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Swinburne Case Study

Executive Summary

Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) has been operating on a small scale for a while now. The business is experiencing an influx of clients both from within and far away locations. As such, the mode of operation of the business ought to change so that it conforms to the new requirements. Therefore, the technology employed as well as the human resources in the company ought to learn how to render the mandate of the business to their clients without tattering the reputation of the business. This paper entails all the necessary information regarding Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) business, their operational framework, human resource management and the expected future perspective on how to handle challenges being faced by the company contemporarily.
For a company or any firm to increase its client base as well as the workersapos cycle, it is advisable to fully utilize information technology that will automate some of the functionalities of the company. The utilization of such technology helps in providing real-time reverts services that will make sure that clients get responses to their queries in time. The operational framework at Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) should be configured using viable information technology tools that will be way far effective regardless of the increased tasks. In Emilys future plan, this paper suggests the full digitization of all operations in the business. More so, it will define all problems experienced in the business, their possible solutions and their associated impacts on the business if they are not handled appropriately.


Emilys Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) is a business that delivers coaching services to myriads of clients from different parts of the city. The consultation services are arranged by her team of four employees who have specialized in teamwork skills, leadership as well as coaching on all forms of performance. She was initially operating it from a home-based set up while attaining her periodical clients from referrals gained from other companies. Moreover, her LinkedIn account also helps her draw clients into the business. The business currently owns a website and a Facebook page and the amount of work offered to the personal coaches is regular on a daily basis. from the growth and expansions in the service delivery, additional employees were recruited. They include a receptionist, personal assistant for Emily, business book-keeper and a client relational manager.

Challenges Faced by Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC)

When a company or a business experiences growth and expansion, it is advisable that the available resources should in line with the emerging need. For instance, Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) has problems when it comes to the booking of services by clients. The operational capability of the available website does not guarantee the swiftness in communication between clients and personal coaches. As suggested by the coaches, the best remedy for such incidence is to make the site fully operational whereby clients can book for services using the online platform. This implies that most of the services will be automated allowing for a 24/7 operation ability. Contacts for personal or face to face coaching should also be availed so that coaches provide more personalized coaching experience.
Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) has a meager scope of tasks to be handled. This leaves most of the available coaches wondering if they could locate other opportunities to exercise their expertise. For instance, the only available fields for coaching range from the public speaking category, personal development, professional languages and mentor apprenticeship. Therefore, there is a need for intensive marketing and promotional undertakings to help counter this drawback. Additionally, a reward scheme should be developed by the business to for most frequent clients who refer others for the services.
In the meantime, there exists a middle-person before the coach and the client are allowed to relate. Such an arrangement wastes a lot of which could have been capitalized on if the services were streamlined. The solution to such incidence is the designing of a perfect website that has both the client based and coach tailored possibilities. This leaves a forum where the client and the coach converses and agrees on the possible time for their engagement. For security and privacy purposes, the site should provide for anonymity of both the coach and the client by automatically assigning unique codes to each one of them.
Some problems facing the business will be feasible when it fully grows. This is evident from the tasks assigned to the bookkeeper besides handling of financial oriented record. When the business acquires a new face of the operation, the available work for the bookkeeper will be overwhelming to manage. Notably, corporate clients are not prioritized in the way they are handled. They ought to be attended to base on a specialized program since their needs are already known to the coaches. The possible implication of this is the loss of potential future clients due to unappreciative feeling. Other problems include bad debts which impose extra costs to the business, poor and unavailable mode of coordination of group training and unsupportiveness of the available system to handle urgent requests.

Core Challenges and the Available BA resposnsibilities

For a business to achieve success, customer handling and care should be top-notch in quality. The process that leads to the actual booking of any service offered should be flawless with no huddles at all. Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) currently operates on a website that has fewer functionality capabilities. Makes it hard for clients to easily navigate through in their attempt to obtain services. The channel that should be followed before a client finally gets attended to is wanting. For instance, arranging for an appropriate time between the client and the respective coach is not easy. The coordination is even much poor when clients are in need of urgent services. the available workforce is not enough to usher the business to its new face of the operation. Therefore, the only viable remedy to major issues faced by Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC) is to adopt an e-commerce system that incorporates business with information technology. There is a need for modernization of operations in the business as the business expands to new locations. The functionality of the system should cover all management roles, online billing, customer feedback log, responsive social media presence, and major human resource tasks. In some way, the business can optimize the available website or ideally come up with a more advanced e-commerce platform. The available system is an age-old human controlled system as well as a partially functional website. When the business expands, such provisions will not guarantee a perfect customer experience.'

