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Project Proposal


Table of Contents

Project requirement
Information required to meet requirements
List of information sources
Questions for follow-up from clients
Audit of personal skills
Improvement plan





In this paper, it is discussed about the project requirement of Entanglements Metal Art Studio, clients' needs, and list of information required from the client with the sources of information. The paper also provides a list of an audit of professional skills which includes the evaluation of skills and knowledge that contributes towards the success of the project.





Project requirement

The company is currently operating in Australia only, but the company wants to expand its business by opening a second brand in another state so that the full range of customers can be reached which allows increasing the overall profitability of the company. The project proposal is regarding the opening of another showroom. It is a crucial decision of the company as it requires an investment of considerable funds to establish a new showroom in another state. The current project needed to open the second showroom in Australia that allows capturing a new market. Entanglements Metal Art Studio has a team of consultants who provide metal artwork designs to the industry, government, corporate fencing, private sector, and subcontracting, as well as home renovators. The company offers a diverse range of products such as light metal boxes, decorative partitions, fire pipelines, feature metal sculpture, gates, free industrial material, metal pergolas, one-off, custom bespoke designs, and many other creative items of metal. They are currently serving in Ormond 3204, which creates a problem to attract the customer on-line to purchase the products and services. It is essential to provide the first-hand experience to the customers so that the customer can buy it after realizing the quality provided by the company.





Information required to meet requirements

the company wants to open a second showroom to increase its physical presence as the company has only one showroom located in Ormond 3204. It is difficult for the company to attract new customers from different states as the customer cant do purchase the heavy products without looking at the product first hand. Now the company needs to start from the initial point of market research till selecting the location in order to increase its market presence successfully (Wunderlich et al., 2015).
The following is the information required to open a new showroom.
The company needs to allocate the budget, resources, and viability of the project which helps in checking the success of the project.
Once the project viability is approved after that, it needs to find the project scope and objectives (Patten et al., 2017).
Once it is decided to open the second showroom in another state, then the company needs to conduct market research on two or more states such as Newcastle, New South Wales in the same industry (Horikiri et al., 2016).
After selecting the state on the basis of trends and opportunities in the market, then the company needs to choose the market of the same industry where a large number of the audience can be reached.
The company needs to take the rented place on the selected then it needs to be renovated initially.
Once the showroom location is taken, then the equipment needs to be purchased.
Operations need to be managed by hiring additional staff and get them trained to provide high-quality services to the targeted audience.
Operations also include management of interstate suppliers, insurance, development of policies by considering the state laws and regulations (Boury-Brisset et al., 2018).
The company needs to starts promoting its new showroom in order to increase the popularity of the products and services in the market.





List of information sources

Following are the sources of information required to open the showroom in the new market
Market research report of the state shows to identify the opportunities and trends in the market.
The industry analysis report of all the states in Australia.
Suppliers in a particular state
Laws and regulations of the specific rule which allows checking the regulations of the operation of the company.
Type of labor and resources available in the market.
The competitor's analysis report of the particular state
Stakeholder analysis
Buyers taste and preference analysis
Cost analysis reports





Questions for follow-up from clients

What is the expected budget to open a new showroom
What type of customers you will target
What is the business goals and objective





Audit of personal skills

the audit is an excellent way in order to identify the strength and needs to develop in a healthy atmosphere. It is used to create the career track of the people. It helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of an individual (Cottrell et al., 2015).
I have decided on my role as a manager in the consulting team for this project. I divided 5-6 sections to analyze the personal skills to enhance and determine the strength as well as areas of improvement. It is required to contribute to the completion of the project. The sections include information seeking skills, ability, and willingness to learn new things, general business skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and managerial skills (Cottrell et al., 2015). Under the sections, questions are developed against which an individual needs to respond. The different response is recorded which shows the importance of particular skills required to contribute towards the success of the project.
There are four categories to present the exact idea of the personal skills audit
Leaning and organization
I am a quick learner and able to manage the deadline. I have the skills to develop tasks with continuous learning to complete the work on time. For example, the project requires conducting the initial analysis and develops a blueprint of the overall plan, which helps to achieve the goals and objectives by establishing the second showroom within a specific period. My learning skills help to contribute towards the establishment of the new showroom at the best location which will help to increase its presence and provide high customer reachability. The learning skills help to learn new technologies that allow giving a competitive advantage to the project.
Communication skills
I have the ability to communicate my opinion and able to listen as well. It is one of the essential skills to become a manager. I have enough confidence to deliver the vision of a project to the team members which will help to achieve the plan within a specific period of time successfully.
Management and leadership skills
I have practiced leadership in team assignments and also done team management in completing project works. So, I can manage the project successfully by leading a group of people who will work collaborate to achieve the goal and objective of the project.
Stress management
There are various situations where I have managed the stress level, and sometimes I try to cope up with the stress, but I am failed to do so. It is one of the areas of improvement where I have to improve as a project manager in the consulting team. I am a little worried about everything which turns into stress, but I am working on coming up with the pressure to manage the work effectively.
Time management
I am having time management skills but sometimes whatever completion time I have taken to complete the work fall short due to uncertainties, so I need to work upon this.





Improvement plan

I need to start working on time management and stress management to manage the project in an effective manner which will contribute towards the successful opening of the second showroom in another state. Following steps helps to improve the skill of time management
Development of calendar I will develop the timing of the project which allows completing the overall project on time.
Consideration of uncertainties I will consider all the possible events in order to complete the project on time.
Distribution of work into milestones The work will be distributed in each part which helps to complete everything and cover all the aspects of the project.






From the above analysis, it can be concluded that the company Entanglements Metal Art Studio needs to develop its new market where the opportunity and trends are high. The company requires to analyze to check the viability of the project which helps to grow its business successfully. It is essential to check the resource availability, competitor analysis, state laws and regulations, cost analysis, and other aspects critical to establish the second project successfully in the new market. The sources of information include industry analysis report, state performance report, market research report, trend, and opportunities of the state that needs to be analyzed to determine the area of operating. It also includes supplier analysis, customer analysis, stakeholder analysis, and other relevant sources to collect the primary and secondary information to conduct the research which helps to check the viability of the project. In a personal development audit, it is founded that the lack of time management skills needs to be improved so that the role of a project manager can be successfully done for contributing towards the achievement of project objectives within a specific period.






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