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Summary: Summarise the main issues identified in the case study that is relevant to the topic.
John works as a stage manager in Procter amp Gamble company. He has been working in the organization since the last four years. John is seeking to look for the change in his job role because over the span of four years he has not received any promotion. He is not satisfied with his current job. Job satisfaction is an important aspect of any job because it enables an employee to be enthusiastic about their working. Although, John has been very keen on achieving perfection. He posses good leadership and communication skills. A person with good leadership skills is believed to accomplish tasks efficiently with accuracy. However, John's perfection in tasks has been due to his obsessive-compulsion disorder. People with Obsessive-compulsive disorder tend to repeat things again and again. This is prohibiting John to take action regarding switching the job. Due to his obsession with achieving perfection daily work routine of John has been disturbed. It has cost him invest a lot of time. Despite possessing good leadership and communication skills his morale and productivity have been reduced significantly. Moreover, his willingness to achieve perfection has hindered him to tackle the tasks effectively and efficiently.

Advantages Describe the advantages and explain how they are relevant to the topic

Being having good leadership skills, John outperformed in all tasks being assigned. He developed new ways to motivate and influence his subordinates. He usually preferred to remain calm in worse situations and tackled the situation with ease. He helped his subordinates in performing their tasks. He was a constant source of motivation for his subordinates. Employee motivation is an important aspect of leadership. It helps to drive the functioning of the employees(Miner 2015). Being a stage manager, he competently accomplished all the errands. He was often appreciated by his subordinates for having calm and professional behavior. His subordinates often said that he listened to all their issues. It is important for a leader to be a good listener as it helps him to involve with the team on a granular level. He monitored his employees on a regular basis. Monitoring employees is important as it guides employees in projecting their energy in the right direction. John was a perfectionist in whatever work he did. He vigorously tracked his team for their work. His team as compared to other teams outperformed in their tasks due to strong guidance provided by John. It eventually contributed to the overall performance of the organization.

Disadvantages Describe the disadvantages and explain how they are relevant to the topic

Leadership is an important skill required for the functioning of a manager. It requires a manager to be punctual in his or her work. Since John had an obsessive-compulsive disorder of perfection, he took more than the given time to complete his work. He followed the autocratic leadership style, wherein opinions of employees were not given much importance. He dominated his subordinates. Employees prefer to work in a condition wherein they are given the freedom to work according to their routine. Compulsions and restrictions in a workplace often result in employee's disinterest in job(Sugie and Lens 2017). Subordinates working under John often reported about dominating leadership of John. John made his teamwork according to his own choices irrespective of the choices of team members. He monitored them constantly resulting in the instigation of differences. He, due to an obsessive-compulsive disorder of perfection necessitated his team to work with perfection. He proscribed even the slightest manipulation in the work. Obsessive disorder of imperfection results in an individual losing sight of the objective. Perfectionists are usually not acceptable socially, which is the reason why John was not appreciated by his subordinates. Due to detail-oriented working style of perfectionists, it becomes hard for their subordinates to cope up with such individuals.

Options Develop alternative courses of action for the manager and/or stakeholders could take that are relevant to the topic

Organizations should take into consideration the views of managers and volunteers. They are the ones who are well versed with the culture of the organization so they can assist in defining organizational goals. Apart from continuing to follow the goals, the organization should also make sure that the pillars of the organization which comprises leaders and managers are satisfied with their job. Job satisfaction is an important aspect related to professional work. Job satisfaction enables an individual to outperform in his or her tasks. If individuals are not satisfied with their job then it may result in a decline in their productivity. This may alter the overall performance of the organization. Organizations should organize events and programs to find out the interest of employees, managers, and volunteers. They should also reward employees and managers as a trifling level so as to keep them motivated for doing their work. Motivation is an important facet related to a job. Every person seeks motivation so as to continue doing work. In a professional environment, it is a crucial factor that energies the work of an individual.

