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P&G Launches Global "Thank You Mom Campaign"

Question 1

1.1    Answer 1
P&G launches Global “thank you mom campaign” before the launch of London 2012 Olympic Games. The main motive of this campaign is to celebrate mom’s efforts that they put on their children’s that aid them to accomplish all their dreams. This campaign celebrates and thanks to every mum in the world. This campaign celebrates and thanks each mom in the world that is behind the athletes (Khoreva2019). The message that P&G wants to send their customer is to thank you, mums, and highlights their rules in the life of athletes in terms of rising Olympians and raising the great kids. This is the core message that the organisation wants to deliver to its customer through this campaign that is thank you mom campaign.

1.2    Answer 2

The benefit that the organisation gained from the implementation of "thank you mom campaign” is the worldwide recognition. It not only highlights the Olympic games which is one of the most important parts for athletes of each and every country. This campaign not only recognised by the country itself but also in different parts of the world with the same emotion and same motivation (Hollensen, S. 2019).The firm intelligently links emotions and the brand name most effectively as it gives a worldwide recognition and also shows gratitude towards mums journey on the athlete.

1.3    Answer 3

The emotion that this video evokes on me is that hard work that my mum has put on me. This video not only rises an emotion but also evolve all the memories that my mum and I have. Through this video, I can visualise the hard work that every athlete mom have put on the children’s in order to make them athlete in order to present their country in front of the world. It is not only the hard work of athlete but also the effective contribution of their mums.

Question 2

2.1    Answer 1
The target customer of this product is the children that belong to 5 to 14 years of age. GululuGo introduces interactive water bottles that take you beyond your imagination. The bottle is a drinking water bottle that determines the amount of water that needs to be taken by the children withthe new technology of games embedded in it(Olson et al 2018). This bottle is very costly and it may not feasible for the lower class people as well as for middle-class people. The target audience of this product is the children's that belong to higher society. 

2.2    Answer 2

The success of this product is quietly low as it is a very costly product and a specific range of people can afford this kind of products. The first feature for this product is that it belongs to children's as they may not handle it carefully as it is costly so it needs a certain amount of care. However, this kind of products is not so shown need in the market right now because the market already has different products in terms of water bottle which have enough space in the market. This product has no such effective use for the children as it may have a quite successful presence in the market. 

Question 3

Agatha’s Inc. is going to launch a new product and it is difficult for the organisation to select the appropriate price of the product as the organisation is facing intense competition from other companies. In order to select the appropriate price for the product then organisation have to review the market price of the other companies product and then decide what are the different features they are providing in their product. As the organisation is the leading strategic software solution provider to the healthcare and life science industry(Quelch2017). For an example, the organisation is launching some health-related product then they should just analyse the products that are already exist in the market and the functionality of their products. Now the organisation have to analyse and compare the products in terms of the raw material and the benefits that both products have. After that organisation needs to understand the pricing as per the benefits of a product. The organisation is providing a better product with the other competitors and the can rise share price and deliver the product at that range only. If the product of the organisation is less beneficial than other organisations’ product, then the firm needs to add some more functionality to some more raw materials to make it more beneficial and attractive. Then the organisation needs to consider the price which is lower than the other competitors as it gives a competitive advantage to the organisation. The organisation needs to understand the present market condition as there are more than three competitors in the market then the organisation needs to consider some measures to provide different pricing techniques to attract a large number of customers. This technique will be really helpful for the organisation in order to deliver the best services and a large number of customers. 

Question 4

The four types of marketing channels that directly impact marketing strategies are direct selling, selling through intermediaries, dual distribution and reverse channel. Direct selling refers to the marketing strategy that directly to the customers away from a fixed retail location. Peddling is considered as one of the oldest forms of direct selling. The other ways through which direct selling is conducted is through the party plan, personal contact arrangement as well as internet sales. There are various benefits of direct selling as ithas a direct conversation with the customer and firm. The second marketing channel is the selling through intermediaries refers to the channel which works as an intermediate between the customer and the firm. The retailers and the wholesalers work as an intermediate between the customers and the organisation. This channel is also known as an indirect channel as it uses the proper structure of delivery through manufacture to agent, wholesaler, retailer and then to the customers. The third marketing channel is a dual distribution which describes large areas of marketing arrangements through which manufacturers and wholesaler use more than one channel simultaneously to reach out to the end-user. In this kind of marketing channels, the franchise is one of the best examples of dual distribution. The last channel is the reverse channel which refers to the method of marketing in the reverse direction that comprises of the customer to intermediary to the beneficiary. The best example of a reverse channel is recycling. These are the four levels of a marketing channel that organisation to interact with the customer and know their needs and demands. In the present situation, all these marketing channels played an integral rule for the organisation as the direct selling is the most common procedure that directly interacts with the customers.

Question 5

5.1    Answer 1
WI-FI marketing is one of the marketing strategies in which retailers provide wireless internet access to the customers and then use that channel to communicate messages and emotions among the customers. As it is one of the ways that physical retailers embracing the digital world and creating the multi-channel experience for their customers. Shopper marketing is one of the marketing techniques in which firm understand the shoppers and developer marketing mix that influences customer behaviour in such a way that it positively impact the conservation of the brand. To use this technique in order to capture a large number of customer towards the organisation and develop a marketing mix that can fulfil the needs and requirement of the customers(Möller and Halinen2018). The main aim of Wi-Fi marketing is to check the requirements of the customer through their browsing history and then acknowledge their needs and requirements to deliver good services from the organisation. Marketing strategy is not followed by most of the organisation and it sometimes a bit different technique that may be not considered by the shoppers but it also helps the organisation to know the needs and demand of the customers.

5.2    Answer 2

A marketing technique is a bit typical technique that may not be acceptable by shoppers. In case if this technique comes in front of the customers then they may not accept this and consider this as cheating on them. Because this is not legally right to gather information without the consent and knowledge of the customers or any individual all over the world. It is very important to have consent from the customers and then took out the data and used for the benefits of the organisation. If this kind of strategic comes out in front of customers than they may unsatisfied with the services and lost trust in the firm. This is important for the organisation to make their customers as a priority and then took any step. This may prove to be very dangerous if the customer feels that organisation is cheating on them then the organisation can lose their loyal customers and they will lose their trust in the market(Lindgreen and Di Benedetto 2018). The organisation needs to plan some strategy that can help the organisation to know the needs of customers. While some customers can see this technique in a different way as they have a good shopping experience after this functionality. 


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