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Nursing Management - Question 1

There are several positive attributes that nursing students should practice while they are learning how to take proper care of the patients' in a hospital. All of these positive attributes will help them to become successful professional nurses in their future life. Some of these positive attributes are:

  • Empathy: Empathy is the ability of a person that makes them feel another person's condition from their point of view. For a nurse, this ability of empathy entirely depends upon the conditions of the patients, they are giving care in a hospital.
  • Stability of emotion: A professional nurse should be mentally stable in the hospital in any condition. The stability of the emotion of the nurse makes her dependable to the patients.
  • Skills of Communication: A good skill regarding the ability of communication is a very essential positive attribute of a professional nurse. This is because they should collect all the data from the patient and other sources regarding the onset and the previous case history of the patient.
  • Desire to learn: When nursing students become graduate from a vocational school, they still are inexperienced and do not know everything how to handle critical patients. So, they need to learn in their nursing career.
  • Organizational skills: Organizational skills are the most important quality for a professional nurse. This skill is the management quality of the nurse. This quality of good nurse includes the ability to delegate and prioritize, neatness, and expertise regarding the management of the time in the hospital.

A nursing student faces different situations when they go to a hospital for their training and their internship as well. There are several areas regarding the nursing practice, where a nursing student should be concerned about. these areas are:

  • Ineffective communication with the patient, or with other members of the total medical unite of the hospital.
  • Improper treatment procedure that must be harmful to the patient in the hospital.
  • Inadequate readiness of the nurse in the hospital.

Nursing Management - Question 2

A registered nurse is a professional nurse who is giving real-life care to patients in a hospital. They should have some positive attributes they have learned in the vocational school, as a nursing student. These skills are essential for taking good care of the safety of the patients.

  • A professional registered nurse should feel what a helpless patient wants so say, but unable to express that, or what they need but they can not say due to inability. A nurse should be dedicated to all the factors regarding the patient.
  • As a human being, a nurse may be affected by different emotional changes such as sadness, joy, surprise, frustration, and so on. But they should control their facial expression while they are interacting with patients in the hospital.

The registered nurses should be educated in some crucial areas while they are starting their profession in a hospital.

  • They must learn to be empathetic to the patient.
  • They must be needed to be educated with the proper treatment and medication for the patients.

Nursing Management - Question 3

In this video, several mistakes and omissions of the nurse have been noticed. These are:

  1. The nurse is not much active.
  2. She was not eager to learn.
  3. She was not properly empathetic to the patient.
  4. Her emotional state was not stable.

Nursing Management - Question 4

Looking at the images of Iona’s hair it felt a little sympathetic and sad towards the fate of Iona. Iona is a person who loved her hair a lot and losing her hair was an addition to the trauma that she suffered due to the horrible accident. The hair was something she loved and something that she prided herself on.

The reason the nurses could not take care of her hair is that in the profession of nursing, there were more pressing issues to address and the priorities of the nurses at the time lay elsewhere. The action taken by the nurses at the moment cannot be termed as a breach of ethical conduct because they were performing their duties and this particular responsibility to look after her hair was not a pressing matter for them.

Nursing Management - Question 5

This was one of the most disturbing and nonsensical acts committed by the nurse in charge. By reprimanding Iona, the nurse was trying to hide the fact that she was incompetent at her job. The state of mind and physicality that Iona was in, it was impossible for her to make her move towards the toilet. At such a physical and mental state, it was the duty of the nurses to make sure that extra care was provided for the patient. Starting from her surgery, there was a time limit to which she would not be able to perform physical acts.

Iona is a person who had suffered a horrible accident. She could not speak but could understand a lot of things. At this state of mind, she would hate the fact that she had to be carried to the toilet. These are the areas that strike the self-respect of people the most. At such a stage the reprimand of the nurse harshly reminded her of what she had become at that point and caused a lot of mental pain.

Instead of performing the act of reprimanding Iona, it was the duty of the nurse to make sure that they are regular at taking care of Iona when she was at such a stage. If they miss their timely work, a lot of things could potentially go wrong.

Nursing Management - Question 6

Iona’s mother is also a registered nurse who had to see her daughter suffer such an unfortunate fate. She had seen other people suffer in her profession. But when it was the time of her daughter, the pain would be more as it would remind her of the people that she had treated.

The support that the families need at these times is being welcome in the treatment of their family member who has had to go through a horrible fate. It would make the other family members relate more to the unfortunate fate. It would make them prepared better for the incidents.

For the patients who do not have any family, such times can be painful. The nurses would have to take extra care of such patients in this case and make sure that the mental health issues and the trauma issues of the patient do not affect them severely.

Nursing Management - Question 7

The concern regarding the student in this video is that she does not have a wholesome idea about the medical situation of the patient and does not seem to be confident regarding the execution of her work. In the end, it was revealed that she was not even right regarding the chart which shows her lack of confidence and attention.

Script – 5 Step Advocacy

Nurse – Doctor, our patient has a little concern about his development within the recovery. He keeps asking for the pills and medications and their effects from time to time.

Doctor – Well, that is your job to resolve with the patient and to make him understand the situation he is facing.

Nurse - Yes doctor, I am not shying away from my responsibilities. However, the current condition of the patient suggests that the medication is not having the effects that it is supposed to.

Doctor – You know that the medication does not work in the way it is expected to right? Not always?

Nurse – Yes, I know. But I think there are some other therapies regarding the patient that we have to address. Like music therapy and others that can ensure that with time, the patient becomes better and will have more positivity.

Doctor – I am not the person to suggest these therapies. But as a nurse, you are the one who would need to take the initiative.

Nurse – So should I arrange for the therapies from now onwards and make an exclusive plan for our patient so that we can see some progress in the coming days?

Nursing Management - Question 8

The thought and concern regarding the registered nurse in this video are that she is an able person. However, her communication skills concerning the junior nurse are not able nor good enough to carry out the job. The mistake that the junior nurse made was under her supervision and she was not able to make her realize that. Instead of reprimanding her, she said that it is not a major mistake. However, it could have been one easily under the circumstances.

Script – 5 Step Advocacy

Nurse – The charts for the patients have informed analysis about the patient’s situation. But we need to address some other issues urgently.

Doctor – What are the issues that you are talking about here?

Nurse – The patient also needs to feel well along with good health. He likes pet animals. I want the patient to spend extra time with pets in the garden and your permission to do so.

Doctor – Do you think such an initiative will help in the situation that is concerned here?

Nurse – Yes, I am positive. The patient himself is a pet lover and the opportunity to hang out with his pet would make his life and times much better.

Doctor – You have to take the responsibilities regarding the situation then.

Nurse – Yes, I am planning to arrange a walk in the park with one of our dogs in the evening in our adjacent park with guidance. Is that okay with you?

Doctor – Sure.

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