Individuals who hold a reputed position in the company should be provided with health and counseling benefits. This is so because these people drive the organization. Therefore it becomes an important part to take into account the health and related aspects of these people and work over the same. Counseling sessions can be held in organizations to make managers at all hierarchical levels aware of the health issues. Any sort of disorder or illness talked about. Sessions should be organized where people can come and talk about their problems(Rashid 2016). This will help people to openly discuss their issues and freely admit their disorders.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder of perfection becomes a major hurdle in practicing leadership. Leadership is an integral and practical approach that involves certain skills to be incorporated. Apart from these skills, if an individual witnesses a certain disorder which becomes a hurdle in practicing leadership then it should be self-evaluated. Self-evaluation enables an individual to analyze his or her strengths and weaknesses. Organizations can also aid by conducting yearly surveys. To obtain precise information, these surveys can be conducted on a quarterly basis. Through this, the organization can stay updated with the problems faced by the employees and managers at a minor level. Organizations can use this survey to reach a conclusion and take further steps for the individuals needing help. These processes will not only benefit the individual but also the organization. This is so because all members of the organization contribute proficiently to the overall performance of the organization.
Recommendations Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and select the best option or combination of options to be taken in the short-term and long-term.
Short-Term (immediate action)

Organizations can take steps to conduct personality tests during recruiting individuals for a fabled position, especially for different levels of a managerial position. This is so because managers form an integral part of any organization and contribute efficiently to the inclusive performance of the organization. It thus becomes an important part to intake individuals for such positions prudently. Different managers at different levels require the potential to manage. Apart from this, they need to have a good personality and good leadership skills. Good leadership skills are important as it forms the basis of their duties to perform. Managers have to deal with different employees and diverse types of people. Stage managers are mid-level managers and are required for presentation and documentation of work. Leadership is an important part of the managerial function. They have to deal with many subordinates and have to accordingly. They must have all the skills required for effective leadership. They have Many subordinates working under them. Certain rules and standards must be set in the conscription and relevant exams which should be cleared by the candidate to achieve the job position (Noe et al. 2016). The recruitment process must include an analytical assessment that tests the suitability of the candidate for the position. The recruitment process will help the organization to filter the appropriate employees but the right type of employees will further help to elevate performance of the organization. So it becomes important for the organization to take into account personality tests so as to ensure their proficiency in the recruitment process and incorporate the preeminent aspirants.
Long-Term (training, policy, etc.)

A positive social environment is a vital part of an organization. It affects employee corporation. When employees get along with each other, it results in the construction of a good work environment. Employee and team cooperation is essential so as to allow a smooth flow of ideas and thoughts. Positive change within a work environment is driven by the proper positioning of leaders and employees. An organization must incorporate a good work environment. This helps to resolve any persisting issues between the employees and the leaders. So as to achieve any task, synchronization is very important. The working environment of the workplace is an integral factor by improving it, automatically the working conditions of the employees will improve. So as to improve the working environment, necessary steps can be taken by the organization. Organizations can customize interactive sessions, where employees and, managers can come together to interact. A healthy discussion will gradually eliminate all the issues being faced by the employees and managers. Interactive sessions will allow the employees to provide their feedback to the leaders. They can provide with necessary alterations that need to be incorporated by the leader. It will help a leader to work over the same and thus work in an efficient way. This will ultimately lead to an augmentation in the productivity of the team and eventually of the organization. Another important benefit of this organization is that it results in punctuality in the work. When there will be synchronization between the leaders and employees it will automatically result in punctuality in the completion of the assigned tasks.


Use the Harvard WesternSydU Style Guide to complete your reference list and type your reference list in alphabetical order authors LAST/SURNAME below
Please ensure that you use the textbook to cite and reference the case study as well as any theories used to support your arguments.
Miner, J.B., 2015.Organizational behavior 1 Essential theories of motivation and leadership. Abingdon Routledge.
Sugie, N.F., and Lens, M.C., 2017. Daytime locations in spatial mismatch Job accessibility and employment at reentry from prison. Demography, 54,2 775-800.
Rashid, A., 2016. Yonder Workplace violence, childhood obesity, somatoform disorders, and selfies. Br J Gen Pract, 66,648 374-374.
Noe, R.A., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., and Wright, P.M., 2017. Human resource management Gaining a competitive advantage. New York McGraw-Hill Education.


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