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Reflective Learning Report Assessment 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Major themes amp Issue

3. Employers Perspective

4. Employees Perspective

5. An implication of the issue for the organization

6. Resolving the organizational issue

7. References 

Executive Summary

This reflective report provides understanding about employment relation. The report provides an overview of the employment relation and discusses the major issues which arise in the organization. The objective of the study is to analyze the employment relation and its issue among employers and employees. It also provides an understanding of the employers and employees perspective to know better about the organization requirement. The report has also involved the implication of the issue for the organization. At the last part of the report, suggestion has been given to the organization as an employment relation specialist. The theoretical model of employment relation provides the broader concept of employee relation in the organization.

Introduction - I observed that in the present scenario, it is essential to maintain the employment relation in the organization because it enhances the organization performance and productivity. An employee relation denotes the organizations efforts to maintain the associations between employers and employees. The company with an excellent employee relation program gives fair and reliable treatment to employees so they are devoted to their job and trustworthy to the organization. I observed that employee relation target to resolve the problems which arise at the workplace (Eldor and Vigoda-Gadot 2017). I realized that employee relation programs are the part of human resources strategy which effectively uses the manpower to achieve the organizations goal.

Major themes amp Issue - During the learning process, I have observed the various major issues of employee relation in Australias organization. Employee relation issues are affecting the future of the organization. Major issues of employee relation which I have observed are as follow
Dealing with disputes The workplace is handling the disputes and grievances of the employees which generally escalated to the senior level. The escalation of dispute happens when the employee may be at the different work location on in the organization they are not clear with the organizational hierarchy. If the grievances and disputes remain unresolved in the organization so the issues will become fixed (McDonald and Thompson 2016.).The Fair Work Commission may play a major role to resolve the disputes.

Workplace change Constantly applying the changes in the workforce is affecting work productivity. The workplace required clear and demanding communication and engagement strategies. Consulting with the employees about the workplace positively impact on the workforce arrangement.

Hour and wages issues - The major and common dispute which I have observed about working hour and wages issue among the employee. They dispute about the paychecks and working hours. So the organization can maintain the self-service timekeeping software which allows them to check in and out from their devices. It encourages maintaining their own schedules which confirm the right pay grade performance with the correct job.

Policies issue at the workplace I realized that at some workplace policies and code of conduct is not clear among the employees that lead to the dispute between the employee and employer (Nienhser and Warhurst 2018). The organization should clearly communicate about the code of conduct, privacy policy, email policies etc. The company should require open communication for feedback.

Employers Perspective - During the learning of employment relations, I observed some crucial employers perspective in the organization. Firstly, employers perceived the organization as a combined and harmonious system and see it as one happy family. Secondly, they assume that the management, staff and all employees of the company, share similar objectives, interest and purposes. Their expectation out of various stakeholders is observed as to work together, hand in hand towards the mutual target. The employers perspective demand loyalty from all the employees. The employers perspective is to maintain the staffing policies and try to join the effort, motivate and encourage the employees. I realized that an employer should design the reward system to nurture loyalty and commitment. According to the employers line managers should take possession of their staff responsibilities (Barry and You 2017). The staff management conflicts should be reduced, otherwise it will arise the lack of information and insufficient presentation of managements policies. The employer wants that personal objective of every employee in the organization should be discussed with the employer and combine it with the organizations goals. As I observed that employer disagrees with the conflict in the workplace, they just assume that the disputes occur due to the differences among the employees and faulty communication (Zhu and Nyland 2017). Employer perception is that employees disputes can be controlled within the organization than including in the trade union. I feel that modern employer give importance in maintaining the excellent industrial relation for business growth and success. For the employers, the industrial relation is about a compromise between the business owner and employees, which lead to enhance productivity. It also enhances the product and service quality for better payment and condition of engagement of employees. I learned that negotiation between the employee and employer is known as enterprise bargaining and a decrease of employee and employer conflict is the highly necessary to satisfy the objective of employer perspective.

