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Business Decision Analysis Report

Executive Summary

This paper is based on the implementation of effective decision making tool by the management of the Samsung Company. The management of this company faced some human resource related issues in 2017. In order to give some effective suggestion to the management, a secondary descriptive analysis is used in this research analysis where the different articles and case studies are critically considered in their effective decision making process. This is an informative paper regarding the effective implementation of the strategic decision making tool in the organization. For Samsung perspective, there is a need to consider the feasibility study, SWOT analysis and cost-benefit analysis in the decision making process of an organization. 


Executive Summary 



Research Question 

Literature Review 

Research Methodology 

Discussion of Findings 





In an organization, the decision making process is one of the major factors which based on all the major factors regarding the organization management and its development. The effective performance and effective capability of an organization are based on its effective decision-making process. It is the major function of any manager because in this phase his capability regarding the effective management comes to consider. This paper is based on the effective decision-making tools descriptions which are used by the managers in order to manage all of the company’s resources. 

In order to give some suggestions of an effective decision-making tool adoption, a scenario of an organization is critically considered and its problem is analyzed. This paper is informative regarding the implementation of the major decision-making tools in planning, controlling, organizing, staffing and directing phase of an organization. In a professional perspective, the effective decision-making process helps the leader or manager to effectively handle all of the critical issues faced by this company. In the current era, there is a need to consider the organizational related issue critically. This paper is informative regarding the effective decision-making process of an organization. 


Samsung is considered as one of the famous organization in the international and national market. It gets a large number of shares in the market because this company continuously made different innovation in its product range. This continuously changing creates some problems in front of the management to effectively deal with the number of employees. In the current era, the continuous innovation of the Samsung mobile and other digital devices creates some problems in front of its employees to maintain their performance goal. 

The reason is that due to change in the product feature, it's software and technology directly impact the performance level of the employees because, for that purpose, there is a need to give some training session to the employees regarding new technology (Hasan, 2017). For that purpose, some extra cost is beard by the management of the company on a regular basis. The origin of this problem is based on the high competition level in society. 

Now a large number of customers in the market usually preferred those cell phone items which are quite innovative, high quality with the reasonable price items. In order to accomplish this market goal, the Samsung Company majorly focus on the innovation leadership approach in its operating activities. This factor creates some sustainability achievement related issues in the employee’s position in the company. Most of the employees of this company are resistant and act against such change concept.

 In this case, there is a need to facilitate the change and makes some changes in the organizational approach. This issue was developed in the year 2017 in Samsung Company where most of its employees demand such leadership who consider the ethical values in the operating activities rather than running towards the goal of earning a profit. This case is based on the lack of moral values in the innovation process of Samsung Company. 

Research Question

The research question in this scenario is;

Which type of decision-making tool should be considered by the Samsung Company in its innovation process that positively impacts the employee’s loyalty towards the company?

Literature Review

Different studies have been carried out about the most useful tools to be used in the organizations for their betterment and dramatic progress that organizations aim for. The literature review is carried out in accordance with the aim of the study and identify the significance of the business tools.

SWOT analysis is considered as one of the most effective and useful tools for any organization to focus on different aspects or in other words, related aspects of the organization which may help or may affect their performance, growth and relative aspects. SWOT study can also be focused on the shortcomings in the organization and will help to overcome them. Using SWOT analysis for customer satisfaction, the organization can efficiently and effectively identify the viewpoints in accordance with customer satisfaction. The study helped in identifying the importance of the SWOT analysis as it helped in identifying and reflecting the situation of the organization precisely. SWOT analysis is considered as one of the essential tools for an organization (Phadermrod, Crowder, & Wills, 2019).

One of the most used tools in business and organization is not limited to just corporate issues and aspects. It is also being used in medical sectors and organizations as well. This defines the scope of the tool feasibility as medical departments are also using it to identify the shortcomings as well as to identify many diseases as well. Using different techniques and procedures for the public and patients’ involvement and related aspects, the source on which feedback was obtained included feasibility. This identifies the significance of the tool as being used in medical departments and aspects as well (Thomas, et al., 2017). However, the Lewy Body Dementias (LBD) assessment toolkit included three stages but the importance and significance of the feasibility have been identified and its role in the study as well.

There are different variables present in an organization such as quality, liability, productivity and material costs. This is where an efficient and cost effective system approach is included in the organizations in order to manage the variables. Cost benefit analysis implementation determines the possibilities and feasibility to obtain more and more profitability and manage the system in a more cost effective and beneficial consequences and outcomes where variables are controlled effectively and are cost efficient (Paramasevam, Hassan, & Mohammad, 2019).

