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Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relations

Among the elements that create effective workplace relations is teamwork. In fact, team performance may be pivotal in the achievement of the KPIs or even beyond. However a team performance plan may portray major success, at some time it may wear out creating waned enthusiasm and a consequential drop in performance. Team members become reluctant, communication stops, and the adherence to the set plan guidelines stops (Rahmi & Indarti, 2019). The failure of the team performance leads to consequential withdrawal from the team thus follows with the members falling out of the group one by one. The development of an action plan becomes the remedy for such a situation. However, developing a new action plan may not be that easy as major steps need to be followed to ensure that the right corrective policy is developed. Planning should be accompanied by effective implementation of the appropriate course of action.

Several technicalities have faced our performance team deteriorating its previous outstanding performance. The team experiences breakdowns in communication and a rapid failure in the production of results. The problems have been advanced by the withdrawal of two of the team members. Cultural integration has become another problem as other members of the team have started placing the blame on the team members from a different cultural background. Both the breakdown in communication and the failure in the results of production has presented a serious problem to our team that it risks the entire breakdown of the team. In response to the ultimatum granted by the management, my team embarked on the formulation of an action plan with its policies of development to save and return the team to track.

Development of team morale is important in the creation of effective relations in the workplace (Crosson et al, 2019). The process would begin with the setting of new goals in the team. In the current set up of goals, everyone in the team would be invited to make suggestions. During the goal-setting meeting, there would be an establishment of both individual and team goals. In the meeting, every team member would be familiarized with the set goals and objectives toward achievement of the KPI's and beyond.

The trust in our team has been entirely lost. This has raised the need for trust development amongst team members. In the building of trust, a safe place for sharing ideas and opinions would be created. The platform of the sharing of the ideas should be a place manageable without fear of ridicule, judgment, or even rejection. In this case, the team prefers an online platform. The platform would be necessary for the rectification of the breakdown in communication. Towards the achievement of the common goal, the team shall build an online platform that the team will be giving their open opinions freely as they build their trust in each other.

The team would engage in determination of strengths and weaknesses of each team member, through an assessment of the previously done tasks. In the team, managers will be turned to being a guiding force in the entire team. In the new action plan, there will be a specific delegation of duty to each of the team members. The delegation process will be based on each person's strengths. The delegation of the goals will be communicated effectively, such that every team member will be held accountable and responsible for the tasks assigned to them. The new action plan will not be guided by close supervision but will let the workers get out of the way, and as they do their jobs. The employees will be granted the power to make their own decisions in the bid to grow and improve themselves. Cohesion will be a major part of the team.

Conflicts are rampant among members in the current team. A conflict resolution workshop would be held in the next two weeks. The management is requested to fund the workshop, especially by bringing in experts in workplace cohesion. In the workshop, a culture of instant conflict resolution will be built towards increase in cohesion in the team. Holding grudges has totally torn off the team. The team members will be encouraged to resolve their conflicts in their own way. Moreover, a conflict resolution team will be built in the team to solve the conflicts that exceed personal resolution.

The poor results in the production have largely been attributed to the breakdown in communication. The team will be encouraged to engage in open and honest communication. The one-way communication in the team will be forfeited for all directional communication. Moreover, time for recreational fun for the team will be set. In the future, towards team cohesion, time for socialization, celebration, and unwinding will be used in creating an easy forgetting of meaningful relationships. Difficult work will be relieved by the time for fun. It will be made mandatory to engage in honest communication. Providing feedback will be made mandatory in the team's communication process. Every team member should give feedback, whether at the top or lower level in the team. Moreover, the receiving of feedback should be in a comfortable manner. In the future, team members will not be afraid to give feedback if any need arises. A forum for seeing the value of commenting on performance will be made mandatory in the team.

Promotion to the higher ranks will be a constant boost to the morale of the team members. This will ensure that the team members are motivated to work harder both individually and as teams. Training on team members will be regular, in the bid to boost the morale and cohesion in the team.

In facilitating teamwork and taking of responsibility and accountability in the team, policies and procedures will be developed to ensure that each of the team members is held accountable and responsible for their actions. Individual employees will also be tasked to help their work partners in undertaking collective roles in the workplace. The teams will be required to make regular task plans in any activity they engage in. This will boost the operational aspects of teamwork. The practice of rewarding teams will be expanded to individual rewarding with none of the efforts or contributions, whether individual or group that will be going unnoticed. The team will be required to have a facilitator that would be moderate dominance, which may create an ill-feeling among the people. The moderator will be required to oversee a balance between individual attention and team purpose.

Moreover, regular check-ups on performance will be effected on both individual and team levels. Personal work schedules will, however, be considered in any undertaking. For time and production result management, adjournment will form a better part of the working of the team. The teams will be mandated to have regular meetings to discuss the progress, finalization, or termination of all team tasks. In cases where a task proves to be hardly manageable, the teams will be required to do away with it. The practice of task termination will be guided by enough consultations with effective communication to avoid conflicts of interest. The team members will be sufficiently educated on mourning terminated tasks with immediate mental withdrawal from the disbanded tasks, and focus on the next task. In the workshop that the team members will attend, they will be educated on handling emotions such as sadness and happiness to reduce conflicts in the workplace. The team members will also be educated on understanding body language.

Lack of ethical values and cultural diversity has been presented as one of the major problems in the team. Blame on the failure in the team has been attributed to the team members from different cultures. Additionally, the team lacks cultural diversity, which may be important in creating cultural diversity. In dealing with the problem of lack of cultural diversity, it will be required that the members of different cultural backgrounds be added to the existing team. The team members will be required to help the new members in becoming members of the team without looking down upon them.

Punishments for those team members found mistreating the others from different cultural backgrounds have also been set. The team members will be required to interact freely with their partners from other cultures. There will be a code of conduct in addressing common concerns that may arise from the interactions between the cultural backgrounds. Cultural differences in the workplace will be required to be handled by the problem resolution team selected from the team members, rather than the conflicting parties themselves. The code of conduct concerning ethical values will be written and distributed to ensure that they are well understood by all the team members. The new action plan will be guided by ethical policies that guide the team members on doing the right and observing high behavioral standards. Disobedience to the ethical values and cultural diversity policies will be highly punished.

References for Team Action Plan

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