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Table of Contents



Research objectives.

Research aim.

Research problem.

Research questions.

Literature review.

Primary practices in organisations.

Importance of strategy in an organisation.

Strategy and innovation.

Significant of the proposed research on organisation strategy.

Summary of main findings.


Methods of data collection.

Likely data that will be obtained.

Methods of data examination.

Estimated cost


Reference list

1. Introduction

The current assignment is a research plan that has been conducted on Toyota’s research and development for engaging strategy for business development. With the help of the current research, Toyota can engage their employees by managing cost to manage all primary and secondary practices of management within the organisation. However, the research also outlines the methods of data collection and analysis with the help of primary and literature dependent data. Based on the collected data, the literature study will be evaluated and the research will be conducted and the importance of developing strategy in Toyota can be understood.


Toyota is an automobile car manufacturing company which is currently in a leading position in the world. About 190 countries Toyota vehicles are available for both personal and commercial purposes. Apart from all automotive services, the company is also providing different financial services like Toyota Motor insurance, retail leasing and retail financing. Along with this, different insurance subsidiaries are also present in Toyota (Toyota, 2020). Therefore, the company has both automotive as well as financial segments which are effective for enhancing the productivity and competitive advantage of the company. The workplace of Toyota is comprised with warm cultural association. The workforce of the company is diversified and skilled. Different employee engaging programmes are conducted within the organisationalong with specialised training and development approaches.

Several in-house training are conducted for enhancing skills and knowledge as well as advancing the expertise of them. The company is focused on promoting employee retention by strategizing management policy as well as enhancing organisational culture.  In the production line also, the company is following strategy and innovation as their key aspects which are enhancing the effectiveness of employees.The organization is centred around advancing worker maintenance by planning the board strategy just as improving authoritative culture. In the creation line likewise, the organization is following methodology and advancement as their key angles which are upgrading the adequacy of representatives.

2. Research Objectives

Research Aim

The aim of the research is to identify the ways of lowering employee engagement time and including them in the training, research and development programme. Along with this, the cost of this engagement and skill development training within the organisation will be also addressed. Additionally, the organisational primary practices will be also identified in this context.

Research Problem

The current issue in Toyota is lack of innovation in both macro and micro environment. The company is focusing on the promotion of only automobile industry and financial sector. However, in terms of business growth due to huge competitive market in worldwide(Toyota, 2020). Leading automobile companies like Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Ford Motor, Daimler and others. Engaging safety oriented culture is the prime goal of the company to ensure zero industrial accident within the workplace. However, in spite of having significant aspects within the organisation, the employee development strategies are mostly limited in health and accident reduction. On the contrary, in case of conducting effective business, development in strategy as well as innovating those strategies are very much essential.

Be that as it may, regardless of including noteworthy angles inside the association, the representative improvement methodologies are for the most part constrained in wellbeing and mishap decrease. Nevertheless, if there should be an occurrence of directing powerful business, advancement in procedure just as enhancing those methodologies are a lot of basic. The present issue in Toyota is absence of advancement in both large scale and smaller scale condition(Toyota, 2020). The organization is concentrating on the advancement of just vehicle industry and budgetary area. Apart from this, regarding business development because of immense serious market in around the world.

Research Questions

Q1: What are the importance of strategy development in an organisation?

Q2: How the Toyota is engaging strategy in their operations?

Q3: What are the gaps that addressed in strategy development and innovation of Toyota?

Q4: What recommendations can be provided in order to improve the current practice?

3. Literature Review

Primary Practices in Organisations

Since the introduction of internet dependent operations, the business platforms are changing rapidly. With the help of this aspects, a rapid change has been conducted in the traditional setting of business. The old school business processes have been eliminated by the new venture and entrepreneurs. However, this process is rapid and changing within the business operations and this is considered as sustainable growth (Nohria, Joyce & Roberson, 2003). The really working aspect is different in business to business. Several researcher has estimated about 200 well established business about their management practices and has acquired knowledge about contemporary business practices. It has been noticed that, there are four primary practices of business have been addressed by researcher.

These are strategy, execution, culture and structure. Along with this, there are four master secondary practices present which are merger and partnership, in novation, leadership and talent. Collaboration of two any of secondary practices with the primary practices, the development of business can be promoted. Engaging employees in different strategy development and promoting ideas can enhance the outcome effectively. Simplification of the organisational structure and operations is a key goal of all business organisations that helps to improve the business performance (Yang et al. 2017). On the contrary, due to the inclusion of technology, the execution of different business operations is induced by inclusion of technologies, but sometimes, the technology does not matter to create success of the business. However, in terms of business success the companies can be differentiated in four categories such as Winner, losers, climbers and tumblers.

