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Arguments for Miracles, C.S. Lewis

Table of Contents



Difference between Lewis’ ‘Supernaturalist’ view and the ‘Naturalist’ view..

Reasons behind Lewis perspective of supernaturalist position better than naturalist position.

Critical evaluation of the distinction of both views for defending the probability and possibility of some miracle.

Defending Lewis position.


Reference list

Introduction to The Miracle of Cancer Stem Cell Markers

C.S. Lewis’s famous book Miracle was published in 1947 further releasing a revised version in 1960. The book is based on the aspects of a miracle in the real-life, and the author seems to be arguing several facts and consideration within the book. The current study will be evaluating different aspects of the book, including the differentiating between the supernaturalist and naturalist view stated by the author. The reason behind the author's perspective will also be highly reflected in the study below. Finally, the study will be concluded based on arguments for the Lewis position, as mentioned in the book.

Discussion on The Miracle of Cancer Stem Cell Markers

Difference Between Lewis’ ‘supernaturalist’ View and The ‘naturalist’ View

Naturalist view, as stated by Lewis in his book, reflects the belief that universe is considered to be a vast process and the events that are occurring are designed previously (Lewis & Rosenbaum, 2017). He also mentioned that the causes of the event could be found from the event itself. In addition to this, it has also been mentioned in the book that the event that is taking place within the universe is the reflection of the previous events and is ought to be taking place again after some time in the universally. As a whole, it can be stated that events that are happening in the universe are considered a chain of the whole system.

On the other hand, supernaturalist, as described by Lewis in his book reflects the aspects of an intruder within the universe as the cause of the events. In order to be more precise, it can be stated that the events taking place within the universe are considered the cause outside it and the can also be considered to be the consequence of the actions taking place outside the universe (Lewis & Rosenbaum, 2017). However, it is also considered the event that is not being traceable and can occur at any time. Hence, it can also be considered as the material determination of the causes that are taking place within the universe.

Reasons Behind Lewis Perspective of Supernaturalist Position Better than Naturalist Position

Lewis, in his book, supported the action of a miracle in the real world. In this respect, it has also been determined by the author that miracle is not a part of the real world and is considered to be incompatible with the natural laws within the universe (Lu, Stratton & Tang, 2020). On the other hand, it has also been argued by the author that it is more likely to be going beyond the laws that are mutually exclusive with each other. It is because; the thought of miracle presented by the author in his book does not go along with the naturalist view within the current universe. As supernaturalist possess more than nature and the real world, thus it is capable of supporting the aspects of a miracle according to the idea presented by the author. 

Critical Evaluation of The Distinction of Both Views for Defending the Probability and Possibility of Some Miracle

Miracle, as defined by the author, possesses the aspects of both natural and supernatural elements. It has been highly implied by the author that the miracle does not tend to be explicable alone by the causes of the natural world (Daido, Takahashi & Yin, 2018). It is assumed to be an excites wonder that reveals inner depth regarding the causes and action of human beings. On the other hand, it is also being described as the violation of the natural laws that reflects the inner strength of the supernaturalist view within the universe. As the naturalist view stated by the author states, the cause of the action is reflected from the event alongside supernaturalist reflects the cause of the action from an outer perspective. Therefore, the miracle is related to that particular cause. As a result of this, Lewis in the book has used the aspects of naturalist and supernaturalist for judging the possibility and probability of miracle.

Defending Lewis Position

Lewis, in his position, highly supported the supernatural elements within a universe by providing proper support to the cause and effect of the happenings within nature. The author highly believes in the aspects of supernaturalistic view as according to the author, cause of action is highly related to the interruption caused outside of the universe. On the other hand, as supported by Heikinheimo, Tenkanen & Tuominen (2017), the aspects of a miracle do not make any sense or can also consider being incompatible with the natural laws within the domain. It is because; the miracle is an aspect that does not happen by choice. From the viewpoint of Daido, Takahashi & Yin (2017), the miracle is considered to be unrealistic that does not support the cause and effect theory proposed by the natural world. As per the through possessed by Lewis, it can be reflected that being unrealistic and going beyond the law can be effective in gaining proper control over the cause and action.

Besides, as the aspect stated by the author also determines material causes; therefore, it sounds more realistic than the naturalistic view within the universe. It has also been stated by the author that being accommodated with the world more than reality can provide access to the actual cause and effect of the happenings in the real world. Supporting the thoughts of the author as depicted by Wang & Zöller (2019), the world of supernatural view tends to intervene in the world of natural view that further interrupts the action of human beings. The argument is further based on the aspect that if the physical cause is the base of all the actions or the incidents taking place in the natural world, then there is no place for the reasoning ground. It also mitigates the scope of reasoning and the scope of assuming any actions or the cause of the action. As a result of this, it can further be entitled that the naturalist view also does not support the action of reasons that further seems to be neglecting the natural grounds or the laws of nature. 

Reviewing the aspects from a different angle, it can further be analysed that super naturist view is better than the naturalistic approach due to the support of the reasoning through the approach of a miracle. In this respect, as stated from the approach, if naturist were the relevant cause of the incident, then the reasons behind the happenings would have been completely unknown to the people within the universe (Lu Stratton & Tang, 2020). As per the views proposed by Lewis, it can further be determined that assumption of the veracity of the known grounds within a universe can be rejected further creating failure in the assumption of the reasonable grounds behind the action of the universe. As the author seems to be highly relevant to the thought of reasons; therefore, the aspects of miracle supported by the author is highly viable to the current approach. Hence, the approach of Lewis in supporting the world of super naturist action is highly viable, reflecting on the cause and action within the universe with proper reasoning.

Conclusion on The Miracle of Cancer Stem Cell Markers

Based on the views stated in the above segment, it can be concluded that Lewis tried to defend the aspects of supernaturalistic view relating to the aspects of a miracle. As per the author, the naturalist view includes the cause of the current event as the action done before within the same universe. On the other, revealing the views of a supernaturalist, Lewis that miracle is a part of the action and cause and it tends to present out of the nature that is hardly controllable by the laws functioning within nature has defended it. Hence, both the views stated by the author are different in nature, possess a heavyweight each, and can be highly relatable to the aspects of causes and happenings within a universe.

Reference List for The Miracle of Cancer Stem Cell Markers

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