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Diversity in Teams Increases Organisational Performance

Diversity of team has been generally described as' the distinction between team members of any trait that individuals can differ on, such as ethnic background, operational or academic diversity, and appearance” (Schouten, Khattab & Pahng, 2020). Diversity is characterized as the variations that occur among the members of the same group. Diversity in the workplace may be described as a wide variety of people working together in the same organization, from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It also contains certain discrepancies that may influence the efficiency of an organization's workers. Day after day, organizations are being more diverse, and this fragmentation has caused individuals to come together to function towards the same objective. Organizations also understand the need to include a diverse pool of workers in many areas including age, disabled status, sexual identity, etc. Diversity offers organization problems as well as rewards. Diversity is not only about how individuals perceive themselves but rather about how they consider others. Diversity in the population is not simply about ethnic distinctions such as caste, ethnicity, class, age, etc., it also involves human variations and similarities that render them distinct or identical. It includes respecting one another and accepting the distinction between individuals in the organization (Nika & Makdoomi, 2018).

Diversity of the workplace is becoming a corporate necessity and as such, recognizing, accepting, and handling diversity is essential for companies to be able to outperform competitors. Diversity influences in the workplace have a favorable association with success in the company. Managing a diverse workplace is a problem for executives, it's understood. Therefore, the way a diverse workplace is handled is a primary determinant of the diversity-performance relationships. There is a significant positive association between diversity and success in the workplace. Diverse workers positively affect the organization's results. However, it is accepted that handling a diverse workplace poses a challenge for administrators. Therefore, the way a diverse workplace is handled is a primary determinant of the diversity-performance relationships. If well handled it will produce good effects in output. The company should therefore introduce a strong management framework for the integration initiative, and therefore ensure that the uniqueness of the staff is respected in the company (Sanyang & Oathman, 2019).

Diversity in the workplace includes similarities and variations between the workers in terms of age, cultural heritage, bodily ability and disability, ethnicity, faith, sex, and sexual preference. No two human beings are the same as each other. People are diverse not only in class, religion, ethnicity, social and psychological characteristics but also in perceptions and preferences. Society has for years been discriminatory on these dimensions. Diversity allows heterogeneous labor force. Hiring a diverse workforce in the present situation is a must for any company but handling such a diverse workforce is also a major challenge for the organization. Hiring a diversified staff can certainly contribute to increased efficiency, but it will prove catastrophic if not well handled as not just the administration but even the workers are facing issues such as language difficulties (which is normal and not attributed to employees' thoughts), conflicts in personality and variations in interpretation that are directly linked to human behavior, which inevitably contribute to discrepancies of perception affecting the efficiency of any organization (Saxena, 2014).

Interestingly, this issue can be tackled by implementing different policies such as: promoting the usage of shared language among employees in the organization, undertaking numerous motivational and mentoring activities, holding contact lines accessible among employees and managers, and promoting engagement of employees. Furthermore one should acknowledge the reality that it is not the problem of culture, in reality, it is the issue of quality. Therefore consistency must be preserved and not tossed away to increase efficiency (Saxena, 2014).

Diversity and success have a good connection to it. A variety of research study has shown a favorable association between sex/age diversity and community success (Guver & Motschnig, 2017). A diverse culture is found to improve team performance by promoting team productivity, happiness, collaboration, and participative decision-making procedures. Heterogeneity in the skill rates (versus homogeneity) has a beneficial impact on results. The positive impact on performance can be ascertained as learning (referring to low-skill members learning from their high-skill counterparts), encouragement (referring to low-skill and high-skill members being inspired to do well because of their peers' skills or lack thereof), and coordination benefits (referring to low-skill and high-skill members selecting activities that will get their team the greatest marginal benefit), The plurality-to a certain degree-helps to enhance problem-solving & decision-making mechanisms by greater imagination and capacity for innovation (Guver & Motschnig, 2017).

Companies today function in an exceedingly dynamic and unpredictable world in which unforeseen incidents are widespread. Thus, they need to build agility skills to handle unforeseen shocks, sustain high efficiency, and even survive and expand. There are early signs that diversity may play a significant role in the growth of organizational resilience. Preliminary signs suggest that diversity often plays a significant role in the growth of organizational resilience. 'transmission of individual qualities among interdependent representatives of a work unit.' The possible role of heterogeneity in improving organizational resistance by leading to the creation of multiple capacities that underlie the three stages of the resilience cycle (expectation, managing, and adjustment). Diversity may especially influence the creation of anticipatory capabilities through enhancing the detection and recognition of essential changes and plans for future events. Diversity can enhance communication strategies by enhancing sensory processing and problem-solving. Finally, diversity may improve the corporate capacity to interpret and benefit from sensitive circumstances, thus fostering adaptability. There are many ways for companies to understand this ability. In general, they should build a clear culture of diversity (evaluating and allow access), maintain specific unit requirements (time period, structure, cohesion), and assign (team) executives with suitable leadership (attributes and styles) (Duchek, Raetze & Scheuch, 2019).

In light of the above, it can be concluded that diversity in teams increases the performance of the organization, the only prerequisite which shall be met is to achieve the above-mentioned outcome is that the management of the diversity team shall be in the hands of an effective manager who can yield the best performance from the team.

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