Joint effort of two any of auxiliary practices with the essential practices, the advancement of business can be advanced. Drawing in workers in various methodology advancement and advancing thoughts can upgrade the result viably. Rearrangements of the authoritative structure and activities are a key objective of all business associations that assists with improving the business execution. Actually, because of the consideration of innovation, the execution of various business tasks is initiated by incorporation of advancements, yet some of the time, the innovation doesn't make a difference to make accomplishment of the business. Nonetheless, regarding business achievement the organizations can be separated in four classes, which are promoted by proper development of all four primary practices(Nohria, Joyce & Roberson, 2003).

The primary practice can be categories in four divisions which are strategy, execution, culture, and structure which are some business fundamentals. However, it is also required to analyse the importance and requirement of these areas of practices in the contemporary business world. In the current technology dependent environment, these practices are conducted by the help of different tools and technologies.In order to incorporate these practices, the entrepreneurs are continuously incorporating TQM, Kaizen, or Six Sigma tools extensively within the business organisation. however, with time, the application and choice of these tools and techniques are changing rapidly within the organisation(Nohria, Joyce & Roberson, 2003). In every practices such as execution or developing strategies, instead of conventional system, the business is executed with the help of these tools. As the primary practices are strategy, execution, culture, and structure, different tools help to planning the operational process within the organisation.

Importance of Strategy in An Organisation

Maintaining and devising a clear statement which is the rule of entire operations for certain organisation is known as strategy development. Competing with other business with different factors such as great service, high quality, low price and others are considered as strategic initiatives that helps to increase brand awareness or customer outcome or selling. It does not dependent on whether the strategy is developed by the authority, management of employees. It is the assumption of each employee to approach or solve a problem. Therefore, it is the role of each and every employee to develop their ability to strategizing any activity (Do, Budhwar& Patel, 2018). Communication is very much significant in developing or promoting a strategy within the organisation. There needs to be a strong connection between all stakeholder strategy is developed to create a realistic approach for targeting customers and retaining such potential customers within the brand. Keeping up and concocting a reasonable articulation which is the standard of whole activities for certain association is known as methodology advancement.

Rivalling different business with various factors, for example, extraordinary assistance, top notch, low cost and others are considered as key activities that assists with expanding brand mindfulness or client result or selling(Nohria, Joyce & Roberson, 2003). It doesn't subject to whether the system is created by the power, the executives of workers. It is the suspicion of every worker to approach or take care of an issue. In this way, it is the job of every single representative to build up their capacity to strategic any action. Developing and maintaining strategy is a significant aspect in creating or advancing a technique inside the association. There should be a solid association between all partner system is created to make a sensible methodology for focusing on clients and holding such potential clients inside the brand.The fundamental practice can be arrangements in four divisions which are framework, execution, culture, and structure which are some business essentials.

In any case, it is furthermore required to look at the noteworthiness and essential of these zones of practices in the contemporary business world (Antonioli, Marzucchi& Savona, 2017). In the current development subordinate condition, these practices are coordinated by the help of different mechanical assemblies and advances. With time, the application and choice of these mechanical assemblies and techniques are changing rapidly inside the affiliation. In each preparation, for instance, execution or making approaches, instead of standard structure, the business is executed with the help of these gadgets (Dobuschet al. 2017). As the fundamental practices are system, execution, culture, and structure, different gadgets help to masterminding the operational strategy inside the affiliation

Strategy and Innovation

Strategy and innovation are quite associated with each other. Developing strategy and introducing new ideas within workplace is known as innovation. Innovation and strategy development helps in transforming industry. The main aim of innovation is to develop new technological support of product or service ideas (Freitas et al. 2017). This is conducting potential transformation in the organisation. However, this innovation is developed by the help of making strategy and ideas. The ability of an organisation to prepare and foresee for any disruption is necessary. Otherwise, the innovation ideas could be failed. Therefore, the strategy and innovation are very connected with one another. Creating system and presenting new thoughts inside working environment is known as development. Advancement and procedure improvement helps in changing industry.

The principle point of advancement is to grow new innovative help of item or administration thoughts. This is directing potential change in the association(Nohria, Joyce & Roberson, 2003). In any case, this advancement is created by the assistance of making technique and thoughts. The capacity of an association to get ready and anticipate for any disturbance is important. Something else, the development thoughts could be fizzled.After the development of a business in an effective way, the business stages are evolving quickly. With the assistance of this viewpoints, a fast change has been directed in the customary setting of business. The old fashioned business forms have been disposed of by the new pursuit and business visionaries.

