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Executive Summary of Rooms Division Management Report

This report analyzed the client's needs in respect of the functions performed by the front desk manager. In order to do so, the report evaluated the role and responsibilities of the front desk manager and the way their tasks affect the guest's experience and the overall reputation and financial viability of the business. The findings of the report suggested that front desk managers are one of the most significant roles in a hotel establishment, and they oversee a diverse range of activities such as resolving guests' problems, training and development, and ensuring implementation of house rules and hotel policies. They are also involved in every stage of the guest's life cycle which gives them significant influence over the experience of the client and the business performance. Moreover, since they have direct influence over the quality of service delivered in the establishment, their level of effectiveness can have both negative and positive impact on the service delivery and overall reputation and bottom line of the hotel. Therefore, in the present report, it has been identified that front office managers are one of the most important roles in hotel management, guest loyalty, and customer satisfaction.


Executive Summary


Job description

Position Summary

Impact on the Guest Experience

Involvement in the Guest Cycle

Impact on Business Sustainability




Job Description for Front Office Manager / Front Desk Manager

Introduction to Rooms Division Management Report

The rooms division is one of the most important aspects of any hospitality establishment, as it represents the vital areas of hotel operations, namely, housekeeping and front desk. This facilitates the guests to form the first and last impression of the establishment (Kimes, 2016). This is the first point of contact that guests have with the hotel as a result; it has a significant effect on the review and profit of the hotel. This report presents a review of the job role of a front desk manager and the way they directly or indirectly impact the experience of clients. This report also analyses the way their action can positivity or negatively impact the finances and reputation of the hotel.

This report assumes that the business needs of the client include finding a hotel that can allow them to conduct live-in conferences and events.

Job description

Position Summary

A front desk manager directly reports to the assistant manager or general manager, and directly supervises all personnel of the front office in order to ensure proper execution of duties associated with the front office. Moreover, they are also responsible for coordinating and directing front desk activities, guest services, reservations, and telephone areas, along with preparing the budget and monthly reports of the front office department.

According to the job description, duties of front desk managers include answering customer questions, guiding and advising customers, offering customer support, and keeping the front office representative and clean (Meagher, 2017). These are important for the corporate client as managing office space is crucial to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Furthermore, since front desk staff is the point of contact with the guest, their effectiveness is important for making a good impression and for improving the hotel's reputation.

Since the client is aiming to host live-in conferences and events in the hotel, the tasks of front desk manager become especially important as front desk manager is the one who schedules the front office staff and supervises workload. Moreover, considering that such events will attract numerous guests, it is important to provide support and resolving problems efficiently and quickly (Kennedy, 2019). Front desk managers are responsible for such tasks, along with monitoring all V.I.P's special guests and their request is the responsibility of the front desk manager. They are also accountable for maintaining records of data and forecast the departure and arrival of guests on a daily basis to ensure smooth operations (Dinh, 2018).

Impact on the Guest Experience

Front desk managers can directly or indirectly have a significant impact on the experiences of guests. As a hotel front office manager, one is responsible for supervising and monitoring almost every aspect of hospitality experience related to guest satisfaction. Front desk staff is basically the face of the establishment which caters to the needs of guests from the moment they walk it until the final checkout (Dinh, 2018). Even a slight error in the daily operations of the front desk manager can result in major business loss and a negative image of the hotel. For instance, one of the basic services that a guest expects from hotel management is to understand their problems and resolve them in a timely manner. However, without a competent front desk manager hotels cannot provide such service which can be detrimental for the long term sustainability of the business.

Moreover, ineffectiveness in the execution of the front desk manager's responsibilities can also indirectly affect the guest experience, by providing a poor quality experience. For instance, as the job description mentions, front desk managers are also responsible for arranging staff schedules (Ivanova, Ivanov & Magnini, 2016). Hotels with 24 hours reservation service require efficient schedule management and in case the front desk manager cannot execute this task, the outcome can range from the poor level of guest service to loss of loyal guests. Similarly, during moments of truth which allows the guests to change the existing perception or form a new impression about the hotel, front desk managers are the ones who interact with guests, resolve their problems, guide them and their staff to give quality service (Faisal, 2018).

