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Recruitment and Selection Report

Table of Contents


Selection criteria.

Recruitment strategy and advertising/recruitment plan and budget

Recruitment advertisement draft

Decision-making selection matrix.

Decision making strategy and criteria.

Psychometric assessment

Interview plan.

Reference check plan.




Company: Digital kings

Manager: Mr. John Gazate

A digital king is a marketing company situated in Level 2, 450 Kent Street Sydney. The company was established in 2012. The mission of this company is to implement marketing strategies for its clients to achieve business objectives. The company's management has been assigned for discovering the target area and strategies for company success. However, in recent times the frequency of vacancies has been increased in the company from 5 to 10 persons per month. This shows that employees are staying for a maximum of six months in the company. The expected turnover is approximately AU$ 45,000.

Selection Criteria

For hiring the marketing managers for the Digital kings, the following competencies will be analyzed. This will help in a proper analysis of the new candidates which retains them with the company for a longer period (Ansoff, 2018).



Performance indicators

Marketing and communication

Under the direction of the company's CEO, the marketing manager will be assisting the recruitment team of the company for hiring employees using different advertising platforms on social media.

Guiding the team sales and marketing team for different marketing projects of the clients.

Maintaining the company website by proper web statistics and analysis.

Analyzing the competitors in the target market through proper research.

Maintaining proper records for demographic knowledge.

Clear project objectives and successful outcomes will increase the Digital kings and the client's profit margins.

Performs all responsibilities and duties within the deadline.

It offers proper and clear written communication for every decision.

Proper research of the market will help in recruiting and retaining the company employees.

Public relations

To assist the marketing team in identifying the noteworthy drafts and articles.

Promoting the awareness of public relations and campaigns with the marketing team.

Maintaining a proper record of the client details, requirements, and projects.

Increases the growth rate of the company.

Performing all the duties within deadlines.

Happy clients will increase the brand value of the company and will maximize the profit rate.


Supervising the business development and marketing strategies processes such as emailing, drafting, inquiry communications, etc.

Maintain the correct record of all the expenses, profits, and losses by the company.

Hovering purchasing orders for the clients and company as directed by the company’s CEO.

Executing all the responsibilities and duties within deadlines.

Following up with the stakeholders will maintain healthy professional relations.

Indication of performance improvement.

Activities and campaigns

As instructed by the company's CEO, the manager has to work with the sales team, marketing team, and other relevant clients who need the assistant for their marketing strategies.

Assist the team members in organizing campaigns and the target market analysis for the campaigns.

Public presentations to the customers and organization of recruitment fairs to hire skilled workers.

Proper planning of the campaigns will depict sincerity and management skills.

Accurate records of every event, participants, stakeholders with proper follow-ups.

Completion of the campaign within the allocated budget.

Target accomplishment, goals met to sustain annual employment effort.

Understanding of cultural sensitivity

Managers will be engaged with team members with diverse cultures and beliefs. It would be expected that there should not any discrimination at the workplace, every employee should be respected irrespective of his job role.

Organizing culture awareness workshops for the employees will develop an understanding of the company staff.


Client service and working relationships

Contribute to the progress of optimistic work relationships with the stakeholders and employees.

Confirm that activities and communications are reliable with the manager’s objectives as well as the company’s objectives.

Stakeholder’s satisfaction with the company’s marketing strategies and services.

Behaviors according to being a member of a cohesive team and the company’s Code of Ethics.

To select a suitable candidate, an individual must have prior working experience as a marketing manager. He must know how to deal with the stakeholders and his communication skills should be very good. These qualities will help select applicants when more than applicants are interviewed. To have proper discrimination between the eligible candidates, managerial experience, and communication skills will be the top criteria. TheHR team of the company needs to drive a key employing process that will effectively searches out the competitors.

Recruitment Strategy and Advertising/recruitment Plan and Budget

To hire skilled staff, Digital kings need to attract them through advertising on several platforms. The company can utilize numerous job portals for attaining this objective. Presently, many organizations are establishing their websites for advertising about job vacancies and skills required in new staff. Interested people can register on the website, this will attract more people towards the services and vacancies by the Digital kings(Ansoff, 2018). However, it's not easy for organizations to hire talent from job portals as they require skilled managers for the proper functioning of the organization. Numerous unskilled job seekers are not appropriate for the marketing divisions.

For dealing with these challenges in the workplace, the organization will be adopting human resource strategies. This will be done by proper planning and providing work-life balance to the employees. To get superiority over contenders, Digital kings will develop more revolutionize strategies, while dealing with recompense, reimbursements, and pliable workplace atmospheres. To upsurge the figure of applicants welcoming the job proposals, Digital kingsare required to make certain that their servicesare the best. Usually, this can be done by intensifying the organization's reimbursements and culture (Haider, 2018).

The company is planning to hire five marketing managers. The estimated cost for this recruitment process will be around AU$ 5500. The company can also acquire the strategy of recruiting both regional and national applicants. Recruitment advertising platforms suggest prodigious keys for making a sturdier employer organization. However, interruption in taking decisions, insufficient information about the applicants, and inadequate knowledge creates challenges for the HR team of the organizations (Haider, 2017). For creating more opportunities for job seekers, digital kings will organize recruitment fairs every month until the vacancies are filled. These job fairs will be a great way of branding the unique location of the organization through posts on social media and videos.