In any case, this procedure is quick and changing inside the business tasks and this is considered as reasonable development. The truly working viewpoint is diverse in business to business. It has been seen that, there are four essential acts of business have been tended to by scientist. These are technique, execution, culture and structure. The essential practice can be classifications in four divisions which are system, execution, culture, and structure which are some business basics. Nonetheless, it is additionally required to examine the significance and prerequisite of these zones of practices in the contemporary business world (Holgersson, Granstrand&Bogers, 2018). In the present innovation subordinate condition, these practices are directed by the assistance of various apparatuses and advances. With time, the application and decision of these apparatuses and procedures are changing quickly inside the association. In each training, for example, execution or creating methodologies, rather than customary framework, the business is executed with the assistance of these devices (Choi, 2016). As the essential practices are strategy, execution, culture, and structure, various devices help to arranging the operational procedure inside the association.

Significant of The Proposed Research on Organisation Strategy

The current research is effective for understanding requirement of developing strategy in any organisation. With the help of including different strategy and innovation, sustainability and competitive advantage can be enhanced (Renda, 2017). A potential transformation can be enhanced the employee engagement and welfare. With the help of training and development this strategy can be improving. These aspects can be identified from different research and from the success of different companies. However, it has been noticed that in the previous research, these aspects have not identified or very few research have identified. For this reason, the current research is considering such aspects within the research work for the primary practice association within a company (Nohria, Joyce & Roberson, 2003). Additionally, the current study is compelling for understanding prerequisite of creating methodology in any association.

With the assistance of including distinctive procedure and advancement, maintainability and upper hand can be upgraded. A potential change can be improved the worker commitment and government assistance. With the assistance of preparing and advancement this technique can be improving. These perspectives can be distinguished from various research and from the achievement of various organizations (Zhou, Shan & Li, 2018). In any case, it has been seen that in the past research, these angles have not distinguished or not many research have recognized. Therefore, the research and development inquire about is thinking about such perspectives inside the examination work for the essential and optional practice relationship inside an organization. in this way, the current research work has been conducted.

As because of the consideration of innovation, the execution of various business activities is initiated by incorporation of advances, however once in a while, the innovation doesn't make a difference to make achievement of the business. Notwithstanding, as far as business achievement the organizations can be separated in four classes, for example, Winner, failures, climbers and tumblers. Joint exertion of two any of helper rehearses with the basic practices, the progression of business can be progressed. Attracting stakeholders in different technique headway and propelling contemplations can overhaul the outcome suitably (Chesbrough, Lettl & Ritter, 2018). Revisions of the legitimate structure and exercises are a key goal of all business affiliations that helps with improving the business execution. As a matter of fact, on account of the thought of development, the execution of different business assignments is started by fuse of progressions, yet a portion of the time, the advancement does not have any kind of effect to make achievement of the business.

Summary of Main Findings

The man finding is suggesting the importance of strategy and innovation in business development. These are effective for enhance the sustainability and progress of a business. The strategy and innovation are very connected with one another. Creating system and presenting new thoughts inside working environment is known as development. Advancement and procedure improvement helps in changing industry. The principle point of advancement is to grow new innovative help of item or administration thoughts. Based on these aspects the designs and methodology of the research will be developed.

4. Methodology

The methodology aims at selecting proper methods for the proposed study so that accurate data can be collected for the execution of the research. As per Ledford & Gast (2018), proper research methods can be effective in deriving the proper outcomes based on the nature of the research. The section of methodology also aims at outlining the data collection procedures so that the researchers can move in the right direction to obtain a suitable database for the research.

Methods of Data Collection

For discovering the nature of employee engagement within Toyota along with the development of the training alongside research and development programs for the employees, two-step approaches of research will be considered in this research. One of the approaches will be involving the primary quantitative basis of information gathering and the other will be involving primary qualitative foundation of data gathering. The chief source of data gathering will involve the aspects of the survey. As illustrated by Fletcher (2017), surveys tend to analyse large samples within a shorter time frame. In addition to this, this technique has been chosen as it helps in the anonymity of the responses that make the participants feel more confident in providing their responses.

However, as argued by Attia & Edge (2017) will help in examining large sample sizes but can be challenging in the management of the participants within the survey. Besides, as depicted by Ørngreen & Levinsen (2017), the process of the survey also analyses a large sample size within a short time frame. Additionally, it also does allow the research to create a wide base of knowledge and restrict data limitation to a certain extent. Hence, a survey will be conducted in this research to acquire an accurate database.

The survey procedure of data collection that will be used in this study will involve 10 managers from the different branches of Toyota along with 50 employees from its different branches. As assured by Cuervo‐Cazurra et al. (2017), for analysing the engagement program within a company, it is best to monitor or observe the internal stakeholders of the company. Each of the survey participants will be provided with survey questionnaires with close-ended questions. Through multiple options present in the questionnaires, the participants will be asked to tick the right answers to their choices. 30 minutes of time will be provided to each of the participants for filling out the questionnaires. Besides, the purposive sampling technique will be used in order to select the desired candidates for the research. This will be effective in making the data specified to the content of the research.

