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  • Subject Name : Sociology

Sociology Assignment

Table of Contents


Concept of sociology.

Brief description on power

Sociological approaches.

Power at micro and macro level

Structural power

Effects of power on class, age and gender



Introduction to Sociological Interpretation of Social Problems

This given context is responsible for portraying a brief idea about the concept of sociology. Also, the sociology is considering a study which is responsible for the delivery of several types of information following the life of human beings as well as with communities. Moreover, sociology provides a clear image of the social stability following the radical changes of the society. This given context is responsible for summarizing the concept of power following sociology in a brief form (Katsora, 2020). The given context also provides the approaches of sociology with the help of power. After that, the researcher has also involved structural power with this given context to make an effective conclusion.

Concept of Sociology

Also, sociology has been considering as an exciting as well as illuminating study which in turn, provides different explanations following human social relations. Following that, sociology is renowned for its diverse matter which in turn, consider as a wide range from religion to divisions of the race (Dobrinskaya, 2020). As per the concept of sociology, it is known that the selected topic has been divided into two categories or level commonly known as personal level as well as societal level. Following the personal level of sociology, the sociologists are responsible to investigate the matter based on racial as well as gender equity, family conflict and also aging and religious faith (Walby, 2020). On the other hand, sociologists have considered societal level based on wealth and poverty, discrimination as well as urban community and last but not the least social movements. 

A Brief Description of The Power

As per the concept of sociology, power has been considering as a key concept. Following that, several types of research have shown different concepts of power following sociology. As per the concept of Weber’s definition, power can control different types of events as well as resources which in turn, help the party to get a win against the obstacles or resistance (Kacerauskas, 2017). As per the concept of Webinar, power of sociology has been derived from different types of authority such as traditional, charismatic as well as rational (Richter and Wunsch, 2020). Following traditional power, Britain’s queen is a great example. This is because she presents a higher monarchy. On the other hand, a spiritual leader has been considered a great example of charismatic power in terms of sociology. This is because spiritual leaders have the abilities to influence the community. Moreover, rational power is responsible for delivering a brief idea about the actions between higher authority and its subordinates.

As per the concept of sociology, power can dominate its subordinates based on few facts. These factors are commonly known as the social class as well as relations of productions. Following the concept of sociology, capitalism or capitalist value has considering as one of the most crucial factors. This is because, capitalism divides the people into two groups such as the ruling group as and working group (Solovyov, 2019). Other studies on sociology have shown that the power of human being is not fixed. However, the power of the ruling community shall be increased or decreased.

Sociological Approaches

As per the concept of sociology, the sociologists are responsible for criticized the social phenomena at different levels to get the most appropriate as well as concrete interpretations. Following the concept of sociology, there are presences of three most important theoretical perspectives which are described in the following manner

  • Symbolic perspectives interactionism

Under the concept of sociology, the first perspective is also known as symbolic interactionism which is responsible for the incorporation of daily symbols of every day’s life. Following the symbolic perspectives, people are responsible for tracing the interpretations of the incorporated symbols (Fischer-Lescano, 2020). Following that, the verbal conversations involve predominate symbols by which, people can have the idea to act.

  • Functionalist perspectives

Following the concept of sociology, a functional perspective is also called functionalism interdependent actions for the whole society. Sociologists have considered the functionalism approach as social cohesion which in turn, involves two solidarity such as mechanical solidarity and organic solidarity. Mechanical solidarity involves the concept when the people of society have been engaged with similar beliefs and work (Fischer-Lescano, 2020). On the other hand, organic solidarity incorporates the interdependent rules when people of society have different values as well as beliefs.

  • Conflict theory

Following that, the conflict theory of sociology portrays delivers the changing perspective of nature. Henceforth, it can be said that this selected theory is responsible for providing a negative view or image to society. Also, this type of theory portrays the confliction in between any groups which in turn, reflect on the inequality of the society (Navarro et al., 2020). Besides, sociologists have been able to show that the selected perspective of sociology has given its limelight on a few elements. These elements are commonly known as altruism, efforts of humanitarian, civil rights and many more. The selected perspectives also reflect on the capitalistic designs to hold control with masses.

Power at The Micro and Macro Level

The given context provides a clear image of the theoretical approaches with the help of power concept. Following that, the power in sociology has been studied with the help of macro and micro realms. Generally, sociologist considers the macro power of sociology as a large scale social processes which in turn, have delivered reflect on two important factors of sociology (MolaAbasi et al., 2020). These factors are commonly known as social stability as well as social change. On the other hand, micro-level power of sociology considers as small scale interactions which in turn, affect different factors of society such as group dynamics as well as conversation (Barreto et al., 2020). Also, the macro and micro level of power of society help the sociologist to study on a societal level and personal level respectively.

Following that, both studies such as macro level and micro level of power have considered with few benefits as well as challenges. The macro analysis provides a large scale data or information with the risk of presences of trends at abstract entities. On the other hand, the micro level study helps the sociologists to do the study on the ground analysis (Liu Robinson and Vedlitz, 2020). However, this type of analysis cannot be able to influence other’s behaviour. 

Structural Power

As per the context of sociology, structural power is responsible for mitigating the gap in between the existing social concepts. Henceforth, it can be said that the primary focus of structural power relies on the importance of sociology in terms of social level. Following that, structural power has been considering as the revitalizing power to operationalize the overall society. Moreover, the structural power has been developed based on interdependence concept (Katsora, 2020). By the sociology, structural power has the capability or power to design or develop the framework, which in turn, help them to identify the ways of work. Moreover, resources, as well as resource power, can influence the structural power.

Effects of Power on Class, Age and Gender

It is known that our society has been suffered through different types of problems or issues. Following that, the sociologists have been able to identify the power per class, age and gender in the society. It is known that society has been considered two different categories such as ruling parties and their subordinates. Following that, the ruling parties have a higher level of power per the work. It is known that power cannot be fixed with an individual. However, the level of power shall be increased or reduced under time (Albalooshi et al., 2020). Following the sociology, the aging process is known as social maturation. These types of maturation come with experiences of the human being. Besides, the aging factor can hamper different elements of society such as social security, socio-cultural activities as well as health.

As per the context of the sociology, issues by gender can be represented as one of the persistent issues. These types of inequality pattern in between men and women can generate sociological problems. It is known that gender relations are commonly known as power relations. Henceforth, gender equality has the power to tend to social inequality. For instance, women are lacking in influences to make decisions in the political department.

Conclusion on Sociological Interpretation of Social Problems

This given context provides a clear image of the impact on power per sociology. The researcher has been able to incorporate different sociological approaches which in turn, provide brief information about its impact. Following that, the researcher has put the effects of power in terms of class as well as age and gender as per society.

References for Sociological Interpretation of Social Problems

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