Recruitment Advertisement Draft

Our company has been looking forMarketing managers who will be managing the company's marketing strategic department. As a manager, you will be responsible for developing strategies, target market analysis, and creating advertisements for our clients.

Essential requirements:

  • Master’s degree in marketing or business administration

  • 3-5 years of marketing manager experience

  • Experience with marketing campaign, online advertising, content marketing, and marketing strategies

  • Innovative communication skills

  • Empathetic of public relations

Job responsibilities:

  • Developing marketing strategies for the client.

  • Supporting the sales department

  • Management of the campaigns

  • Evaluating the target market and customers for maximum profit

  • Coordinating and planning the marketing strategies

  • Handling content marketing and advertising.

Interested and eligible candidates can apply through the company’s website www.Digitalkingscareers.com or by sending their updated resume to the email id john.recruit@digitalkings.com. The HR team of the company will be reviewing the applications and the suitable candidates for this job role will be called for an interview at the company office.

Decision-Making Selection Matrix


Total weightage

Assessment criteria

Managerial experience


A clear understanding of the project objectives and successful outcomes will increase the Digital kings profit margins.

Performs all responsibilities and duties within the deadline.

Proper research of the market will help in recruiting and retaining the company employees.

Education qualification


Master’s degree in marketing or business administration. Along with this, the percentage obtained should be above 75 per cent.

Marketing skills


Previous management experience and the recommendations by the previous employer.

Analyzation by different marketing activities, for example, giving a situation to the candidate and know how he uses his skills.

Communication skills


The candidate should have appropriate communication skills as he has to coordinate with the clients on behalf of the Digital kings.

Public relations


Proper communication with the clients will increase the brand value of the company and will maximize the profit rate.



Executing all the responsibilities and duties within deadlines.

Decision making strategy and criteria

Decision making is the procedure of adequately diminishing the vulnerability and uncertainty about choices to permit a sensible decision. Decisions concerning what objectives and approaches are required by the marketing managers to accomplish them. When working with teams, it is significant not to make any decisions about a thought. As a marketing manager, the selected candidate should not discriminate the employees on the basis of their culture, beliefs, age and gender (Dhaundiyal&Raghatate, 2020). Global markets give organizations access to comparative assets and rivalry which causes numerous business procedures to combine on comparative guidelines.

For recruiting marketing managers for the Digital kings the selection process of multiple cut-offs will be used. This selection method will refine candidates according to their qualities and qualifications needed for this job role. It will aid in the assessment of candidates based on the major selection criteria. The candidates having 3-5 years of prior managerial experience will be on top priority. Furthermore, the individual must have proper communication skills and public relations skills. He should an ideal leader who encourages his team members to achieve the organizational objectives. Moreover, competencies like cultural sensitivity, marketing skills, and administration skills will also be rated for every candidate (Haider, 2017).

Psychometric assessment

The psychometric assessment that will be utilized for selecting candidates will be situational judgment. This will aid the interviewers to understand the communication skills of the candidate as well as his behavior in that situation (Dhaundiyal&Raghatate, 2020). Furthermore, the candidate's decision-making skills will also be tested according to the situation given. Candidates who behave confidently and possess the correct decision for the scenario will be selected.However, interruption in taking decisions, insufficient information about the applicants and inadequate knowledge creates challenges for the HR team of the organisation. The most ideal approach to investigate the range of abilities and fit with a specific activity is utilizing social talking with methods (Dhaundiyal&Raghatate, 2020).

Using the psychometric assessment, candidate’s intelligence, reasoning and personality will also be tested. It will provide a more clear view of his profile and the interviewers will have a standardised result for making final decisions. Furthermore, this assessment will also test the candidate’s knowledge and effectiveness of his answers. The test will be time bound, so, the candidate will have to complete the task within allocated time. This will test his capability of meeting project deadlines in Digital kings. Moreover, it will identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Interview plan

Interviews will be conducted by the senior managers and HR team of the Digital kings. Interview questions that will help the recruitment team to discriminate between the candidates are as follows (Dhaundiyal&Raghatate, 2020):

  1. What are the critical points in the marketing strategy?

Answer: Product pricing, placing, promotion, people, and physical appearance.

  1. How to use public relations in maintaining the organization's brand value?

Answer: Using effective communication skills while dealing with the stakeholders and proper records about the client requirements.

  1. What are the characteristics of a team manager?

Answer: Confidence, communication skills, fair and kind, integrity, no discrimination, and willingness to delegate.

  1. How to make decisions for a project?

Answer: Identifying the strategy, statistics, project boundaries, budget, and time frame required.

Reference check plan

As the selected candidates need to have an experience of 3-5 years, a reference check plan will be used to gather information about the previous employment details of the candidates. This check plan will be executed before the eligible candidates are called for an interview. For this, the references given by the candidates in the reference form (Appendix 2) will be contacted and details will be verified. These calls and information will be recorded for the recruitment team.


The deserving candidates who will be hired will tend to support the opinions of the team members and will help Digital kings achieve their goals (Haider, 2017). The ethic of fair and alike conduct will be an essential part of the sustainable recruitment process. Educational qualifications and interviewing will evade partial or biased requirements. Furthermore, no internal recruitment will be supported by the marketing manager post.


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