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Introduction to Public Health Informatics

Globally the social media is orienting for the better future and how the public information can be used and accessed through the various platforms, where one can connect with the others related to the information and have the awareness about the public health. The purpose of the assignment is to discuss the Twitter use in sharing the health information. Discovering how public information can be substantially transited into using the health related information and how it can be used to engage in a popular social media platform. It is important to understand, what sort of the information has to be identified and needs to be considered as a genuine sources, as the Twitter’s has more than 200 million and there is approximately one tweet per day per individual, accumulated to 400 million tweets in one day (Șerban, 2019). It is important to create awareness and even inclined to share knowledge, which can be reached at the distant places through the active social media. The most crucial information can be tweeted by the public health and can help to spread information.. Such as of @HealthyPolicies, includes the @RuralMental_Hth. This would help to identify the subjective information and depending on utility maximization (Pourmand, 2019).

Twitter Information





Official handle

The official format is a blog that is linked to the goal and identifies the policies showing the public information.

Handled by the Health Informatics and is dependent on the Professionals UK (McCausland, 2019)

Another way is the dedicated platform that can show how the conference can include mental health and dependent on the practices, as per the facilities showing Australia's rural areas.


The purpose shows the evidence shared that can be identified to the public health sector

 Healthcare IT includes the e-health, and it can show the local and covers the global news

Identifies the Mental health covering part of rural Australia





Share of tweets


26,700 (Fu, 2016)


Communicated Language




Number of times shared tweets

It does not have a definite period and last it was observed on 13th July 2019 showing the maximum reoccurring retweet.

Re-tweets and even considers the sharing the tweets every 4 tweets /day that covers the last four weeks (Lyson, 2019).

Identifies how there can be average interval identifies the twitter feed sowing the corresponding 45 minutes and relates with the share of two posts per day

Nature of posts/tweets

Tweets retweet that can be associated with the links or events as per the public health informatics

Shows a custom tweet with respect to the past four weeks.

Identifies the rewet covering the blog posts identifies the mental health that can cover rural Australia.

Medium of Understanding

Results in topics that can be easy to understand

Covers and shares identify the findings and relate with the public health informatics.

Results with result in the dominant theme and examine the messaging.


In one of the post of the student by the name of Felicity Allman, 3rd year nursing student @palimony have been sharing the first-year nursing student lecture @punc14 @punc16Felicity @bridieKent @councilofdeans @BurdettTrust

Shows the consistent tweet of

@IHIMAHIM on Oct 11

Identifies the topic Healthcare Informatics: Shares the Interoperability – One of the healthcare of CMS’ “progressing that can be resulted due to health data exchange (Owusu, 2019).

Shows the 2018 Australian #Rural that can identify the #Remote #MentalHealth Symposium depending on how the beautiful Hobart with the event15-17 October that has been showing the 10 years of celebration in #RuralMH

Application: Public Health Informatics

 The summary of the Twitter posts, reflects, that there can be a personal discourse of identified information and how to ‘face’ the gain of new audiences that can be accumulated twitter accounts describing the three accounts identifying the content in publications. Another is the research finding the perspective of how it can cover public health. This can be examined in the publications and retweeting and deriving the opportunity with the better audiences showing the blogosphere and results in the communicated message. Another way is to define the poor usage and how there can key hashtags acting and also be associated with the formation in terms of the conversation tool. Such as, during the outbreak of the Zika virus in Africa, even though globally many countries would not be able to understand so many news and the related information and go through the daily newspapers such as the national Africa paper, but can access the Social Media that can link with the Zika virus that has been impacting the areas, Such as the WHO showing the warning of how many travelers that can route or de route themselves to escape from the situation.

Strengths: Public Health Informatics

The strength is defined in the effective social media that can collaborate and result in the information covering the wide audiences. Another way is to identify how there it would be easy to understand the situation and even can cover the one platform that is due to the low cost that can cover the increasing demographic depending on the users, and how there can be many young adults who can show the similar results. The low cost and also covering the large audiences can be covered (Balsamo, 2019).

