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Work transition

Strategies for solution

Due diligence plays an essential role: The clients and human resources professionals agree that the first key lesson is to tackle transition by means of a tactical expertise strategy that involves proper due diligence, especially how to prepare, coordinate and represent the many competitive divisions of their organizations (Kester & Philips, 2016). The skill and business development, as well as the ability to reengage and boost productivity, are just so much at stake. ABC communication is at risk by the immediate need for action without a strategic approach. Leadership teams at ABC communications should understand the importance of standing with workers during an evolving time,

Establishment of effective communications methods: Communication is essential, it provides employees with clear reasoning as to why the change occurs, its influence and what the aims are (Solaja et al., 2016). This can be useful to avoid a decrease in moral, commitment and productivity, which are often followed post a restructuring. The business case recently responded to shifts in market demand; however, any change requires a clear exposure and an easy to understand business case for reduction.

Supporting the employees for career transition is necessary: Reduction of strength, however large or small, is a traumatic event, and if not handled carefully it may damage performance and company culture (Fasbender et al., 2015). The staff at work are not only affected, but the staff that remains also feel the change. Of course ends are emotional and hard for everyone involved. If these types of activities are not managed properly, panic, depression, pressure and loss of those who remain will result. To achieve business goals, managing this kind of change effectively is essential. Good companies understand the fact that the other staff closely monitor how the company treats its friends and former colleagues and draw conclusions about how the company views individuals. Former staff are likely to stay within the company and many may work with investors, customers or even competitors. A tarnished brand of an employer creates many challenges. 

When the remaining employers are aware that a trustworthy career transition advisor is offered to their impacted workers who provides professional support, relevant leads of jobs, a validated approach, and access to the tools and training instruments required for successful transition, this would help in undermining the process, increase the morality and trust and also provides a level of security that the organization is prepared to invest in ensuring the rapid discovery of new jobs among employees for whom the jobs have been eliminated. 

Organisations must meet the talent demands: 

To do more with less employees, ABC communications needs to have the right talent in the right roles. It will look at their human capital even closely as to the skills that each person provides and the roles that are most crucial to the future of the organization. Organizations must determine that they have a highly qualified worker in accordance with their current and future business needs, to optimize productivity and performance. A careful assessment of the capabilities the organization needs to achieve its restructuring target and secure its future must guide decisions made during the reduction of forces.

Management of brand of employer: Employer brand in the attraction of and retention of skills is more important than ever (Sengupta et al., 2015). In a large-scale downturn or transformation, views of companies are impacted. when Uncontrolled, the company is at the risk of losing high-performance workers that affect the ability of the company to implement the business strategy. When failed, misperceptions make it difficult for the organization to recruit necessary talent. In the minds of the affected workers, remaining employees, the public, shareholders, consumers and the potential talent pool, companies that have handled their assets in the midst of downsizing and transformation have a better chance of preserving their reputation.


  1. Managers will follow a tactical action plan to predict challenges in anticipation of the downsizing process. as much as possible. This is perhaps the most important step in the process. Downsizing includes not only staff who lose their jobs, but the other staff, customers, the Community, investors and potentially the media.

  2. It is necessary to have a communication strategy. Communicating the business case and approaching all related audiences speeds up adoption and reengagement. Organizations must be able to produce transformation strategies for their workers.

Barriers to implementation

Without change adaptation only a few companies can survive. While transition may be difficult to manage, your job as a leader is to train your workers for these inevitable changes. This can range from minor restructuring of employees to merger or acquisition of another company. 

Absence a proper planning approach

Changes in a company is likely to fall apart or create many more complications than gains without step-by-step preparation. For example, when transitioning to a unique content management system, one needs to know whether the new system is compatible with the old system (O’Donnell et al., 2017). You will also need the necessary information about how these changes will happen. One must also know how to transfer the old information to the new system and whether there is limited access during the transition. And you must nominate individuals responsible for the transition to perform all activities. Another key component is the schedule for the change.

Absence of morale for employees

In many situations, workers don't like change unless they press for or pressure it, so buy-in is a major obstacle for transitions. Let's assume, for example, that you are transforming the system of a company from a flat one, where all workers are empowered to give input and conclude decisions to a top-down framework, which holds both authority and decisions (Marvell et al., 2017). One should predict the moral behaviour of your workers to take a big step because your personnel realize how they lose power to determine how the things actually work.

Lack of training in adopting the new technology: Technology has become the foundation of innovation and development for many businesses, but it does have its obstacles (Soja, 2015). One struggle is to integrate new technology on your existing systems to avoid major logistical problems. The additional challenge is to educate the staff on how the new technology should be used. By introducing a new workplace program, the workers are the end user.


If businesses intend to expand after a hard economic recession, they must quickly adapt to the ‘new normal’ which requires greater creativity, resilience and versatility. The new business paradigm for many companies today is shifting the direction and strategy and continues to evolve. Organizations have a new perspective on their talent management strategy in order to cope with the effects of an ever changing business climate. Many companies continue to be cautious and much is directly implicated. Concentrating on the use of resources for product satisfaction, system improvement and cost control are essential for survival. The current transformation is the ‘new normal,’ with changing needs and businesses adjusting to the changing requirements of customers. A strategic project that integrates the various participants involved will deter the degradation of the company identity and protect the capacity to hire, develop and maintain top talent. It is thus important for the future of an enterprise to use best practice in its execution of the transformation process before, during and after a major transition.


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