Research Methodology

In this research methodology, a secondary method is used where the different articles and case studies are critically analyzed on the basis of the effective decision-making tool apply by them. In this case, the major tools of decision making may be a SWOT analysis, feasibility analysis and Cost-benefit analysis. In order to critically analyze the situation, there is a need to take some research articles and the relevant case studies of the human resource department regarding this topic and critically consider that which type of approach the management of such company used in it. There are many methods of analysis, but this method is considered as one of the effective methods because all of the secondary data is more effective and relevant related to the topic. The secondary approach is more effective and informative in this scenario because it explores the effective decision making a concept in the organization. 

Discussion of Findings

The SWOT analysis is one of the effective decision making and strategic planning based technique which strengthened the organization policies, overcome its weakness and helps the management to makes different effective strategy in order to overcome the threatening factor and fulfil the opportunities. In different issues related scenario, this decision-making tool helps the organization to consider all of the drawbacks and problem creating factors and then make an effective decision which fulfils all of its goals. There are many manufacturing and merchandising based organizations which position the SWOT analysis in their strategic management process. Most of the international sport wear brands consider this tool in their decision-making process (Gürel & Tat, 2017). 

The next case is based on the Starbucks Company who faced different hierarchical based issues in an organization. Most of the companies who do not follow the major strength and weakness of the company in an effective way then different problems regarding the decision-making process are faced. It is an important decision-making tool because through this; it becomes effective for the manager to make such decision which is favourable for the company’s employees, its shareholders and other stakeholders (Abdel-Basset, Mohamed, & Smarandache, 2018). 

The Nike Company who faced different types of cost-related problems in the hiring and firing of a different number of employees.  This issue can easily overcome by accurately estimating the cost related factors of all the business related activities. This company majorly focus on reducing the cost of its labours and its production-related activities. In the market of China and Indonesia, this Company is now effectively following the cost-cutting strategies in their strategic decision-making process. This company also outsource most of its supplier’s networks in the human resource departments by effectively reducing the cost over resources, capital, labour and technology. This company use effective marketing, manufacturing and other operating activities by reducing the cost related factors in their strategic decision-making process (Mohan, 2019).

Most of the Poultry form company are using the cost-benefit analysis based decision-making technique in its operating activities in both the public and private sector of an organization. In the US perspective, there are many foodborne base disease issue faced by this corporation. But after applying the cost-benefit strategies in their strategic decision-making process, most of the problems regarding the profitability factor within the organization. After applying this decision-making tool, the demand of the poultry meat in China and other Asian countries is continuously increasing, the cost saving techniques and the profitability of the factor become increases (Roberts, 2018). 

Feasibility study analysis is another best technique used in the decision making process (Subramanian, Chau, & Yung, 2018). It does not only use for the decision-making process, but it also used for the development of a project. Most of the firms such as software development companies, IT and information system companies use the feasibility study tool in order to strengthen the decision-making process. Such as the feasibility analysis under the decision making process enables organizations to check the benefits associated. For example, an IT firm develops a new project or software in an organization. The company take this decision and in order to make this decision effective the company will conduct a feasibility analysis. 


As it mentions above decision-making tools are very important for positive outcomes of an organization. Now, it is recommended to Samsung company that, the company should use the SWOT analysis tool in order to make their decision-making process strengthen. The company should analyze the strengths, weakness and threats related to the decision making the process. The company should significantly analyze the situation and then make a decision. 

Most importantly, the Samsung Company should involve their subordinates and employees at the time of the decision making the process. Moreover, the Samsung Company should use cost-benefit analysis tool at the time of the decision making the process as well as to conduct a feasibility study to make a decision-making process effective and efficient. 


Thus, after considering, the current scenario of the Samsung Company, it is concluded that there is a need to consider the SWOT Analysis, Cost Benefits Analysis and Feasibility Study in their strategic decision-making process of an organization. In this case, most of the employees are unsatisfied with the company’s innovation policies, and they want some ethical and moral values in their operating and other decision-making processes. According to the analysis, there are many private and public organizations like Starbucks, Nike, Poultry firms and others are effectively consider all of these effective decision-making tools. 

So, in the case of Samsung, its management should consider the company’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in its decision-making process. While if they want to launch any product in the market, then they should consider the effective cost-cutting strategies and other feasibility studies before making an effective decision. This paper is informative regarding the application of effective decision-making tool in the strategic planning of the company.  


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