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Table of Contents

Identifying your puzzle 

Clarifying Your Purpose 








Identifying your puzzle

The ideas to implement the CCI and IT in the medical field includes meeting with the nurse manager, targeted as a protocol application that needed to prepare. The first initiative that needs to implement would be to ensure accurate and perfect services which are being requested to assist in establishing study worksheet and other collaborators to ensure the smooth coordination and execution of the programs (Fischer, 2016) The main issue that is faced mostly by unhealthy community, shortage in communication with the physicians and nurse.

The clinics can be improved by eliminating all the preventable harm that can result in the severe effects of the patients. The hospitals should be sustained for increasing g more healthy practices to get the patient's satisfaction (Bray, 2015). However, from the last couple of years, the techniques in the hospitals have been dramatically changed patients' safety protocols to show the continuous moths of zero errors in multiple domains. To achieve these goals, it comes down based on transforming the outcomes for every patient. 

The puzzle mostly got positive reasons because implementing the IT and CCI in terms of medical application is that most of the responses can be tracked by accessing the computer database of the patients. It increased patient care to a greater extent. Along with improving the public health factors. It also helped to reduce health care costs. Along with the improved access to the big data with a centralized data point with a slight risk of low medical records being getting hacked.

 Clarifying Your Purpose

The main purpose of the puzzle is to imply organizational inclusiveness and careful implementation of workplace culture. However, it is essential to note that it would be used for the identification and mitigation of specific issues as well.

Our patients would: The patients would be treated with utmost dignity and safe maintaining all levels of standard care practices (Balaguer et al., 2017).

Our staff would: The staff would be giving their best to provide the best possible care to the associates. The practices as in the workplace would also be important and notable factor.

Our service would: The provided service would be the best as per the possible standard and would be initiated as per the requirements.

The stated puzzle allows the visible aspect of the entire business standard for the purpose of the business organization. It is important to note that though the aspect be noted to be of the care industry. The function would be regarding the wider prospect of the entire workforce deliverables. The puzzle would allow a detailed analysis of the team engagement aspect and allows to see the bigger picture associated.


It is essential to note that the evidence to the entire or the necessary changes would be specifically maintained with the changing requirements. Therefore, it is important to understand that every such requirement of the industry needs to be understood and thus crude understanding would do no good for the stated business establishment. However, the suggested changes would only be implemented while the changes are established and specifically be understood. The aspect of anchoring the charges after being implemented is of utmost importance.

The aspect of any event is always denoted with the significance and the weightage of the concerned event. Thus, while the changes are made or the events take place, some notable alteration are observed. Thus, resulting in the notable aspect of the entire system or the workflow (Arc-Chagnaud et al., 2019).

The changes that needs to be made in a support facility is often grouped with the variable aspect of the changing requirements. Thus through the solved puzzle, if there are any notable or required changes in the workflow, the changes are precisely made. Thus, keeping to the requirements.

It is specifically important to be able to provide specific sources based on the proposal as required. However, it is important to note that most proposals would certainly contain the possible aspect of new ideas to be formed. Thus, sourcing data from open sources would be specifically unreliable. Therefore, the need of inclusion of reliable sources of data would be highly important for the completion of a specific proposal as desired (Leso, 2018).

The evidences that would be necessary for proposal and to support them would be directly related to the field of study. The evidences would be specifically mentioned as the supporting physical data, thus, justifying the needs of the conditional or the unconditional data. However, the proposal does go through a contemporary need of research, therefore depending on the specific research the evidence or the need of the evidence may specifically vary (Rosas et al., 2018).

The evidence which would be provided along the entire proposal would be specifically important for the approval or the disapproval of the mentioned. Thus, the evidence provided needs to be rock solid which would be justifiable and would directly relate to the tasks which needs to be initiated. The approval of the proposal would be specifically important as that would be the first step towards the ambitious goal. The strength of the possible evidence as provided with the proposal would be generalised at the prime success of the entire venture (Ferrari et al., 2018).

The evidence that would support the answer or the solution to the particular puzzle would be projected at the acceptable to the provided solution. Thus, affecting the feasibility of the same.


The most common people that will be interested in engaging with the implementation of the IT implementations will be the stakeholders, the staff, and all the people working in hospitals along with patients.

The peoples that would be interested in the involvement of this puzzle will be the staffs of the hospitals, doctors, and even all the patients. 

The key partners that need to be involved during the engagement process are the medical staff, the technicians who mostly handles the database of the patients, and all the employees.

The most important person that needs to involve during the consultation of the development process include the head doctors and the nurses who mainly interacts mostly with the patients (de Francisco Shapovalova, 2015)

Each and every person is included in the list so that at the time of consultation, Everyone's perspective needed to be heard in order to develop the facility.

The impression that would be focused is treating the patient well, which is considered to be the right thing to do because good experience with the patients can relate better health outcomes. 

There are satisfied precondition during engaging with the development is that development in health care along with the IT sector do improve in taking care of the patients (Gupta, 2016)

Considering the attitude of there is one solution which can help a lot in improving the behavior and the work performances along with the mental and emotional stability. 

Previously I have tried to engage with one of the most similar issues to develop the health care plan for the local peoples who cannot afford to pay for their expensive surgery or treatments.

