Prepare Food to Meet Special Dietary Requirements - Task 1

Customer 1: Vegan

Customer profile

The customer is a strict vegan due to philosophical beliefs and a bowel condition. The bowel condition requires the consumption of reasonably high levels of fiber in every meal.

Meal period



Menu options

1. Black Beans and Rice

2. Chickpea Curry

3. Vegan Bean Taco Filling

4. Cuban Black Beans


1. Black Beans and Rice are a great source of fibre along with protein.

2. Chickpeas have a variety of health benefits like it have a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and fibre.

3. Beans, along with Taco, provides a rich source of fibre and essential vitamins.

4. Cuban Black Beans are the significant sources of fibre, and it can be a staple food for a vegan.


Customer 2: Coeliac condition

Customer profile

The customer has a high intolerance to all foods containing gluten. Even small amounts can cause severe discomfort.

Meal period

Dinner- three-course meal of entrée, main course, and dessert


Menu options

1. Gluten-Free Baked Chicken Tenders

2. Gluten-Free Cheese and Herb Pizza

3. Vegan lemon cheesecake


1. It is a rich source in protein and gives strength.

2. It is a rich source of fats and can be easily digestible.

3. It is a rich source of vitamins.

Prepare Food to Meet Special Dietary Requirements - Task 2

  1. If the special dietary requirements are not maintained, it will lead to allergic symptoms and diarrhoea in the patient.
  2. The ingredients in the recipe are cheese, pasta, white sauce, garlic, salt, and sugar to taste.
  3. The ingredients like pasta, salt, and sugar meet the customer's dietary requirements. It will help in maintaining a perfect balance in the diet.
  4. The ingredients like cheese and garlic do not meet the customer's dietary requirements.
  5. The recipe can be modified according to the dietary requirements of the customers. The modified recipe will consist of cornflour, water, pasta, black pepper, salt, and sugar to taste. It will be a plain pasta soup.

Ingredients excluded





black pepper

  1. Simmering cooking techniques have been used for ensuring the nutritional value at its optimum level. The food has been prepared in a pot over the stove on a low flame. It retains the nutritional value along with complete cooking.
  2. High carbohydrate, high energy, low salt, and Hindu.
  3. The recipe needs no modification for people those have chewing problem. Still, the recipe can be modified to meet the dietary requirements. The texture can also be changed by changing the application amount of ingredients.

Prepare Food to Meet Special Dietary Requirements - Task 3

  1. The ingredients that are high in fat and the high salt amount must be removed from the ingredients. The ingredients like Potato, Salt, Ghee, and White rice must be removed from the list. Replacing ghee with butter, white rice with brown rice, salt with rock salt, and potato with onion.
  2. The five guidelines are stated below: -
  1. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
  2. Enjoying a wide variety of nutritious foods from the five food groups.
  3. Limit the intake of foods that have saturated fat, added salt, alcohol, and added sugars.
  4. Supporting and Encouraging breastfeeding.
  5. Care for food and safe storage.


Food group


Recipe Ingredients

Legumes and Vegetables

High in protein and fibre

Various types of vegetables


High in fibre

various types of fruits

Cereal Foods

High in carbohydrates

Rice, Wheat

Meats, nuts, and beans

High in protein

Fish, poultry, tofu

Dairy products

High in lactic acid, fat, and protein

Milk, yogurt

  1. No
  2. The ingredients do not match with this all.

Prepare Food to Meet Special Dietary Requirements - Task 4

1. The list includes tomato juice, egg, milk solids, natural colour (carotene), and parmesan cheese.

2. Three types of religious diets that do not allow this dish is Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

3. It is suitable for a high protein diet as it contains eggs, cheese, and beef.

Assessment A


a. Hunger

b. Appetite

c. Taste

d. Culture

e. Education

f. Mood

g. Availability

i. cost

j. Attitude

2. Protein deficiency

a. Fatty liver

b. Infection vulnerability

c. Degenerated skin

d Growth deficiency

3. Vitamin and mineral deficiency

a. Scurvy-Lack of vitamin C

b. Rickets-Vitamin D

c. Week teeth and bones-Calcium

4. Five Australian dietary guidelines:

a. Nutritious food and drink

b. Variety of nutritious food

c. Limiting eating salty and high-fat foods

d. Supporting breastfeeding

e. Storing food products safely

5. a. Enough amount of nutritious foods.

b. Sufficient amount of nutritious foods with high fibre.

c. Sufficient amount of Nutritious foods.

6. Food groups

a. Vegetable

b. Meat and poultry

c. Milk and dairy products

d. Cereals

e. Fruits

7. Fluid for adults-3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women

8. a. Omega 3 and 6 food source-egg and fatty fish (salmon, sardines)

8.b. Calcium-milk, tofu

8.c. Iron-baked potato, cashew nuts

8.d. Dietary fiber-oranges, nuts

8.c. Proteins-Meat, milk

8.e. Proteins-Meat, milk

9. Macrobiotic Foods-Whole grains like brown rice and barley. Vegetables like bean products and seaweed.

10. Older People have chewing problem and digestive problem and thus they need their food to be modified.

11. Differences:

a. Vegans-eats foods excluding animal and dairy products (meat, fish, egg, milk)

b. Lacto vegetarians-Eats plant-based foods and dairy products

c. Ovo vegetarians-Eats plant-based food and eggs (excludes dairy products)

d. Lacto-ovo vegetarians-Eats grain, fruits, vegetables and eggs (excludes fish and meat)

12. Vegetarian Hindu - Vegan and Lacto-Vegetarian

13. Second one because other foods doe not follow the religious guidelines of kosher food.

14. Answer is "b"-Tofu stir fry with rice is halal because option "a" contains white wine sauce (haram) and option "c" contains prawn that is not advisable for Muslims.

