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Table of Contents

Part A- Registered Nurse standards of Practice and Mandatory notifications

1. Set of vital sign:

2. Standard of practice for dealing with patient with high blood pressure: 

3. Standard of practice for dealing with patient with headache:

4. Standard of practice for dealing with patient with stroke:

Part B- Essay on Mandatory notification


Part A- Registered Nurse Standards of Practice and Mandatory Notifications

1. Set of vital sign:

The set of vital signs includes blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature and berating rate of the individual that is recorded to get idea about his present health condition. Regular checking of these signs benefits in addressing the recovery of the individual who is going through difficult health problems. The measurement of Body Temperature (BT) helps to keep record of the heat produced and lost from the body. Imbalance release of body helps to get idea about the health problems that are faced by the patient. The normal body temperature of a person should be 98 degree Fahrenheit (Gallagher, et al., 2017). In case of excessive body temperature that patient is diagnosed with fever and proper medication is prescribed to improve his health condition.

The respiratory rate is also checked to measure health condition of the patient. The respiratory rate is calculated to get idea about the functioning of respiratory system. The average people within the age group of 18-65 years have 16-20 breaths per minute. Keeping the record of the respiratory rate benefits in addressing the health condition of the patient. The normal level of blood pressure is 120/80 where 120 should be systolic and 80 should be the diastolic pressure. The pressure level is checked to het idea about the health condition of the patient In case of imbalance in pressure level, the patent is kept under observation for managing the health issues. The pulse rate is recoded by the healthcare professionals to get idea about the rhythm abnormalities that are faced in human body. The rate is varied on the basis of fluctuation of emotion, fitness level that affects health condition of the patient intensely.

2. Standard of practice for dealing with patient with high blood pressure:

The supportive attitude of nursing professionals helps in improving the health condition of patients diagnosed with high blood pressure. The supportive nature of nursing professional assists to get idea about the care treatment that is required by the patient. It is evident that the nursing professional focus on keeping record of the blood pressure of the patient to proceed with the medication system. The patient with high blood pressure is put under the observation of nurses in order to proceed with the necessary treatment process (Chew, 2016). Detailed study of the present health condition of the patient helps to get idea about the ineffective coping that creates an adverse impact on the health condition of the patient.

Keeping observation of their health status benefits the nursing staffs to get idea about the proper diet chart that need to be maintained by the individual to improve health condition. Sharing proper information about the current health status of the patient benefits the nurse to retain trust of the family members to progress with the necessary treatment process. Considering the vulnerable condition of the patient also helps to select the proper medication that must be availed by the individual to avoid health risks. The nursing professional should also suggest about physical activities that need to be done to control the stress and anxiety that results in lowering the pressure level.

3. Standard of practice for dealing with patient with headache:

Nurses are in an exceedingly prime position to supply counsel to patients with headache, who might not wish to 'bother the doctor'. Medical attendants can teach patients around count calories and way of life, just like the significance of getting standard dinners, an satisfactory admissions of water, less caffeine and customary rest designs.Acute treatments include over-the-counter painkillers, like aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen, anti-emetics and longer lasting NSAIDs like naproxen. The sole migraine-specific medications are the triptans. There are seven within the family: sumatriptan, zolmitriptan, naratriptan, rizatriptan, eletriptan, almotriptan and frovatriptan.

Sumatriptan is as of now accessible over the counter but the others stay as it were accessible on medicine. Triptans ought to be taken as early as conceivable but not some time recently the onset of migraine stage of the assault. They’re also called 5HT1 agonists. They are available as tablets (both to be swallowed and in dispersible form), injection and nasal spray preparations. No triptan is healthier than another but patients who tend to vomit may have to contemplate a nasal spray like zolmitriptan, which avoids the epithelial duct and is absorbed within the nasal spaces (Fernandez, et al., 2015).

It is the prime responsibility of nurses to apply such medication to the patients, suffering from headache, which is the key of promoting their wellbeing. If medication overuse is identified, it is the prime responsibility of nurses to clarify to the quiet the long-term affect this may wear their headaches but too to be thoughtful, as lessening painkillers are frequently exceptionally difficult to undertake and do. They’re planning to require additional bolster to accomplish this.

4. Standard of practice for dealing with patient with stroke:

Stroke might be a restorative crisis and care given inside the primary hours is basic in shaping patients’ long-term recuperation and forecast. Medical attendants play a key part within the quick conclusion and triage of intense stroke patients, starting evaluation, and coordination of the provoke stream of intense stroke patients through the wellbeing care framework. Medical attendants permit suitable time basic administrations to be managed, and fast exchange to intense Care for progressing evaluation and encourage treatment. The primary health-care team member in the prehospital environment is the emergency medical technician (EMT) or paramedic (Britt, et al., 2015). Nurses will serve as EMTs and paramedics, electronic remote

control radio providers to base station EMS workers, and educators who educate EMS staff about stroke and stroke patient care. Identification of stroke signs and symptoms; establishment or review of the last well established time; provision of supplementary oxygen to patients with hypoxemia; regulation of blood glucose levels; avoidance of glucose-containing fluids and prescribe medication accordingly are some of the major roles played by nurses.