Critique: Public Health Informatics

The various social media accounts can show how there can be communication strategies and so far there can be media representing the engagement that covers the large audience (Burns, 2019). The consistent course identified as the replies and discussions that can be linked to one's past and how it would show the large information covering the conversation. This can be similar to the three Twitter accounts and depending on the Tweets & replies that have been part of the twitter accounts. This should flow with the replies and comments and can be identified with the Twitter audience interest, else, and it can be covering out of the context. The limitations are how while reaching the masses, there can be low barriers of entry that have to be linked as per the audiences. Another way to look at it is to consider the media platform that can be part of the open platform which can substantially allow the public health professionals and to actively collaborate in line with the global access that can also cover the wide public health developments. It is also important to evaluate how there can be ongoing development and it can cover the entire public healthcare. To spread awareness, campaigning within the social media account such as Twitter accounts, it is important to develop a relationship that can consider public health communication.

Challenges: Public Health Informatics

The challenge which has been identified is to show how there can be public health professionals and with the organizations that can actively use the platform. This would be systematic to the use of ICT tools and so far, there can be extensively identified over twitter. For example, how to reach many people and also being able to connect over the many traditional forms that can be linked to the radio or TV and overcoming the barriers in relation to the geographical area having the cover Twitter. Showing the method of verification along with the ethical showing information related to the data (Cieza 2019). Similarly, the challenge is also linked to the interpreted and determined that can show how to relate with the correct information, and how the account can be hacked and even be judicially that can connect over the desired information and can be useful information that can be shared. Another way is to look over how there can also be a rapid consequence of using the misinformation that can result in the problematic concerns which would be due to the chaos, confusions and it can also be due to the negative impacts in the public. Another way is to look over the piece of the correct information and it can result in the lack of public support system along with the low timely action (Hefler, 2019). 

Future: Public Health Informatics

From the future point of view, how there can be twitter accounts, that can represent the information that can effectively utilize Another way, is to examine how there can be a better way to handle the data which would be substantially be covered in the information of the public health and result in the user-generated data along with the quick analysis that can cover the wide public health (McCausland, 2019). Another way is how to cover the big data and even result in covering the map and surveillance with respect to the elegant deployment of resources (Lyson 2019).

Conclusion: Public Health Informatics

To conclude, how the twitter information which has been considered and examined from the contents of the account such as the @Healthy Policies, @RuralMental_Hth along with the @UKHIP that can result in the communication tool productively. This further shows how to examine the @UKHIP and there can be also to cover the wide information that is particularly impacting and covering the core niche audience that can show the extensive healthcare technology. This would be wide information that can cover of twitter use data and also show the various opportunities resulting from the big data analytics and also be aimed to reflect the mapping and surveillance.

Telemedicine Australia

Introduction: Telemedicine Australia

As per the Telemedicine society within Australia, it is important to understand the reputable society role in spreading the information and treating the patients through the technology use. The information generally targets the rural part of the information which can shared as per the desired outcomes. The information as the Telemedicine and health was first initiated in 2008 and then there has been a substantial way of linking with the core key requirement that can be linked to the e-health in Australia. McCausland, (2019) has mentioned how it is important to see, as per the society often the issue can be timely be reviewed through the electronic information and the information can be taken from the clinical wellness attention that can create the public wellness that can develop the key understanding inline to the patient, professional health-related instruction and how it would be beneficial for the health-related disposal. Another way to identify how there can be fixed ways to use related tools and to adopt the desired methods which can develop into the core engineering and can also follow the cyberspace, videoconferencing that can help to stream the media and also be in a position to store-and-forward imagination with respect to the radio communications.

