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Stephen Case Study Assessments

Task 1

View the video Watching Like the Moon a play by Barbara Albury. (This is available in the link below called quotFavourite Shorts Cut-Watching Like the Moon Page quot). Please note in the dramatization of this play the two actors play a variety of roles - Barbara plays the mother, Mami, child, friend, Gym teacher, Nurse. Alan plays Counsellor, Psychologist/Case Worker, Father, Doctor. This play is about a real family and real experiences and is made available to you with the permission of Barbara, the author of the play.

The appropriate reference to use for the video is
Albury, B (2012) Watching like the Moon. Video of performance in Favourite Shorts, Armidales Festival of short Plays. 24 August - 1 September. Director Jan Wyles. Performers B Albury and A Wilkinson

Task 2

Write 600 words addressing the following questions, using references to support your argument where appropriate
What did you understand from the video to be the main elements in Mrs Markos experience of parenting
Discuss the similarities and differences between what you have seen in the video and the material presented in the readings and literature in general about parenting children who have different needs.

Task 3

My reflection on Mrs. Markos experience
Mrs. Marko had a difficult parenting period. At the beginning of his childhood, she has to compromise on supporting her husband financially. Now after streets in has been diagnosed with autism, she has to deal with this script as well. With multiple features affecting Stephens childhood, it is important for Mrs. Marko to be present to decide the child help him with medications. in addition, Stephen struggles with the noise and the routine changes. In addition to this, he also has issues with interaction. Autism such a condition that requires appropriate personal care which in this condition Mrs. Marko must be providing.

Nevertheless, Mrs. MarkoHas Had A Remarkable experience as the mother of Stephen. The child has been very sensitive and the mother has been exhausted. it is always going to be a struggle with Stephen for the mother. However, getting the child out how to play a and ok to Leisure activities is critical to the happiness of the child and the family. This activity will prepare him for a lifetime of being able to do different things and then it will lead to a steady group. What a proper plan is always required.
Mrs. Marko plans to join the parent group and to understand how Stephen would require special education and to help in mingling with kids suffer the same. Mrs. Marko can look for an advocate to find the best school program for Stephen in the case that the special education school But in this case it is not affordable.
Remember the fact that autism, not a sprint but and that is why Mrs. Marko should be able to get involved in the autistic community And make sure it becomes routine.

Links to literature

As compared to the video, the Material given explain more about Stephen condition and how Stephen is improving on his condition. in the video, the perspective of the mother has been shown and the difficulties she is facing with the family situations and Stephens condition has been emphasized.
It is not easy being the parent of a child who is suffering autistic child. There are certain joyous moments however the challenges cannot be denied. The parents Of the autistic children have strain involved and the effects as well. The parents may have depression and anxiety and issues with copying of 50 children and their abilities. There are several reasons as to why parents of these children who suffer Autism spectrum disorder are experiencing too much stress.

Task 4

Read through the attached information about Stephen (see the file below called quotStephens story.quot Imagine it is his mother you have watched on the video and that we are dealing with a context where Stephen is about 3 years old ie that we are dealing with him and his family as they were about midway through the video (ie not at the end where Mrs. Marko is talking about him moving into a residential facility).

Task 5

List, using references to support your argument where necessary, the relevant team of people who would work on developing an IFSP for Stephen and explain why each should be involved. (300 words)
Present in your assignment using the Heading as follows
TASK 4 List and explanation of those involved in the IFSP process

An IFSP abbreviated Tu individualized family service plan is a plan specific for the children who required special services and are suffering from development details. This plant applies to only the children of a maximum of 3 years old. Once the child turns, the program will be applicable according to the public law of United States. in this case, Stephen is 3 years old and this definitely suitable for the program as of now.
this program is developed to identify the supports and services required for the children who need developmental support and to enhance the services provided. This program is done within a gap of 6 months and can also be done periodically as required by the child.

This is not just for the child but as a plan for the entire family and this act as a Foundation a roadmap to the involvement of the family in the early intervention services of a child. The plank clearly States that the services a child or toddler made receive and results, the parents and the team can expect from the child after the program. (Park et al., 2016) The key principle of early intervention is that these services take place in a natural setup there in the child and the parent may find it comfortable. The setup is more like the home or a place that is close to the community center. The present functional level of the child is taken into consideration when the child is being considered for the plan. As discussed earlier the plan is not only for the child but also for its functioning means of the family as well.
before going into this plan the parents must give the written consent after understanding reactions and clarifying the doubts from the representatives. The parents are allowed to decline this service at any point of time whenever they feel it is not right. However, most of the parents wish to continue the program as long as it is required.

