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Nursing Assignment

With each passing day. I realize the importance of my profession. There is so much to do in this world, so many people who could use some assistance I almost get overwhelmed thinking of the people I want to help. I wish I could be present in tow places at once. When it comes to understanding and assessing my principles and values with regard to this profession, all I can conclude is that I want to be of immense help. Nothing is more wonderful than actually being able to make the lives of those who are suffering, a little easier.

Though the strains and pressures of long work hours may get a bit tiring at times, I want to introspect more about my skills and qualities and how I can use them to help people. Understanding the extent of my capabilities and using my time to acquire more skills is something I really want to focus on with each passing year.

I want to be more proactive in accepting roles where I know my skills will be utilized where I can see the genuine need for my assistance. Though it is impossible to classify patients, some family assessment values have given me an idea about where my help will be more suitable.

Taking care of patients is not an easy job and sometimes I do find myself feeling physically and emotionally drained. In my enthusiasm I must still be aware of how much I can take on and the roles I can do justice to. According to me one of the most crucial aspects of this is me being bale to form a strong and appropriate relationship with the patient.

One of my biggest assets is my gregarious nature and friendly attitude that helps me make friend extremely easily. With patient of critical care this becomes an extremely healthy attribute that lets me connect with them and reassure them without appearing intimidating. I am also extremely patient which helps me in being tolerant with patients who might not have the bandwidth to engage in conversations or convey their maladies to their new nurse. If I were to be critical, then my only overstep is to become too caught up with empathy at times. This prevents me from delivering adequate support and care as I tend to get a little taken aback with my own emotions.

In nursing school, we are trained how to deal with in every kind of scenario, we are told the importance of adapting and recognizing the need for support. We are also taught about how we must place the needs of the Patient before our own. Most importantly we are told to not get too attached but till remain concerned when it comes to the health of our patients. Our objective is to provide the best care and support and nothing must stop us from delivering precisely that.

From the provided list of patient bios one of the patients I would choose is Charlie heron, the five year old boy who has a respiratory disease problem. So his grandparents are the one who brought him to the emergency department as his parents are way on vacation. I feel in this scenario my sense of empathy and the confidence I provide to patients and their family can be extremely helpful as both the child and the grandparents are extremely scared and worried with the disheartening turn of events. While little Charlie is in the emergency department, I can take adequate care of him while trying to cheer him up. I can also make myself useful by providing some much needed reassurance to the elderly grandparents who are clearly very fond of their grandson. Children are much easier to deal with, their lack of cynicism allows them to believe you. I will make sure that little Charlie understands what’s happening to him nut doesn’t feel too intimidated by it . I wait for this chance to interact with little ones who are suffering from ailments and provide them some insight that will help them stay positive. I also believe that my compassion and tenderness can actually be extremely reassuring for the five year old who probably is just as terrified by the turn of events.

The second patient that I would choose would be Dixie Cup. a thirteen year old girl has been admitted to the short stay psychiatric unit last week for depression. Her mother and father have visited her daily. Dixie usually appears more upset after the visits. This makes me extremely eager and curious about extending my support to this little girl because I can clearly understand what she is going through. I have always had a soft corner for children and through my job I hope to understand what they are going through; I want to know the complexities of their mind. Battling depression is not a single event and it will take a lot of time to understand what exactly is bothering little Dixie but in the mean time I ant to provide her some support and company so that she doesn’t feel completely alone.

Dixie is clearly missing her parents and wondering about the incomprehensive nature of her mind. This is probably raising a lot of questions and some extremely difficult ones that she may not have the answers to. As a nurse I can provide her with some confidence and compassion so that she can at least be herself around me. While still respecting her personal boundaries, I want to be able to care for Dixie in this short time and help her understand the significance if medical intervention. Principally, my heart goes out to her as i understand how many youngsters worldwide are going through the same problem where they are just waiting for something to make sense or some way to alleviate this pain. Dixie is only 13, so I want her to understand the significance of goal-oriented behaviour and exercise in micro doses sh=o that she can develop a problem-solving approach. I would also love to make see the other side of things even though ti snot such an easy process. As nurse and a carer my objective is to make her stay as comfortable as possible for her.

The third patient that I would choose is Ian Harris a ten-year-old boy who has just been abused. Ian has voluntarily sought for help and it makes me extremely vigilant and protective. I have dealt with patients who have been abused before and I am aware of how absolutely vulnerable it makes them feel in that moment.

These are extremely defining moments for child’s development as they assistance or help they receive during this period determines the way they adapt to things even in future. They need a lot of patience compassion and reassurance otherwise their reactions could go to one extreme end and leave them completely helpless. The fact that Ian is asking for help proves that he is an extremely self-aware individual and I would use my position as a medical worker to provide him assistance. Due to the ethical code I will not interact with the family first but actually inform higher authorities and possibly the school principal as it is not my job to meddle in family business, but it is my duty to ensure that the child is safe and protected. The kind of attention and empathy I have for children will help me address this situation in the most ideal manner so that the sanity of Ian is not threatened in anyway and receives adequate attention to process what has happened to him without getting completely distraught. Referring him to psychological assistance would also be extremely necessary so that he is able to receive all the help he needs.

The one patient that I would not choose is Hailer Beery who is 66 year old woman with cervical cancer. And the reason for this is that though I might do a good job of providing her assistance , I would not be of much use to her simply because of the nature of her ailment She might even find my presence more invasive than comforting.as a nurse it is my duty to help in alleviation of pain among my patients but the nature of her ailment renders her completely at the mechanism of her body and in such a scenario it is very normal for her to be perturbed by the presence of a medical professional. Considering her age, among the family nursing theories the efficacy of communication might not be of the most superlative levels which can cause further complications. Handling elderly patients requires a bit of extra care and a lot more experience which I do not have. I have the enthusiasm but nit the necessary expertise to be completely sure that can and every step of mine will be correct and help the patient and not the other way around.

Another case that I would not go for is Ernie Erbach who is 29-year-old with history of substance abuse. I am not extremely well versed with the ways of addicts and patients who have gone through substance abuse so taking the ultimate job would not be a good idea as it would put me and the patient in a precarious position. The lack of expertise and idea about patients who are addicted to drugs can be extremely debilitating and then cause relapse unless handled with a lot of care. Understanding the patient needs and the emotion motivators behind the addiction is the key step. I could work under someone in providing assistance so that I can learn and I would also suggest psychological assistance for Ernie so that he can confront his problems head on.

 Developing a relationship with the family of the patient or insufficient knowledge about the patient’s situation can be extremely harmful in this case. It is important that the medical professional working under this have years if experience to know not just the physical but also the psychological and mental repercussions of addiction problems so as to avoid relapse. At this point of my career I do not think I have the stamina for such a prolonged and uncertain situation either. I will need years of practice before I get the confidence to deal with this in a way that I know will do justice to the patient.

 For the same reasons of not experience on my part I would also not choose Joy Carr who is a 50-year-old man going through cardiac rehabilitation post myocardial infarction. My lack of expertise in the cardiology department could be a strong factor that’s making me nervous and also the fact that I have not dealt with enough patients who are trying to rehabilitate themselves. I want to be extremely sure of my contribution and want to assist the patients in the most helpful, conscious and constructive manner.

References for Teaching Health Professionals Online

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