Literature Review of Telemedicine Australia

 From the lens of Lyson (2019) has identified how better use of the telehealth and the telemedicine, can be used in the distant places and it can also help to overcome the demands of deficiency that can serve the impact the people and also identifying the ways of key partnerships with the Telemedicine and eHealth set up. The information can help to identify the private sector, federal bureaus, and depends on the provinces is to the telehealth undertakings, Another way to link that can identify the upswing proficient aid and it can link with the that can impact the administration telehealth along with the appropriation plans. It is important to show that can be an approach to measure the usage of telehealth engineering’s and it shows the key planning that can develop. To use the ways how there can be prolonged part of the developing telehealth policy that can create a consistent quality wellness service and how it would examine the specific telehealth patterns.

McCausland (2019) has mentioned how it would show how there can be competencies, which would result in the members having the companies, to connect with the wide administrations which would show the Telehealth services that can be engineering. It is important to show how there can be the vast medical forte of a general pattern that can follow the distant scenes. Șerban et al (2019) has mentioned how has helped to evaluate the sharing of the crucial information concerning public health which can reach out to the low barriers of entry and can be as per the audiences. Through the participation of the media platform often the role is to relate with the open platform which can help to support and identify the opportunity that can examine the public health professionals globally that can cover the wide public health developments. Another way how there can be an ongoing development that can result in a large part due to public healthcare.

Owusu (2019) has shown how there can be telemedical that can result in the medical administration that can be due to the rural medical pattern and how it would be distinct within the rural and distant communities. It also results of the into scoping which can result in the required knowledge import platform which can help in the specialty/professional coactions and also be due to the professional/ clinical criteria and how it can be associated with the instruction development that can be due to the Australian Government ‘s Telehealth Support Program (Pourmand, 2019).

Owusu, 2019 has shown how Telehealth can extensively system which can help to create the support of the services and how to use Telehealth services that can be covering the rural and distant communities. Tayebi (2019) has mentioned how it is important to identify how there can support the key structure that can work and also help the administration to share the relevant information. It is important to understand how telehealth can cover wide areas. Subsequently, it would show how there can be telehealth which can show how there can primary wellness attention program and can age wellness attention within Australia. Due to the Telemedicine, often to use the tile devices it is important to consider the telehealth and also to provide the quick solution, The relation of application package can also be identified through the unrecorded version and can relate with the frontward telehealth which would cover the vast key designs along with the green goods that can be used to utilize. Potvin Kent (2019) has identified how the use of the telepath devices has been far equipped and can be used in the overall ways, such as to provide the web defined conferencing system and to also cover the GP ‘s primary wellness attention or to examine remote information (Owusu, 2019). It is also one of the registered medical information that has so far, covered the vast information covering the bosom, lungs, and ears and through the quick eyes, critical marks, and also examining the ECG, spirometry, etc.

Conclusion on Telemedicine Australia

To conclude, Telemedicine and eHealth are also associated with the GP or adviser that can help to understand the situation and it would help to determine the “shop and forward system ”, and it would interpret how there can be electronic medical record system and following the desired key pattern package. Subsequently, how the relation can be provided to the different telehealth, that can follow the key specialize which can be used within the telehealth. The use of Telehealth devices that can identify the computing machine, and showing telemedicine which would be in accordance with a phone be duties and also following the professional, duties as directed by the telehealth inputs of the hospitals. Due to the challenge, how it can be interpreted when the information can be passed and can be due to the ehealth mode when to use the information for what purpose and how the misleading information can create a negative impact.

References for Public Health Informatics

Balsamo, D., Bajardi, P., & Panisson, A. (2019, May). Firsthand opiates abuse on social media: monitoring geospatial patterns of interest through a digital cohort. In The World Wide Web Conference (pp. 2572-2579).

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Tayebi, S., Manesh, S., Khalili, M., & Sadi-Nezhad, S. (2019). The role of information systems in communication through social media. International Journal of Data and Network Science3(3), 245-268.

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