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Reflective Essay Writing: Indigenous Australia

The colonialism and racial intolerance by legislative have led to the disadvantaged life of Indigenous Australians. Racial intolerance against Indigenous Australian increased with control by the government. The Indigenous population is poor than the rest of the Australian community with 2.4 percent of the total population (Walter 2016).The essay highlight the family, life, and education aspects of Indigenous Australian ‘s from the colonial area.

The aboriginal population has been subject to racism and subjected to limited access to health. The historical perspective shook me to the core with the writing in the book “Is it you Ruthie? “. The memoir is based on the depression years in Queensland’s Cherbourg Aboriginal Mission which became home to Ruth. The actions still have trauma in people and I too have experienced the same by the government. The 1897 Act resulted in the loss of family and damage to the social identity of the indigenous population. I felt angered by the act of Ruth being sent off to maids and denied education instead of forced to work at the white families (Hegarty 2003). Many aboriginal families had to move town due to poverty and lack of livelihood. The separation of a daughter with a mother made me realize the loneliness and sorrow of a young girl.

I observed that cultural identity has a sense of belonging and support with colonialism and imperialism shaped the history and events. Australia progressed at a rapid rate and established itself since colonist times. The aboriginal response challenged the freedom rider in NSW and the referendum that included Aboriginal as members of Australia (Plater 2015). The aboriginal people encounter problems with mainstream society and cultural barriers while some have accustomed self with language, many face difficulties with daily functioning with society. In the current society s judgment on color as the relation with an identity which is prominent today. The Aboriginal Torres and Strait island children have forcibly moved away from families and reflected the downpour and neglect of children in the early 1970s (Craig 2018)

The sudden act was uncalled for I had experienced the pain by Aborigines who were homeless and it linked with dispossession after their experience with exclusion due to exclusions. The traditional policies with the establishment and basic infrastructure services for health care were denied to the indigenous population (Andrews 2014)

The judgment passed on the colonial assumption are prevalent, unfortunately, my own account of stereotyping is fresh in my mind. Racisms has elements of society and culture with the identification of superiority by others on us. The indigenous Australians contemporary experience possesses challenges with internal political identity. The cultural policies have impacted indigenous people on integration and multiculturalism with the 1967 act of referendum. Development of effective cultural change is through culture understanding of Aboriginals that only gave privilege to white. I watched the movie Utopia by Pilger which described the poverty-stricken condition of the poorest area and broken healthcare system for indigenous people living (Pilger 2013). The movie displayed the condition of degradation of Indigenous Australian and the white population’s complacency. The connection with this film which shows the raw display of suffering and alienation in the events of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander who has by patience and sacrifice have been denied justice and provokes thoughts about fairness in the system (SMH 2014).

I was petrified and felt dismayed that no one is mentioned from the war memorial in Canberra and the sacrifice by the indigenous community. It highlights the suffering and racism by an Aboriginal islander who suffered alienation. The advocacy of the rights of Aborigines reflected shows the pain and dismay by the whites through the years with endangerment to health by violence causing casualty in the early years (Tatz 2016). The movie left us with questions for development and government role for Aborigines in Australia. The story of 225 years has changed but not moved drastically at the even level with other communities (Pilger 2013).

Systematic racism operates through inaction and neglect of rights of aborigines by the outcome of physical displacement resulting in instability and employment loss (Omi 2015). The measure for health improvement has been few as inequality in health treatment and facilities still very prominent. The government response and society measures are critical for availability and essential service rights target manner for goal determination for service at large scale. The historical perspective enlightened me with the change and discrimination suffered by the community. The history with cultural foundation and race by colonist invasion an displacement in Aboriginal and Torres and Strait Islander with the landscape with forceful removal in the colonized land and poverty-stricken homes caused by the government control (Flood 2019).

The book rightly represented the indigenous children's state and representation. The effect of police brutality and misappropriate intervention is still prominent in the state with juvenile detention and relative sensitivity by lack of empathy towards the disadvantaged community. The Australian government's formal policy from the period 1972 to 2005 count unsettle the status of Aboriginal people in giving them autonomy (Loughton 2019). In my view, the paternalistic policies which were established as best interest without consent created circumstances for discrimination. The marginalization and lateral violence are signs of major inequality over the years. The Aborigines Protection Act 1909 was created to protect aborigines and preserve their culture but this act led to legislation and state taking over access for land and culture (Craig 2018). Indigenous population were moved to the racial system The polices in the health system are one of the examples with inequality by failure to address the health and wellbeing resulting poor life expectancy of the Aboriginal population with decision-making power not central to the development

My strong belief for the wrongful oppression is proven by the Northern Territory intervention that shows the paternalistic views by the government by setting up for restricting activity and access to welfare for the indigenous population. The racial practice is removed with the criminalization of Aboriginal children with some practicing the removal of children from native families. The possessiveness shows indifference with Aboriginal lives with illness and sidelined with the incarnation and slow death by the system around society. In Australia, a historical perspective shows a regulatory context with aborigines and inhabitants wit self-identification with indigenous culture. The aggrieve overview and effective life as the majoritarian value affect the dark side of racism in Australia (Kowal 2015). The islander issues were subjected to lack of access, drug abuse in the country.

The education gap is monitored by the government and goals have been created for the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in decision making and education access for equitable outcomes through AEP. Education is lined with welfare and economic participation that impacts the livelihood and living standard. I have shared my concerns with the government for central operations to increase participation in education and the results are promising with an increase in 10% from last year in vocational and education program access (Australian government 2018).

The education access and previous provision for exclusion have majorly reduced for children's access to education. The significant increase in Aboriginal people participating in school and vocational programs with retention of students. The measured are affected by a postsecondary student in enrollment. The Australian state has responsibility for funding school administration and provide a framework for curriculum and promoting consistency with education access in the remote area and disadvantaged population (Kamaloni 2019). The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been granted special arrangements for Aboriginal education. The measures by government are positive but I believe they should strictly enforce any discrimination and promote experience sharing and community development programs for Aboriginal children.

The referendum has made an important change in the improvement and for formulating policies by the government that changed education and openness in the community is visible and effective as I am witnessing today. The region has witnessed an extensive change and I appreciate the government for inclusion and promotion of activities across. The denial of the past century has a scar with a crippling effect on schooling in the past with forced removal. The effect of cultural orientation on the Aboriginal affects the educational outcome and resilience that is enlarged due to cultural differences that the school environment provides them. The indigenous Australian faces social and hindrance in economic activity involvement with racial prejudice by the white community.

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