Part B- Essay on Mandatory notification


The duty of care applies, in accordance with certain principles, to the accountabilities imposed upon people to behave towards others throughout a certain way. The word may have a specific meaning depending on the legal context in which it is being used. The principle of care duty is that people actually have a duty to prevent actions or omissions which can fairly be foreseen for harming others (Elwyn, et al., 2018).

Main discussion:

Duty of care implies that nurses have to provide prime quality care to the simplest of their ability and say if there are any reasons why they will unable to try and do so. Providers and care workers should take guardianship. This suggests that: nurses should keep their knowledge and skills up to now. In this situation, it is important for the nurses to follow the ethical guideline and threat the patients with respect and dignity. Healthcare practitioners have a duty to their clients to cut back or constrain the number of hurt or harm they will involvement. This obligation is caught on as 'duty of care' and it can some of the time appear overpowering (Health.gov.au, 2020). There are diverse aspects of duty of care of nurses, such as legal, professional, organisational, community and personal. According to the case study, this is the situation of ethical duty of care. It is important for the nurse to avoid disclosing the professional secrecy of his or her co-worker.

Mandatory reporting is one of the major terms, used widely in Australian health and social care sector. Mandatory reporting may be a term wont to describe the jurisdictive obligation for selected groups of individuals to report assumed cases of kid abuse and neglect to government authorities. As per the instruction of Parliament’s all Australian states and domains have sanctioned required detailing laws of a few depiction. Be that as it may, the laws do not appear to be the indistinguishable over all purviews.

The foremost differences concern who should report and what styles of mishandle and neglect must be detailed. There too are other contrasts, just like the "state of intellect" that enacts the detailing duty (Aifs.gov.au, 2020). According to the case study, the buddy nurse is telling to the nurse that he is struggling with excessive drug use especially at night. This is the reason, for which he might not be able to take care of the patients properly. Now, it is the ethical duty of the nurse to practice mandatory report and report this incident to the higher authority of hospital. Mandatory reporting, in its simplest form can also be regarded as whistle blowing.

On the other hand, mandatory notofication is characterized as notifiable conduct by enlisted healthcare practitioners is portrayed as: setting the common open at peril of gigantic hurt due to an impedance (wellbeing issue), or. Putting the common open at threat due to a huge takeoff from acknowledged proficient measures. It is the part of medical caretakers to create obligatory revelation in case they are reasonably induced that their practitioner-patient puts the open at a serious chance of hurt (a really tall edge for unveiling hurt) by practicing whereas inebriated by drugs or liquor.

Depending on the sort of concern, you must evaluate the risk of hurt to the open when choosing whether to form a obligatory notice. There are four distinctive sorts of concern such as impedance, inebriation whereas honing, noteworthy flight from acknowledged proficient guidelines and sexual misconduct (Ahpra.gov.au, 2020). Excessive drug consumption by the buddy nurse falls under the second concern of mandatory notification, which requires immediate reporting.

Mandatory obligation has started contention and talk about among clinicians, proficient bodies and persistent security advocates. Supporters accept that it encourages the recognizable proof of perilous professionals, communicates a straightforward message that understanding security comes to begin with, energizes managers and clinicians to bargain with destitute execution, and makes strides observation of dangers to understanding security. Faultfinders charge that obligatory detailing cultivates a culture of fear, discourages help-seeking, and fills proficient competitions and vexatious detailing. Concerns have too been raised approximately the subjectivity of detailing criteria (Meloncelli, et al., 2019). The Australian Therapeutic Affiliation restricted the presentation of the obligatory announcing administration for restorative professionals, citing a few of those complaints. Various contentions are made in bolster of required reporting.

For the most part, these are that required detailing is basic since it gives a ‘form of case distinguishing proof past intentional help-seeking’ which brings more cases of manhandle and disregard to the surface; that ‘mandated announcing produces an outsized number of substantiated reports and to give up this compromises child assurance. Obligatory detailing, particularly by treating professionals, is questionable. Advocates attest that divulgence of an impedance that places the common open in threat of impressive hurt is critical to watch patients.

Rivals contend that this approach discourages help-seeking and drives impeded specialists underground. The Australian Therapeutic Affiliation has driven the choice for treating specialists to be absolved from the obligation to report disabled wellbeing professionals. A later free audit of the national law, commissioned by the state and government wellbeing priests, communicated the indistinguishable point of view. The main objective of mandatory notification is to Security of the general public by ensuring that only properly trained and skilled healthcare professionals are licensed, who work in a very professional and ethical way (MIps.com.au, 2020).


To conclude, it can be said that both mandatory reporting and mandatory notification are the major strategy of Australian healthcare system reply to cases of first-rate ill-treatment and neglect. Significant variations exist between jurisdictions, and there is a shortage of fine-grained research into the consequences of legislative variations and contextual elements on reporting practices and results and on systemic responses. The training of reporter companies is extended to heighten expertise of the signs of abuse and neglect, when a report is and is not required, and the way to shape a document that offers beneficial help to protection of sufferers irrespective of their background.


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