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Bonding and Bridging Social Capital in the Recovery of Severe Mental Illness

Personal Values and Beliefs

Every phase impacts on life that develops some values and beliefs. For example, schooling education has prepared me for how to be a master. At the age of sixteen, I value honour from younger personages as this is the tradition of my family and society. My mother is very hard-working; she has taught me how to work for what I wanted to achieve. The high school has motivated me to be superior to my companions and not to come down just because of the pressure of stress. As a consequence, I achieved what I am passionate about. After all, those impacts have showed me how to be strong and accomplish my purposes. This helps me earning the experience of what management means due to which I became a better guide. Usually expressing, anyone can achieve leadership abilities. However, setting experiences in life produces good managers (All Answers Ltd., 2018). I can be selfless and preferably have a devotion to the well-being of others. I never expect anyone to payback for my good wishes. This value of mine demands dignity for all human beings. All souls are equal and everyone should be provided the same treatment despite any outside circumstances. Human dignity is also one of the significant beliefs that allow me to take the responsibility to behave as someone would treat their own loved ones. Therefore everyone regards all humans as being reliable and worthy of genuine honor, despite age, affinity, strength, cultural or ethnic portions, governmental philosophies, religious association, or unlawful records (All Answers Ltd., 2018).

I adhere to the beliefs of working honestly, reasonably, and ethically while holding to my purpose of caring for the poor. Everyone should uphold everyone to the most important ideals of professionalism and moral behaviour. I will further be equitable with my associates in the profession and to those who believe in me. I need to uphold the independence of selection in my profession and personal responsibility, while not endangering my significance. I endeavour to support my partners’ best benefits and attempt to accomplish the most favourable results (Jiménez-López et al., 2016). Beneficence requires me to promote reliability for the others. Everyone has their values, and they can be completely different. Some people are competitive, while others are cooperative. Some people value adventure, while others prefer protection. Values matter because I likely to feel better while living according to my values. This applies both to my normal decisions and bigger life choices.

Professional Identity

My values such as honour, loyalty, and commitment are reliant on the moral attitude of caring for others; attract me towards the profession of healthcare. Nursing profession includes desires, beliefs, and passions that inherent in my personal values that help me on the basis of my behaviour. Professional behaviour still is working in a way to accomplish optimal results in professional responsibilities and co-operations.

My professional performance and desire from my patients as a mental health nurse is to gain support and build a connection with my patients. They get it tough to earn confidence and develop healthy connections with specialists in this domain. In accomplishing this, some required skills are needed. Skill is the capacity to achieve professional aims that requires abilities, beliefs, and experience (Bahadir-Yilmaz, 2018). These ethical skills are essential in this section of work. Improving my experience in mental nursing will permit me to be a more qualified nurse and gain a greater level of experience. As a registered mental health nurse; I constantly confronted with patients who stay off from care. They include patients with critical character and behavioral complications, aged people existing with insanity.

Sometimes there are some circumstances where my acknowledged position as a nurse is required to be set into training for reviewing the acquired knowledge. During the time of training, I must hold my experience and skills up to date. I engaged myself in exercising knowledge projects that will improve my accomplishment and skills of monitoring and using the advanced technology that would be used in nursing profession to assist the patients.

Sometimes personal values and beliefs would not match the personal identity as I recall an incident in which I found myself hard to sustain my values and beliefs in my profession. During this incident, my feelings were a jumble of uncertainty, shock, rage, and weakness. A mental health patient had confused me by the tone she had yelled at me, managing what appeared to be a framed expression. Despite my practice and experience to date had made me for such a confrontation, at least in the before-mentioned cases, where I, as a nurse was so clearly serving to help the patient. My primary irritation with patient immediately shifted towards my co-worker. My impressions of helplessness were correlated completely with my absence of clinical practice. This incident provided me a new experience to adapt every situation with ease by practicing my personal beliefs. No concern about how several deployments I do, no object how useful the mentoring I get, I continue facing conditions where I am uncertain about whereby to answer subsequent. I feel ignorant, less competent than I should be at this platform in my practice. I desire to encourage patients, assist associates, and to provide expert guidance, but there is not sufficient courage to do that. Dignity is higher than solely working the proper terms of delivery, preserving the secrecy of patients, and escorting to their revealed interests (Pickles et al., 2019).

This incident makes me realize that moral training problems such as tolerance and honour are the nurse’s fundamental responsibility to the patient. Development in the values of patient aid, duty and liability, services, assistance in the healthcare conditions, the elevation of the service, and collaboration are important for each nurse in delivering major choices in healthcare (Sibandze & Scafide, 2018). Working as a disability support worker allows me to help people to improve their lives through both physical and emotional support. I give essential care, therapy, and assistance to patients with mental illness or developmental disabilities. Being a mental health nurse, assist the patients with daily activities, monitor patients’ conditions, and in delivering therapeutic care. I constantly supervise patients to assure their safety and well-being. I observe patient response and keep careful records, describing any variations in behaviour or health to medical staff.

Statement of Professional Philosophy

Based on my values, beliefs, motivation, and professional intentions, I aspire to the philosophy based on my personal and professional identity. First, being centred on the patient is nevermore simple and demands extreme listening and understanding skills. Second, that knowledge can be a worthwhile mentor, the equivalent of textbooks.

A nurse needs to differentiate between their individual values and professional standards. Personal preferences are something nurses continue important and real for themselves, while professional principles include beliefs that have widespread devotions and rules of behaviour that demand in all circumstances (Nelson, 2017). Being a nurse, I must learn the essential values and comprehend them to the most excellent according to the individual's ability. Through the great and worse times, it needs to be identified why I determined to be a nurse and the concept as to whatever it requires to complete. It must be perpetually retrieved to set the care and help of others prime and to handle everyone fairly. One who prefers nursing as a service offers a decision that will influence them for a continuance. Being a nurse, withdraw acknowledging individual opinions to cloud own judgments concerning patient care. Nurses are equitable and honest with patients and represent the best attention while displaying the utmost admiration for patients. As a register mental health nurse, I must ready to employ in the difficult analytical reasoning abilities and produce adequate socialization experiences to handle with the immense maturity in technology and duties supposed in the service.

I will maintain empathy as a power because it is a really essential element in the nursing field. Empathy is more than just bestowing sympathy or attention; and any reference comments show that empathy is a bit of caring because it requires bearing with the person (All Answers Ltd., 2018).

In my opinion, personal values and beliefs represent a vital role to establish a professional identity. Values and beliefs should persist on a determined basis of ethical behaviour, values-driven principles that view beyond an individual’s colour, spirituality, religion, or financial reputation to assure the personality can experience optimal, honest concern. Exceeding a broad proposal for being to respect humanity, the concept of healing values and beliefs consists of diverse elements that empower me to work fairly.

Being a mental health nurse, it is my responsibility to learn how to care for the aged with insanity because their cognitive and affective requirements are incompatible (Kaya et al., 2017). Now my involvement with aging does not resemble me uniquely, I place myself into the special world of my patient and that is what compassion and care needs. My weakness based on my experience perversely is the lack of belief that is visible in certain situations. As a nurse, I should be excellent in public speaking, delivery, and explanation of methods to nursing assistance. The personal values should be matched with professional identity.

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