakeholder consultation meeting in initial discussion (Meredith, 2017).
  • Technological help through project bugs for modifications plans for configuration without any trade off by project manager in formal change in control by Jacqueline in directing her query and negotiating dialog in contract to avoid any delay.

Reference for Project Management

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