As the idea is obvious, and the purpose of this puzzle reflects. There are no questions involved further.

The positive impacts of development tools in health care are.

Improved medication and treatment of the patients.

However, the negative impacts that are mostly considered are:

Failed technology can cause patients to live.


As this puzzle would be the most major term in developing health care, the first time will be given to the patients in treating their critical situation. 

Indeed, the staff and the people that have coped with the refining capacity do deal with this puzzle. 

As the purpose is fully transparent, there are no further questions involved.


The inclusion of observation helps to measure the changes in the health care organization. Moreover, to measure the significant changes in the health care organization (Ben Ammar, M., Mandil & El-Feky, 2016). Communication plays a pivotal role. It had been observed the integration of CCI had enhanced the practice development of the nurses. Hence it had been observed the configuration of Health IT and CCI had enhanced the technological factors of health care organization (Burgess & Mellis, 2015). Moreover, the inauguration of observation skills helps to clarify the importance of CCI and health IT in health care organizations. Thus it had been measured.

The patient feedback is the most important aspect to evaluate the value of the changes that had been occurred in the health care organization. It also had to identify patient preferences, needs. The fulfillment of the patient's needs, wants also help to estimate the changes had enveloped the positive feedback.

Work motivation had been underpinned as the major aspect to identify the changes that had occurred in the staff. It also had been observed the perpetuation if Health IT and CI had made the task easier for the nursing staff and Health care professionals (Lawrence et al. 2017).

The enhanced potential service had been synthesized as the major aspect, which helps to inaugurate the efficacy of the changes in the health care organization.

 The patient feedback and the annual expenditure of the health care organization had been identified as the major data to evaluate the efficacy of changes.

The data can be collected from the patients, staff of the health care organization. These are the efficient data which help to inaugurate the positive execution of Health IT and CCI in health care organization.

The specific information about the CCI and Health It had been collected. Moreover, the patient feedback also had been collected (Kananga, 2018). 

In the end of the entire data collection, the accurate patient preference would be known. Moreover, the significance of CCI and Health IT also would be known after collecting the information.

Yes, the questions are-

What is the importance of Health IT and CCI in health care organizations?


The involvement of the patient-centered medical data helps to facilitate the engagement process of the health IT in the health care organization.

The CCI process had to develop to influence people's engagement process. Moreover, communication plays a pivotal role in enhancing people's engagement in health is an organizational context.

Seeking advice had been identified as a significant aspect to reinforce the CCI process and Health IT in the health care organization (Law & Rowe, 2018).  The seeking advice from the nursing staff and the health care professionals had been synthesized as a useful purpose to evolve the execution value of Health It and CCI in the health care organizational context.

The inauguration of teamwork helps to influence communication with the team about the purpose (Mandil et al. 2016). It had been identified as the most effective mobilizing support for the entire team to execute the operation according to the new plan in the health care organization. 

Yes, the inauguration of CCI and Team-based Care help to evolve the servicing capabilities of the health care organization.


The accuracy of team management and optimizing the CCI process assist in prevailing in the servicing accuracy of the nursing staff and the health professionals in the health care organization.

The exaggeration of team-based care helps to influence the servicing skills of the health care professionals and nursing staff in the health care organization (Malik & Mahjour, 2016).

The enhancement of collaboration, communication, and dedication of the team members help to intensify the value of CCI in the health care organization. 

“We would like to discuss with you how we may work together around a proposal to …enhance the value of health care organization.

to achieve the CCI and health IT in the health care organization.

The reason for undertaking this proposal is to envelop the Health It and CCI in the health care organizational context

and we hope that working together, and we may be able to generate a solution which is beneficial to us all and the clients for whom we care." 

The meeting had to be conducted to communicate about the message with all the team members of the proposal. 

We are proposing to engage around the puzzle of ‘how can we……develop the services of the health care organization. 

The purpose of engaging around this puzzle is to identify the efficacy of CCI and Health It in the context of health care organization. ……………………

We hope that by finding solutions for this puzzle, our patients, staff, and service would benefit in the following ways…

  They would utilize the exaggerating caregiving process.

They also can fulfill their needs, wants preferences. ….

The evidence that we have to support our belief that this puzzle is important is…to evaluate the significance of the CCI system health IT in the context of health care organization.

The evidence that we have to support our belief that this puzzle is important is…to evaluate the significance of the CCI system an health IT in the context of health care organization.

Evidence that we still need to collect includes…staff feedback. 

The people/services that we have identified as most important to this puzzle are…patient services, and we think that we will need to engage directly with the nursing staff and the health care professionals to seek solutions for this puzzle.

We have identified the following features of the current context as being important to supporting the puzzle because it had enhance the capability of CCI and Health IT…………………..

We have identified the following features of the current context as potentially getting in the way of successful engagement with this puzzle…it had identified the capabilities of the CCI and Health It in the health care organization.……………

We propose evaluating any changes generated through the process by…enhancing the teamwork and optimization of Health IT in the health care organization. ……..

In order to facilitate the initial engagement of key stakeholders with the puzzle, we will communicate the puzzle by enhancing the collaboration and communication with the entire team members.……………..


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