The Scope

The available system is not fully functional and this incapacitates both clients and the business future uncertainties. The start with, the website has a clear description of the sort of services offered by Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC). It displays key persons to be encountered in the business as well as coaches who deliver who are employed to deliver their services. Additionally, the website has testimonials that contain testimonials from happy clients and contact as a link that directs anyone to directly email or call the team. For a complete e-commerce-operational platform, there are certain key factors that are missing in the system.
A Perfect E-System Website
You- This represents coaches
Customer- They are the clients
Admin Interface- Specialized workers employed in the business
Shipping provider- The coordination procedure for client-coach meeting
Payment processor- The available billing program
Product database- A description of the available services
E-Commerce website- Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC)aposs the new website
Setting up an E-Commerce Website
System Functionality
Service menu it demonstrates the services accessible and hot deals. Every class will have subcategories too. Contact us contains connections to web-based social media pages, email, and telephone numbers. About us gives all data since the origin of the business. My cart demonstrates the service chosen in the administration subtleties. Landing page takes you to the primary greeting page. Login takes you to enrollment or your record of credentials for entry into the system. Client relationship management is required. The business, for the most part, manages the experience of the buyers which is a key need. The usefulness will help to arrange the business, announcing and overseeing how to react to clients.

Security and Privacy of Information

Security of the site emphasized on three levels the web application, the company, and customers. The website needs a secured hosting server. Therefore, the business needs to ensure security is a priority. Payments need processing through a secure payment gateway protecting the clientaposs access to funds. Firewall required in the organization for all the computerized systems. An SSL certificate to provide encryption of data in the transaction is mandatory to the web application. The clients need to advise on the importance of installing antivirus and anti-malware applications to ensure their devices cannot be compromised as they access the web application (Ramasubbu, 2018 Petlier, 2016).
Technologies Employed

Hardware Requirements for the Website

The business needs a web server and connection to the internet. The two can be combined in the same hardware. The structure will require four processors each at one point six gigahertz, eight-gigabyte random access memory and a solid-state disk of one terabyte. The processors increase computation power. The random-access memory provides a large cache memory to hold data being processed. The solid-state disk offers large storage and faster to write and store data (Laudon and Traver, 2016). Computers and laptops are used to post new information on the website, interact with the clients and make updates on the features of the website. External hard drives are also used to store company data

Software Requirement

The new will use Hootsuite as a campaign building tool to monitor the activities of the clients on the website and social media pages as well as engage with them in real time. To complement Hootsuite, the business should also use NVivo as a research and marketing tool. For the finance activities, the business will use Quicken, Turbo Tax and Mint (Lawton 2017, p. 13-15). Quicken helps in-investment coaching, saving goals, debt tracking, and budget creation. Mint, on the other hand, helps the business access its credit and debit card information to analyze spending habits. Lastly, Turbo tax is used for all tax calculations.

Marketing Method

Marketing activities will be done via the companys social media platforms as well as the mass media outlets. These are two strategies that have been proved to reach a wide consumer base within a short period of time and minimal financial investment (Salama 2016, p. 67-76).

Social Media

Facebook will be the most used platform since it has the most users in Malborne complemented by Instagram and Twitter.

Local Marketing

Local classes and seminars should be arranged where the mass will be taught on the basis of the services offered by Emilyaposs business.

Multichannel Marketing

The company will make use of different marketing platforms both directly and directly to get the word out about its services. Alongside the social media platform, word of mouth, brochures, and referrals will also be used.

Modeling Assignment

Marketing activities will be done via the companys social media platforms as well as the mass media outlets. These are two strategies that have been proved to reach a wide consumer base within a short period of time and minimal financial investment (Salama 2016, p. 67-76). Social media. Facebook will be the most used platform since it has the most users in Malborne complemented by Instagram and Twitter. Local marketing. Local classes and seminars should be arranged where the mass will be taught on the basis of the services offered by Emilyaposs business. Multichannel marketing. The company will make use of different marketing platforms both directly and directly to get the word out about its services. Alongside the social media platform, word of mouth, brochures, and referrals will also be used.

Entity Relationship Diagram

200025101600The Client
The Client
2219325177800Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC)
Swinburne Guru Consulting (SGC)
4743450425450Coaches/ Tutors
Coaches/ Tutors

178117510795Debt Collectors
Debt Collectors

Data Flow Diagram
1990724402589004524375288290Overall Manager
Overall Manager
34290031115Debt Collectors
Debt Collectors




161925244475The coach and the client meet on Modelizers consent
The coach and the client meet on Modelizers consent



Salama, A.M., 2006. A lifestyle theories approach for affordable housing research in Saudi Arabia.Emirates Journal for Engineering Research,11(1), pp.67-76.
Laudon, K.C., and Traver, C.G., 2016. E-commerce business, technology, society.
Lawton, G., 2008. Developing software online with platform-as-a-service technology.Computer,41(6), pp.13-15.
Ramasubbu, R., 2018.Digital eCommerce Strategy Doing Business on the Internet. Publish Drive.
Peltier, T.R., 2016.Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Standards guidelines for effective information security management. Auerbach Publications.

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