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Assessment 1 – Scope and Time Management Plan



Project goals and objectives 

Project scope statement 

Work Breakdown structure 

Project Schedule 




A comprehensive plan describes the objectives, target, goals, responsibilities of employees, timelines and milestones of specific events is known as management plan. Its main motive is to design the things in proper manner for overcoming the external and internal issues which might incurred during completion of any project (Pinto, 2013). Therefore, this part of project is going to highlight the process and phases of management plan with the help of appropriate case study of St. Dismas Medical centre. Mainly, entire project will outline the mission of health care association by focussing on its strategic initiatives. Thus, goals, scope, work breakdown structure and schedule of St. Dismas program of Assisted living facility will be covered in the assignment for enhancing the understanding about effective management plan. 


Project goals and objectives

In the given case study, St. Dismas is an urban medical organization whose main objective is to provide necessary health care services to the desired patients. It’s a non-profitable firm whose central motive is to concentrate on patient’s recovery of harshly damaged as well as ruinously ill. But, now-a-days this firm is observing a significant declining in admissions of patients due to which Board members have decided to implement some strategic changes at workplace for overcoming the incurred problems. Therefore, in Jan, 2019, management team such as; board team and M.D Fred Splient designs a plan for retreating in order to identify the future opportunities of Medical centre. As an outcome of retreat process, association requisite to focus on two main tactical initiatives one is short-run which is based on cost-effective while delivering to inpatient care whereas another is long run that tries to develop new events or services for establishing strong position of firm at marketplace. 

Consequently, M.D Fred Splient felt that his parent’s medical needs are increasing as they are facing number of health issues in their regular life. As a result, Fred had got an idea of campus expansion for improving the condition of hospital by analysing his parents condition. Furthermore, Fred has ordered their commercial expansion team to formulate a smooth estimation of possible profit on investment of an “assisted living facility”. Thus, foremost goal of management plan set by Medical centre is to expand their campus of health care for offering an outstanding facility to their patients or needy people (Too and Weaver, 2014). Their main objective is to design the facility as a freestanding apartment-like amenities with a comfortable joining to hospice for accessing to pantry and several hospital services. This facility is going to have almost 100 units in which nearly 15-30 units will have segmented as “heavy-assisted” and used by only heavily physical or medical disabled person. Apart from all this, rest other units are considered as “light-assisted” of larger apartments which are offered for those people who just need a minor medical or social interventions. Hence, some of the major objectives of this project are- 

  1. Improve the medical facilities for patients. 

  2. Enhance the image of St. Dismas health care organizations. 

  3. Expand the campus of health care. 

  4. Trying to offer instant medical service to the needy people.

  5. Maximization of revenue level. 

  6. Increment in survey in the clinic’s inpatient divisions. 

  7. Trying to offer the facility right next to the door. 

Hence, it has been understood that plan of St. Dismas is having a very broad objectives and goals for improving the existing circumstances of medical centre.  

Project scope statement

Assisted living facility program of St. Dismas having a very broad scope because its objectives are also very wide in order to fulfil the tactical initiative of association that is “business growth”. By considering the extent of flats, apparatus’s and definite proportion of heavy to light assisted units, Fred has forecasted that overall plan expense is going to fall in between $8,500,000 and $11,000,000 for building creation. This estimation covers the areas of; cost of property, fittings and connection of shielded to hospital. As a result, overall group has projected that net currency flow for overall mission is roughly $1,500,000 in a year. Fred is further requesting to Board members for giving a consent for designing a pro forma strategy which include a suggestion for preparing proposal in the context of heavy and light assisted apartments. In fact, board members need to conduct various executive sessions for acquiring the approval for this unique concept. 

Moreover, this project is going through an appropriate process and phases which begins from approval of board members, meetings with management team for discussing the plan, estimating the cost of overall assignment, asking with team members for selecting the areas for which they are going to handle henceforth. For instance; hospital edifice plan director is liable for constructing the facility whereas COO is appointing for managing the design of building, explaining the requirements for nourishment, services, housework, recruitment and strategy progress. Additionally, CFO is responsible for handling the funds for distinct area of project like; operations of amenities. Along with this, he is also involved in designing payroll and accounting systems which is required during project management plan. IS director is accepting the obligation of setting various telecommunications as well as information systems that needs during facilities (Kerzner, 2017). 

Hence, it has been assessed that this project is covering number of activities for attaining set goals and objectives because it’s a very costly as well as broad assignment due to which it requires number of things for managing distinct activities. In fact, St. Dismas Medical centre is having number of people whose are having different responsibilities in this project management in order to accomplish the activities in better way. Mainly, scope of project is too much wide which is shown in the plan through work breakdown structure as it will describe the accountabilities of several management players (Rosenau and Githens, 2011). 

 Work Breakdown structure

It’s a diagrammatic depiction of activities which is going to performed by various directors and members of plan for reaching set aims in a definite time frame. In fact, work break down structure helps overall association in understanding the facts about project because it consists of detailed cost estimation and provide an assistance to schedule development (Young, 2010). Thus, activities of “Assisted living facility” are distributed into various indispensable members which are discussed as follows- 

  1. Chief financial Officer (CFO) managing funds services during the project attainment. 

  2. Vice president for developing business and marketing to promote the objectives of medical centre across the regions. 

  3. Rehab facilities medicinal executive

  4. Scheme administrator for construction for wealth facilities

  5. Chief operations officer (COO) covers nurture, nourishment services and housework

  6. Leader of telecommunication and figures

  7. Director for maintenance amenities like; purchasing, stock, safety

  8. Two associates of panel of trustees. 

image sowing activities of Assisted living facility

As per the above work break down structure, it has been assessed that various activities of project are classified into various members and management team for accomplishing the distinct related task in a better manner. Above classifications aids Medical centre in directing various members to perform their assigned job role for minimizing the possibilities of future loss. Thus, Fred Splient is giving almost two months to their ALF project steering committee for developing the action plan as per assigned responsibility in assignment. Every member needs to include tasks, predecessors, required resources, accountable person, forecasted cost and successors. All these things need to covered by members whose are accomplishing distinct activities in goal attainment (Tian, Zhang and Peng, 2010).  

Project Schedule

Project schedule is a most appropriate technique through which board members and various department come to know about the activities that needs to be performed in a given time frames. Simply, it’s a communication tool which reflects indispensable works related with delivering of project (Kerzner, 2017). 

image depicting Project Schedule

image depicting Project Schedule

image depicting  Project Schedule

image depicting Project Schedule

image depicting Project Schedule

image depicting Project Schedule

All the above schedule shows the indispensable activities and process that requisite to followed by overall members of St. Dismas Medical centre for attaining strategic initiatives. 


From the above section of St. Dismas Medical centre, it has been concluded that an outstanding management plan is gone through suitable procedures, steps and phases for accomplishing set goals in a well-defined period. In fact, it supports in decreasing the chances of errors and loss by directing every employee as well as employers to perform their assigned job. 


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