15. Avoid-rice flour, soybean oil, sugar, salt, potato starch and yeast

16. Decreasing the use of glucose containing ingredients.

17. Food allergy-it is a reaction within the immune system that starts after eating some specific foods.

18. Food Intolerance-It occurs when individuals cannot digest some particular type of foods.

19. It is a life-threatening reaction of allergy. It occurs from bee stings or peanuts.

20. A change observed in the body when the drug is taken along with certain foods.

21. Milk, Tree nuts, eggs, Wheat and Soy.

22. It helps in excluding the diet that can cause adverse effect in the individual.

23. a. Birth control pills and AIDS medicines

b. Drugs for nausea.

c. Drugs for diabetes or stopping bleeding.

26. When liaising with customers, it should be cleared that:

a. Allergic issues

b. Religious issues-Hinduism, Islamic diet (Halal) or Jewish diets (Kosher)

c. Intolerance

27. Coeliac (Lebwohl, Sanders, & Green, 2018)

a. Gas

b. Heartburn

c. Bloating

d. Joint pain

Food allergy (nut allergy)

a. Swelled lips

b. Throat tightening

c. Rash and itchy skin

d. Stomach pain

28. This product is "OK" for vegans because it does not contain any animal or dairy type products.

29. The product is "OK" for customers with Gluten allergies as it does not contain wheat, rye, or barley type ingredients.

30. Peanut oil does not contain the peanut protein, so it is OK for the customers to have peanut allergies (Togias, et al., 2017).

31. The product is OK and safe for customers having soybean allergies because it does not contain any kind of soy product.

32. The product is no-Kosher as it contains "peanut oil" is not rendered as kosher.

33. The role of artificial colors added to food is (Akogou, Besten, Kayodé, Fogliano, & Linnemann, 2018):

a. Artificial colours replace the food colour which is lost due to temperature issues, humidity, and storage conditions.

b. Correcting the natural food colour.

c. Protecting the food flavor from damage.

Role of Preservatives:

a. It is added to food products to fight from bacterial infections.

b. Keeps the food fresh for an extended period.

c. Slowdown the changing of food colour.

d. Prevents "rancidity," which creates bad odours in food products.

34. a. Monosodium Glutamate is one of the top flavour enhancers (Trade name-Ajinomoto)

b. Beans and Raspberries (Trade Name-Beta-Carotene)

35. Three places to access recipes are:




36. Restricted foods for kidney patients are:

a. Canned foods

b. Tomato

c. Whole grains

d. Fast food

e. Salty food

f. Nuts

g. Potato

h. Dairy products

i. Banana

j. Avocado

k. Processed meat

37. Gluten-free substitutes for chocolate mud cake are:

a. Coconut flour

b. Hazelnut flour

c. Quinoa flour

Low sugar substitutes (Mäkinen, 2017):

a. Maple syrup

b. Honey

c. Fruit concentrates

d. Molasses

38. Sequence and tasks

1.Sequence 1=Task 1

2. Sequence 2=Task 4

3. Sequence 3=Task 2

4. Sequence 4=Task 5

5. Sequence 5=Task 3

39. Dry sherry is needed to be excluded from making this dish as it contains alcohol and does not meet the customer's need requesting for a halal meal.

40. Three ingredients that will be substituted are

a. Dry sherry-could be replaced with Port wine, Vanilla extract, Apricot juice

b. Pouring cream-could be replaced by olive oil, soy milk, or yoghurt

c. Sour Cream-It is highly fatty and could be replaced with buttermilk, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt

41. a. Substitute for butter- The first one is Ghee that does not contain lactose. Moreover, nut butter or banana (mashed) could be used as a substitute for ensuring optimum nutritional quality.

b. Milk substitute-With maintaining the nutritional quality, milk could replace with soy milk, oat milk, or cashew milk that are dairy-free and does not contain lactose.

c. Yoghurt substitutes-lactose free yoghurt could be replaced with coconut cream or "silken tofu."

42. a. Washing the utensils with hot water

b. Properly washing hands with soap and water.

c. Avoid substituting ingredients

43. Three cooking techniques to maximize nutritional value are (Liu, Zheng, Wang, & Chen, 2019):

a. Roasting the ingredients

b. Grilling

c. Cooking in the microwave oven

44. Three ways to present food appealingly and attractively:

a. The first thing that should be maintained is cleanliness

b. Selecting the proper plate to serve the right dish

c. Avoid overcrowding the plate

45. Controlling portions for special diets:

a. Maintaining the amount of calorie

b. It encourages people to eat more without worrying about health issues.

c. Improves digestive quality and balance the level of glucose and fat.

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