CIV4ID Pavement Design Analysis Assignment Sample

Infrastructure Design Bituminous Surfacing The bituminous surfacing required is 30 mm AADT from question – 4500 HV = 11% DF = 1,LD =1,DESIGN PERIOD = 20 years CBR subgrade = 2 HVAG – AASDT X HV X DF X LD X 365 X CGF X NHVAG = 4.6 X 10^5 DESA = HVAG X ESA = 4.2 X 10 ^5 Total thickness required for the material with CBR 3% is 400 mm To evaluate the material required to produce 400 mm thickness consider the …

Anatomy of Tianjin Port Fire and Explosion Assignment Sample
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Table of Contents Part A.. Part B. References. Fire and Explosion Analysis - Part A Property details (general description of where the fire took place) There was no one at home at that time, especially in the burning kitchen. The kitchen had furniture and some household appliances. At the counter near the stove, a coffee maker, a toaster machine plugged into an outlet, there was a gas range clock on top of the toast and the time…

Outdoor Mobile Robotic Assistant Assignment Sample
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Expression of Interest Under the Global Talent Visa Program My Name is Bashir Ahmad and I completed high school in 2013 from The American High School in Chittagong, Bangladesh. After graduating from high school, I pursued my Bachelor of Engineering degree, with 1st class honours from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. I moved to Australia to study Master of Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology after which I went…

PHYS1520 Hall Effect Derivation Assignment Sample

Physics for Electrical and Electronic Engineering a) It is given that sensor is made up of copper Dimensions of hall sensor=120 micrometers (thin copper film of thickness (d) 120 micrometers is used for Hall probe). Current needed =20 Amperes Working External magnetic field activates the Hall Effect sensors. There are two major features of magnetic field 1) Polarity 2) Flux density The Hall Effect sensor output signal…

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement Assignment Sample
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A Stacked LSTM Based Approach for Reducing Semantic Pose Estimation Error  Contents Introduction. RELATED WORK.. SLAM and the Intervention of Deep Learning. Enhancing SLAM Estimation Accuracy. III. PROPOSED APPROACH Semantic SLAM References. Introduction to IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement SLAM is stands for SIMULTANEOUS localization and mapping. It is one of the most frequent problems o…

Scaffold Library for Tissue Engineering Assignment Sample
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Development of A Tissue Engineering Scaffold Structure Library for Rapid Prototyping The designing and fabricating lattice or cellular structure is gladly improving, with the involvement of metal additive manufacturing process. Hanks et al, 2020 compiled the literature data for the characterization of metal additively manufactured lattice structures into Ashby-style plot (Hanks et al, 2020). Hanks and colleague gathered data of 18 different un…

SEP401 Medi-Tree Analysis Assignment Sample

Software Engineering Principles Contents Problem Description: Proposed Solution: Project Plan: References: Problem Description An individual often tends to forget their medical history due to obvious reasons. It is not feasible for any person to memorise and recollect their health issues since their day of birth. Now, this creates a lot of chaos when the person has to undergo clinical observation. It is not easy for the docto…

HC3152 Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence Assignment Sample

E-Business Applications Table of Contents Introduction. Discussion. Brief Overview of the current operation. Importance of Artificial Intelligence. How the business uses Artificial Intelligence. Recommendations on better use of internet technologies. Conclusion. Reference list. Introduction to Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is a growing trend in the ever-changing world of bu…

COIT20275 Mistri Khola Hydroelectric Project Analysis Assignment Sample

Systems Science and Engineering Table of Contents Introduction. Conceptual Design Process: Requirements of Stakeholders. Stakeholder Needs. Constraints to Stakeholders. Business Needs and Requirements: Feasibility Analysis: Functional Requirements. Non-Functional Requirements. Conclusion. References: Introduction to Mistri Khola Hydroelectric Project Analysis This investigation presents the calculate…

Professionalization Through Symbolic and Social Capital Assignment Sample
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Engineering Practice Preparation Table of Content Building professional reputation and social capital to connect with industry:. Reflection on workplace safety issue:. Reflection on professional development goals and strategies: Reflections on Teamwork and Leadership:. 1. Building Professional Reputation and Social Capital to Connect with Industry: Looking at myself a year ago, I felt really amazed and somehow intimidated by …

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