Employees Perspective - According to my understanding, employee perception depicts the working practices to be flexible. For example the flexible working hours, interdepartmental communication and resolution of employees inquiries. The employee should be multi-skilled and prepared for the challenges with efficiency whatever tasks are assigned. If the union is acknowledged in the organization than the communication between the staff and organization should clear. The employee wants a good relationship and excellent terms and conditions of employment. The employee perception is that the organization should allow them to take a decision at the workplace and increase their participation in internal decision making processes. It supports to empower the employees role, stresses on the teamwork, creativity, innovation etc. The employee wants the skills and proficiency of the employer should support their activities. I learned that employees are linked industrial relation with the union, labour law and they established the condition in which they work. It includes the pay, employment security, security and chances for training (Guerci et al. 2015). The employer perception is they want better pay, workplace safety, job security and training. The employees want that union acknowledgment should be stimulated and representative provides the scope to bring out their descriptive duties. The perspective is that individually comprises groups which have their own targets, leadership and interests. I learned that trade unions are believed as legitimate representatives of employees and the conflict is deal by the collective bargaining and it is not viewed as the wrong thing. In fact, the collective bargaining evolves towards the positive change. The employees maintain their relationship with the employer or manager because they are a source of information to distribute their goods to their approval and it reduces the workplace disputes. And if the conflict occurs they are minimized by the collective bargaining. According to my understanding employee perspective highlighting on labour law, union and collective bargaining with the employer which is essential for job regulation (Conway et al. 2016). Majorly employee concerns about pay scale, job security and workplace safety in the organization.

An implication of the issue for the organization - Manage the workplace conflict I feel that the workplace conflict can impact on employee motivation and performance. The employer or manager of the organization should understand that every employee has a different personality and needs. The various decision of the employer generates conflicts among the employee. So, to reduce the disputes employer should listen to the employees viewpoint. They must increase the feedback process and identify the workers concerns.

Address the employees wages and working hour request As per my understanding, the organization should perform the monitoring system in the workplace. It allows them to constantly evaluate workers performance and recognize their achievements. The organization can offer perks, promotion and flexible working hours in the organization. The organization should understand and address the wages issue of employee (Henderson, Cheney and Weaver 2015). They can offer the pay grade according to their job role.

Consult with the employees I feel that an employer or manager should consult with employees before changing anything in the workplace. The employer should consider the employees perspective before taking any decision related to the organization.

Establish clear policies at the workplace I think employee relation issues are unavoidable. But one thing that an organization can do that they can clearly communicate their policies among the employees. The employee should communicate how their performance will be reviewed and what kind of behaviour is unacceptable. They can open a two-way communication and feedback process. The company should its employee equally and values their hard work performance.
Satisfactory safety in the workplace I believe that employee workplace safety is the responsibility of the organization. Encourage the security in the workplace should be a primary factor of every employer (Schepers, Nijssen and van der Heijden 2016)

The organization should consider all safety equipment is used. The HR manager should ensure that employees are not overly exhausted due to an overload of work and shift.

Resolving the organizational issue - Being an employment relation specialist I fulfil an essential role in the field of employers practices in employee relation. Firstly, I will identify and investigate the employee complaints and the problem then provide a suitable resolution. To minimize the conflict in the organization I will interact with the employees on a daily basis. The regular interaction is important because it reduces conflicts and complaint. As an employment relation specialist, I will utilize my skills, proficiency and knowledge to handle the organizational issues effectively. I will distribute the work policies through employee handbook and employee meeting. Clear policy communication will decrease the issues in the organization. Expertise in the area of policy and code of conduct is important to address workplace distress. I will participate in the new worker orientation program and also attend the manager training. Attending the training and the orientation program will establish the status with the workers as reliable and acknowledge adviser (Albrecht et al. 2015). I can provide input during the manager training which addresses the departmental concern before will accelerate to the human resources department. When I investigate the employee issue I have to maintain confidentiality to a certain extent. It develops faith and confidence in human resources with honesty and professionalism.


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