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Introduction to Leadership Behavior

Leadership behavior is the qualities and activities that make an individual powerful as a leader. This behavior is the procedures by which an individual can guide, direct, influence other to work, motivate people into actions to achieve certain objectives. The leader modifies his/her style of conduct to the worker and task characteristics with the goal so that the employee's inspiration is to exceed expectations at their objective. Good leadership behaviors are really crucial as it inspires and leads people to maximize efficiency, increase the productivity of a team, retain people and nurture future leaders. According to House and Mitchell (1974), there are four types of leader behaviors or styles: Directive, Supportive, Participative, and Achievement.

When we are working on group, each member of group has a role. To understand how group operates, it is crucial to look at the roles of the individual members of the group rather than looking at only the role of group leader. Having an assorted variety of abilities and thoughts inside a group regularly enhances the group procedure and can improve the final product. However, working with others different in relation to us can be a challenge. These group jobs can be relegated dependent on people's strength or rotated periodically to expand every member's understanding of the roles and of themselves as team members. There are four fundamental roles to consider: leader/facilitator, arbitrator/monitor, note-taker/time keeper, and devil’s advocate. Where, facilitators clarifies the aim of group in simple and effective manner, monitor observes group functioning along with group discussions, time keeper summarizes discussions and decisions on note and advocate keeps his/her mind open to problems, possibilities and opposing ideas.

Body (i) Brief Describe the Factors that Affect Group or Team Performance

Factors for Team Performance and Leadership

Team performance depends on other people trust and confidence and teamwork create good relationships with colleagues. Not only that it helps to encourage healthy risk-taking, encourages creativity and learning. Since Groups were formed, some groups do well while some groups do not perform well. This is because there are several factors, both inside and outside the groups, which effect their performance has. While working in the group different members have different roles which is very important for the good project. If the group members are not active and do some negligence about their responsibility, then it directly effects on the group project. Group status is Important component for understanding human behaviour. When an individual perceives a difference between his status and that of other group members, it creates an imbalance that leads to interpersonal conflicts.

45’wSo, what is important for group members is to believe that the hierarchy of status is just and equitable. Group structure shapes the behaviour of its members and enables individual behaviour within the group to be predicted and explained as well as the performance of the group as a whole. It helps to use and increase in the engagement in the group members which results good team performance. Also, Findings indicate that involvement of the group can be seen as multidimensional construct in which group members may engage in the project more than others (Macgowan 2003). Poor teamwork can bring bad resluts for the group but it can be solved by the help of proper communication which helps to make group environment smooth and easier.

Body (ii): - Discuss how Leadership Impacts on A Group or Team Behaviour

Project is more effective when people work together as a team. Teams work best when there are certain effective qualities on one person. This person can inspire others, help the team make decisions, encourage alliance and help the team move in the right direction. Effective leadership facilitates the process, and gives the positive results. Communication is the main key in the leadership or management roles for the successful project. This directly implies to trust the leaders. If you ignore the leadership, it may erode team 's confidence and quickly become a mi-cromanager rather than a boss that empowers the team (MATSUDAIRA 2019, p. 44). There is no unit that would operate likewise without leadership. Nobody will be establishing or preserving an all-important sense of order. So, leadership proves understanding that the human / cultural element in the context of project performance. This is the awareness that should have leaders seeking to build individual and collective performance.The majority of the assessment on arranging and objective setting in multiteam frameworks is applied and minimal exact work has analyzed how con-vergent or different points of view between the leadership and part groups may influence these frameworks ensuing conduct and execution (Standifer 2012: 399). Hence, leadership is directly related to the group performance.

Body (iii): - Use Another 3 Credible Source to Support Body (ii).

Performance depends upon the teamwork which is created with trust and confidence, good relationships with the teammates and workers can lead and convert a team into a good and trustworthy team. There is situation where some teams give their best performance and some do not, they have to face both the circumstances, and the situation of this nature arises because of some factors either its inside the team or outside the team, it has to be in affect if the performance is based on everyone, there are more expectation and more questions while performing a task. Such situation implies over the team leader and performance of a leader describes the performance of the teammates in actual (Zhang, Cao & Wang, 2018). When a team is formed there are certain points that need to be followed and should be kept in mind that every individual present in the group have different mindset and different thinking therefore, such differences can lead to the conflicts and disputes in the team which may even harm the reputation and image of the employment in the longer run and for ending such differences there is a requirement of a team leader as in the aspect of a guide, mentor to provide guidance and direction while working on the project to achieve same goal. It is a fact that a team leader needs to be more attentive while the other team members are working on the task as any kind of negligence in respect to the responsibility shall directly affect the group project and such small negligence can affect the common goal as well (Elrehail, Emeagwali, Alsaad & Alzghoul, 2018).

Conclusion on Leadership Behavior

A behavior of a leader is based on the qualities it holds and the activities he or she conducts for the team and builds the team. A powerful leader is a person who directs and leads its team in the right direction with right guidance. A leadership behavior is produced and manageable by every member present in the group which holds the same aim and objective for a common task. Motivating the members of the group to work for the same aim is a difficult task and so there is the requirement of a person who can actually manage such difficulties with an ease therefore, such person is called a leader. Building inspiration in the people to have courage to face every difficulty should be the main aim of the leader, good leadership behavior is very difficult to build motivation for people as every member of the team knows the struggle behind the designation, every assignment provided is only effective when people in the team starts working and start co-operating with each other. Good communication can help in building the good and healthy relations with other employees, and it shall be easy to achieve the targets set as the common objective for the team. As mentioned above that leaders should be interactive and communicative as it shows the interest of the leader in the team and defines co-operation with the members, such gesture of supporting the teammates builds the enthusiasm in the followers to complete the task and follow what their leader says.

References for Leadership Behavior

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