Involvement in the Guest Cycle

The guest cycle involves various stages through which a guest moves in the life of their relationship with the hotel. While hotel guests mainly go through four stages, namely, before arriving at the hotel, when arriving, while staying at the establishment and after departing. Comprehensively, the guest life cycles include the following stages (Henschel, Gruner & Von Freyberg, 2018);

  • Research
  • Booking
  • Pre-stay
  • Arrival
  • Occupancy
  • Check-out
  • Post-stay

As a front desk manager, one interacts with guests at mainly every stage of the cycle. Before the arrival of the guest, it is the responsibility of the front desk manager to ensure that reservations are made properly, with reconfirmation and pre-arrival letter. Front desk manager is also involved in the research stage as most of the time guest base their hotel choice on previous experience. In addition to this, the arrival stage includes room assignment process and registration which is the function of the reservation manager who directly reports to the front desk manager. In the case of walk-ins, the front desk manager gets involved as soon as a guest walk (Henschel, Gruner & Von Freyberg, 2018). In the occupancy stage, the manner in which the front office stage represents the hotel is quite significant. The front desk manager and the staff are responsible for coordinating guest requests, along with providing anticipatory services. The front desk manager is also involved in the departure stage in order to ensure that guests properly vacate their rooms and receive an accurate statement of settled accounts. Once guests, check out of the hotel, front desk staff, with the help of front desk staff, updates the status of the room and notifies the housekeeping department of the same (Ustrov, Valverde & Ryan, 2016).

Therefore, it can be said that the front desk staff interacts with guests throughout the guest's life cycle. Moreover, since the management of the front desk staff is the responsibility of the front desk manager, one can suggest that the front desk manager is involved in all key stages of the guest cycle.

Impact on Business Sustainability

Considering their active involvement in the guest cycle and the delivery of quality service, it is not surprising that front desk managers play a major role in the bottom line of business. Some managers are even responsible or daily billings and deposits, along with executing and negotiating vendor contracts. In addition to this, their duties can also include approving purchases, creating budgets, and setting room rates (Ustrov, Valverde & Ryan, 2016). Furthermore, in an indirect manner, their supervisory skills and training determine the quality of hotel's front desk staff which ultimately determines guest's happiness, and unhappy guests rarely return, The overarching role of a front desk manager is related to guest satisfaction and to ensure that the hotel delivers the best possible experience to the client (Ivanova, Ivanov & Magnini, 2016).

This in turn determines the long term financial viability of the business and the overall reputation of the hotel. Their impact on business finances is also enhanced by the importance of word of mouth in the hotel industry. Word of mouth is one of the most effective tools in terms of building trust and credibility for the hotel. Reputation and finances are mainly determined by the perception of guests and whether guests spread positive or negative information regarding the establishment. In this respect, since front desk managers are the ones who interact with client, ensure that their needs and wants are satisfied and that their problems are addressed in a timely fashion, they have direct influence over the way guest perceive the quality of hotel's services (Ivanova, Ivanov & Magnini, 2016).

Conclusion on Rooms Division Management Report

In conclusion, the report recognizes the importance of front desk managers in a hotel establishment. The job description suggests that front desk managers are a senior person with an establishment and are accountable for administrative support and staff support. Also, their responsibilities range from different types of tasks like making reservations, resolving guests' problems, and ensuring implementation of house rules and hotel policies. Their importance can be attributed to their direct or indirect involvement in every stage of the guest life cycle, Moreover, since they have direct influence over the quality of service delivered in the establishment, their level of effectiveness can have both negative and positive impact on the service delivery and overall reputation and bottom line of the hotel. Therefore, this report suggests that front office managers are one of the most important roles in hotel management, guest loyalty, and customer satisfaction.

References for Rooms Division Management Report

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