Task 6

Develop a strengths/interests profile for Stephen (no identified word limit)
Present in your assignment using the Headings as follows
TASK 5 Strengths/Interest Profile for Stephen
As for the strengths and interest of Stephen, he has a letter to behavior and tries to flip his hands for several hours and this can be a sign of interaction. Apart from the fact that he is lacking in interaction, he basically is showing some improvement with actions. He does the same when he is requested to imitate certain sounds are actions. This clearly shows that he is responding or understanding what the other person is trying to say (Martnez-Pedraza amp Carter, 2009).

Task 6

Develop a Rights Statement for Stephen using the following format (no identified word limit). Assume that Stephen is attending a regular child care center so the educators are regular early childhood educators.
How the childs rights are currently being met

What early childhood educators have to do to ensure rights are met (from observations and discussions with parents and others)
1 rights to food, shelter, warmth etc
2 the right to physical safety avoiding external dangers and things that might harm safety, security and protection
3 the right to love, affection, care, attention, closeness to another person
4 the right to feel valued and worthy, to be valued by others, to be accepted, appreciated and have status
5 the right to realise ones potential. Maslow calls this self-actualisation.
Present in your assignment using the Headings as follows
TASK 6 Rights Statement for Stephen

Task 7

Based on your Rights Statement identify what you think is the most important Recommendation for Planning to address
The child must be appreciated and the mother must be giving the child the confidence he requires throughout the developmental stage.

Task 8

Present your chosen Recommendation for Planning, 2 associated Actions and 2 strategies per action in the following table (no identified word limit)
Recommendation for Planning For Stephen to have opportunities to ___________________


Present in your assignment using the Heading as follows
TASK 8 Planning table for Stephen
1 For Stephen to have opportunities to
1 do indoor activities
2 do outdoor activities
2 For Stephen to have opportunities to
1 start new habits
2 learn the right habits

Task 9

In 600 words explain why you have chosen the Recommendation, Actions, and Strategies you have. This explanation needs to incorporate references to theory as well as provide sufficient practical information to justify your choices. Make sure you identify who in the IFSP team is responsible for each strategy and why.
Present in your assignment using the Heading as follows

TASK 9: Explanation of planning

Regardless of the fact that he has had multiple seizures being a child, the medication is able to keep that under control. He has good predictability in both the elements the noise and the routine and this is a plus point for Stephen. His interest life in holding a paintbrush aur pencil in the right hand and scribble much on the paper mostly the scribbling look like circle. He prefers to choose one color and one pencil. He does not allow swapping and continues to do the same.
The best interest and strength of Stephen is that he is able to complete the most complicated Jigsaw puzzles anyone can provide. It is relatively quick for an autistic child. Apart from this, he is able to climb and take the area when he is left out to play. He is also able to repeat the word however not initiate in interaction. He is aware that his name the Stephen and all these are definitely strengths of the child and with proper enhancement ideas, this will develop.

With the help of individualized family program as discussed earlier, the parents must take initiative to bring Stephen to the program and make him understand that there are other children like him and that he can communicate with him as pleases. Since he is good at both outdoor and indoor activities, the mother should let him out to play and be there for him when he is trying to play the indoor activities (Absoud, 2016). Though it is difficult for him in the initial stage to understand the outdoor environment is going to be busy and noisy, with the kind of development Stephen is showing he will be able to adapt to the situation quickly.
it is important to appreciate the child, especially when hi solve the complicated Jigsaw puzzle. it is important that the child understand that he is the only special and that is not a problem. The confidence in Stephen if embedded will help him through his developmental stages. With the special school and special education, Stephen will definitely be able to manage these steps in the right way. Regardless of the fact that is not able to initiate a conversation, he has improved in understanding what you are that person has to say. in addition, he is doing certain activities which are really appreciable and considerable for an autistic child to be doing.
Additionally, Stephen must be given the right care and moral support he required at this point in time. Like the fact that he is finding the block play getting knocked down by other children that are finding stressful, there could be other activities he might find stressful. in that case, the cap taker can slowly make him understand on how to take 1 on the situation when he is finding it stressful. This will actually lead to better development and help him in the future stages.


Absoud, M. (2016). Emerging concepts in therapies for autism spectrum disorder. Bjpsych Advances, 22(3), 162-164. doi 10.1192/apt.bp.115.015578
Martnez-Pedraza, F., amp Carter, A. (2009). Autism Spectrum Disorders in Young Children. Child And Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics Of North America, 18(3), 645-663. doi 10.1016/j.chc.2009.02.002
Park, H., Lee, J., Moon, H., Lee, D., Kim, B., amp Kim, J. et al. (2016). A Short Review on the Current Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Experimental Neurobiology, 25(1), 1. doi 10.5607/en.2016.25.1.1







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