On the other hand, interviews will also be a key part of the current research. 5 managers and 5 employees of the company will be chosen in order to execute the process of the interview. Each of the managers will be interviewed differently with three sets of questions for each. The questions that will be enquired to the workers or the directors will be regarding the aspects of employee engagement within the company along with the need for the development of the development and research program within the organisation.

The process of the interview has been chosen in this research as it helps in gaining an insight into the company through open-ended questions. As per the illustration of Goldberg et al. (2017), participants within the interview are free to answer based on their opinion. In addition to this, as the participants are interviewed separately, therefore, they become free of answering the questions. Additionally, interviews can maintain the desired confidentiality level expected by the participants. However, the research will not include a secondary process of data collection as it fails to provide accurate value to the project, as per the opinion of Basias & Pollalis (2018), secondary data collection methods using the online sources tend to produce general information that may not be specific to the current research. Therefore, there is a huge probability of diverting the research content using secondary data collection procedure, hence, the current research will firmly deal with the primary sources for collecting data.

Likely Data that Will Be Obtained

Based on the set criteria, a large sample size for the survey will be gathered that will include 60 employees and managers of Toyota. Data from the survey will be collected through a verbal transcript and the data that will be collected through the interview will be recorded based on taking notes during the interview. Survey response will be derived in this research that will be effective in gaining an overall response regarding the engagement of the employees alongside the thought of implementation of the program of development of research and training within the domain. In addition to this, unanticipated comments can also be derived from the survey along with interviews that can be helpful in gathering regarding the chosen approaches. Therefore, through the aspects of survey and interview, the research will be effective in gaining the thought of the employees along with the managers of Toyota regarding the training and development programs within the organisational domain.

Methods of Data Examination

The information that will be obtained through the survey will be analysed with the help of tables and charts in the Ms Excel. As per the illustration of Aithal (2017), analysis with the help of tables, graphs and charts are effective in calculating the statistical data within the research and assists in serving suitable results based on the collected data. Contrarily, the data that will be assembled with the help of the interview will be analysed using the interview transcript. As per the observation of Snyder (2019), the interview transcript helps in the formation of different codes based on the responses collected. Different codes will be formed based on the response of the participant and the data will be analysed accordingly.

5. Estimated Cost



Cost of Unit/Hrs



1. Project organization





1.1. Project director





1.2. Project associates





Contractors (10% of the testing and maturity of the software)





2. Hardware





2.1. Handheld devices





2.2. Servers





3. Software





3.1. Certified software





3.2. Software development





4. Testing





5. Training and Support





5.1. Cost of trainee





5.2. Cost of travel





5.3. Team members of the project





6. Reserves





The total estimate of the cost





 Table 1: Estimation of cost based on the research plan

The above table focuses on the cost or budget that will be required with the current developed research plan. As discussed in the previous section of the study, the research will be engaged with the aspects of training and program of research and development for the employees. As per the illustration of Haydon, Browne & van der Riet (2018), proper training and development help in building a proper foundation of the business along with the strong probability of the accomplishment of the targeted goals. Training alongside the program of research and development mainly includes the involvement of the project manager and the team along with the cost of training and development, hardware and software required within the program. The total cost that will be consumed by the project administration including the cost of the executives of the project along with contractors and project members is $306300. Besides, $76000 is the likely cost of the hardware including handheld devices and servers whereas $614000 is assumed as the likely cost of the software including the development of software and licensing.

On the other hand, testing will be consuming $69000 while the aspects of training and support will be consuming $202400 including the aspects of the cost of the trainee, cost of travel along with the cost required by the team members. Lastly, the cost that will be required by the reserves includes $2353540. Therefore, analysing all the aspects, the total estimated cost for the current research plan includes $1521240.

6. Conclusion

Based on the above-discussed research plan regarding the employee management aspects of Toyota, it can be inferred that with the help of the mentioned plan, a deep understanding of the issue that is currently faced by Toyota regarding the lack of innovation aspects both in the macro and microenvironment can be analysed. In addition to this, the current research will also be effective in the development of a suitable solution in the mitigation of the current issue of Toyota. The study depicts that the aspects of training, as well as the program of research and development, can be effective in mitigating the innovation issue within the organisation. Additionally, the organisation can also be benefitted through the development of interpersonal and personal aspects. Training can also be beneficial in terms of conveying essential knowledge that will further be effective in the accomplishment of the targeted goals within the domain. Moreover, the total cost that seems to be required by the whole plan of development includes $1521240. It will also help the company in coping up with the plan of innovation and increase the revenue and brand image within the domain.

7. Reference list

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