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Below is a list of documents in unstructured format that will be used to apply an index technique to convert them into an inverted index.

Doc 1:data science is field to use scientific method, process, algorithm, system to extract knowledge.

Doc 2:data mining is the process to discover pattern in large data to involve method at the database system.

Doc 3:information system is the study of network of hardware and software that people use to process data.

The following steps are followed to create an inverted index.

1.1 Stop Word Removal and Porters Stemming Algorithm;

Stop words removal

Removing stop words is the process of eliminating all the terms that are classified as stop words in all the three documents. This process results to the following documents;

Document 1: data science field use scientific method process algorithm system extract knowledge

Document 2: data mining process discover pattern large data involve method database system

Document 3: information system study network hardware software people use process data

Porters Stemming Algorithm

This algorithm involves removing suffixes from the terms making up the document. Removing suffixes from the terms making up each document is very useful in information retrieval. In most cases, terms with a similar stem have the same meaning thus considering a term like

Information Informative Informal Info

Considering the terms listed above, in information retrieval, optimal performance is achieved when terms like the ones stated above are conflated into one term. Conflating the list of terms listed above is achieved by removing the suffixes from the words resulting to only one term which will be connect in the case of the list above. Stemming words helps reduce the number of terms making a document which in turn reduces the complexity and size of the data thus improving the performance. The porter algorithm was made with the assumption that there is no stem dictionary and the goal of the task is to improve information retrieval performance. Applying the stemming algorithm to the documents achieved from removing the stop words will result to the following documents

Document 1: information discipline field practice logical technique system process structure abstract

Document 2: information withdrawal procedure learns design big information include technique database structure

Document 3: data structure study system hardware software persons practice procedure information

Vector Model and The Boolean Model Development - Question A

Merged Inverted List

To create the merged inverted list, the following steps are followed;

  1. Taking the final documents achieved after removing stop words and applying porters stemming algorithm then creating a table showing each term and the document the term is contained
  2. The table achieved in step 1 above is then taken and ordered in ascending order depending on the
  3. A merged list is created to show within document frequencies of each term as shown in the table

A great tool to perform this step is Microsoft Excel as it has automated most of the actions for example ordering the terms in ascending order.

Vector Model and The Boolean Model Development - Question C

Boolean Model

  1. Retrieve AND Search Results=Doc1 & Doc2
  2. Material OR Nature Results= Doc2
  3. Information AND Retrieve Results Doc1, Doc2 & Doc3

Vector Model and The Boolean Model Development - Question D

Vector Model Using Cosine Similarity

Q= (Information, system, index)

Doc 1

D1 = <3, 1, 0>

Q= <1, 1, 1>




7 3 = 1.15

Doc 2

D2= <2, 0, 0>

Q <1, 1, 1>

2x1+0x1+0x1 2


22+02+02 12+12+12 4 3 = 0.76

Doc 3

D= <1, 1, 0>

Q= <1, 1, 1>

a(D3,Q) = 1x1+1x1+0x1


= 2 3 = 1.07

Boolean queries and vector model comparison

The difference between Boolean queries and vector model is that Boolean queries show documents that are supposed to be returned based on a certain query but does not show the order in which the documents will be retrieved while vector model shows the documents that will be retrieved based on a query and shows the order in which they will be retrieved because it calculates the cosine similarity of the documents to the query thus the value achieved for each document can be used to show the order in which the documents are retrieved.

Innovation Concept Design of Decentralized Web Search Engine

1. Especially in applications indexing plays a pivotal role, for instance, e-commerce sites. Suppose that the user is searching to purchase another sack on an e-commerce site. User type in the search query and user want to see to the scope of choices that users would prefer to select from. Nevertheless, users stuck looking a blank screen for the following 15 mins because of the unprecedented of indexing, user waiting for the applicable information will stack or far worse, the user gets everything going from garments to gadgets as an answer to user’s result. On the web given the quantity of option e-commerce websites, I profoundly question that you'd be happy to quietly stick around rather than signing onto a quicker one.

This is the significant point that an organization should observe or take note of where they wind up losing clients. A basic case of no-indexing can end up being a significant hole in the income and altogether shrink your main concerns

This blog investigates Indexing, its design, types, and how it impacts speed.

It speaking technically, an index is a duplicate copy of chosen columns of data or information from a table that can be looked through proficiently. Even though indexing ads a few overheads as additional composes and additional storage area to keep up the record data structure, the key focal point of actualizing list – in different accessible manners – is to improve the query instrument.

In federative key SQL the organized queries don’t contain “from” clause. They only characterize the key-object structure of the reaction in the “select” condition, alongside the inquiry models in the "where” clause. The queries are not labeled with any specific logical or physical information source. This is the query reflection autonomy guideline of the organized search.

The qualifying process and accepting process give reactions to the queries that have no connection to the number of information suppliers or data sources that take part in answering questions. New information sources or information suppliers can be included or removes whenever, or may simply stop giving answers to all or a few queries – this is primarily straightforward for the clients.

Clients are isolated from information sources and can't roll out any improvements to the data. Only the one who access the data source who provides the data or data provider and can select what data or information could be provided for a given query or a given security setting of a query. Neither clients nor the combining framework in essence should know about the structure or the content of the information sources, or to index the information sources in any capacity.

3. Web search tools have three essential capacities:

Slither: Scour the Internet for content, investigating the code/content for every URL they find.

Record: Store and compose the substance discovered during the creeping procedure. When a page is in the file, it's in the hurrying to be shown therefore to significant inquiries.

Rank: Provide the bits of substance that will most intelligently answer a searcher's question, which implies that outcomes are requested by generally pertinent to least applicable.

Web Crawling

This is the method by which web crawlers can discover what is distributed out on the World Wide Web. Creeping is replicating what is on-site pages and over and over checking the huge number of pages to check whether they are changed and make a duplicate of any progressions found.


When a creepy-crawly has crept a site page, the duplicate that is made is come back to the web crawler and put away in a server farm. Server farms are tremendous, reason assembled assortments of servers that go about as a vault of all the duplicates of website pages being made by the crawlers. Google possesses many them specked far and wide, which it monitors intently and which are among the most greetings tech structures on the planet.

The Algorithm

At long last, we have a tremendous assortment of website page duplicates which are in effect continually refreshed and sorted out so we can rapidly discover what you are searching for. However, we need a method by which they can be positioned arranged by significance to your pursuit term – this is the place the Algorithm becomes possibly the most important factor.

4. For framework engineers, they need framework design graphs to comprehend, explain, and impart thoughts regarding the framework structure, and the client prerequisites that the framework must help. It's an essential structure that can be utilized at the framework arranging stage, helping accomplices comprehend the design, talk about changes, and convey aims.

An all-around planned framework engineering graph format made with E-draw design chart programming is given underneath. Snap the image to gain admittance to the download page and spare it for future use.

Search engines

  • Yahoo.com search engine
  • Google Search engine

A. Selected Target

Target 2: Online education expanding, awaits innovation.

B. Queries

  • Q1= High tech global Online Education Expansion
  • Q2= high tech global Innovation

C. List your target, results and designed search queries

Google Search engine


Green ------ = precision White ------ = recall


Green ------ = precision White ------ = recall

E. Average comparison


Green ------ = precision White ------ = recall

According to the average comparison of Bing and Google for the 2 queries, Google is better than Bing.com because it is more precise as seen with precision values and it has a higher recall value compared to Bing. The number of documents retrieved by Google for both queries that are related to the search query is higher than Bing thus making Google better than Bing.

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