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Traffic accidents in India(Punjab) 1

Part A 3

Introduction 3

Traffic Estimation 4

Part B 7

Environmental health issues 7

Vehicles 7

Improvement on Roads 8

Conclusion 9

References 9

Part A




Through this assignment, we would be evaluating how there have been extensive cases of the road accidents in India which has been primarily been noticed in the national, state, along with seeing how there has been a major rise in the city level. Due to the high instances of the accidents, there has been a rapid case of the distribution and the estimation of the road accidental deaths that have caused unprecedented cases and injuries as observed in the Punjab, India. This has to be reviewed and segregated that could focus based on the age, gender, a month that can note the time. This would be based on the research data which could be briefly be evaluated in terms of how there can be an estimation of age group range showing the 30-59 years which could create an edge to the vulnerable population group and also an estimation to the increased males that have been facing a higher case. It is all about how there can be segregation done based on the higher level which would cause in terms of the injuries caused while being evaluating form a female counterpart (Chauhan, 2015). There has also been a higher instance of the tremendous road accident that has resulted in extreme weather during the odd extreme working conditions.

Traffic Estimation

As seen since 2015, there has been an estimation of five lakh road accidents that have been focused on the Punjab, India which have caused and how there can be a high death case which would be caused on account of the 1.5 lakh people and defined significant injuries (Chauhan, 2015). This was reviewed from the signatory estimation of the Brasilia Declaration, which describes it as numerous cases of road accidents that have caused higher cases of the traffic fatalities that have caused a higher blockage by 50%... So far, the Indian government has been unable to take any action that would help to avoid the instances, par as per the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2016 this has been caused as a higher instance that would be noted on in the given Budget Session as per the Parliament. As Punjab has been shown as one of the cases, that have caused higher instances to issues that could cause and would be significant in terms of the road accidents that could be due to the third party insurance along with the involvement caused due to the appropriate measures and due to the road safety. There have been significant cases of the data on road accidents which would be caused on account of accidents that can happen due to third party insurance.

DPSEEA framework

As noted that there can be a DPSEEA framework, that has been caused on account of the road accidents in India and it has been steadily been increasing in 17-31.16% as shown in 1951 till 2011 (Chauhan, 2015). This would be systematically be resulting on account of the economic concerns that could affect the transport sector which would be focused on the system. As seen how in India, there have been higher instances that would result in a higher level of accidents on account of many modes that happen on road transport and this has been a dominant cause.  This has resulted in the goods and passengers that have been caused as a central part of linkage within the production, consumption, and distribution.

This would be based on the road transport that has affected the 4.7% of India's gross domestic product (GDP) during the specified the year 2012-2013. This accounts for mobility, trade and even includes an economic development that determines growth, integration along with a gradual impact with social inclusion. This would be estimated as per the negative caused due to the transportation that could excessively cause energy-intensive transport.

Driving This is one of the major causes, as the driving permission would be based on the tremendous pressures that can be caused due to the driving that has estimated to be caused a higher end. As per the RTA direction, it has caused a high traffic accident affecting the public health issue causing a higher incident of the multi-disciplinary approach. This has caused a higher fatal incident and has impacted the public health, as they hold a low awareness, causing higher cases of the disabling road accident. This could be avoided by designing scientific engineering methods that can help in the public health catastrophe.

Repercussion effects This has caused higher instances which have impacted the cause of any significant development, that has accounted for the environment. It has even impacted the negative impacts caused due to the outputs (that happens due to the significant pollutant emissions) and also  "state" (quality) as shown in the given environment and would make an effective dispersal (Flayyih, 2017). It has an accumulation of pollutants that impact the environment that could impact the air, soil, water, and food.

State cases- So far there has been a record of the Punjab state with a higher case of the 1.3 lakh people due to the negligence and accidents caused on the road deaths in India. This has been a higher case as India falls in second place after China and there has been a reduce effort in comparison to China that has reduced the accidents from 100,000 to the 90,000. India accounts a 1% of total world's vehicles, and there have been a 10% cases caused due to the road fatalities, that has increased to the 8% It is due to the poor efforts in the enforcement along with a low law abidance  caused due to the myopic policies as a part of the policymakers (Gururaj, 2016).

Incidents- As noted the environment is also affected due to the high cases of the potential hazards which have a negative externality in the environment.

Effects -:This would be part of the action defined in the policy development causing a standard-setting and also a low technical control measure which has impacted the environment,

Actions So far there has been a negligible impact caused due to the factors on account of the low driving forces that can control the large population, urbanization and also be impacted due to the technological change. 

Part B


Environmental health issues


This has been subsequently been impacted as a cause of the high road death cases and also high instances of injuries that can also be preventable (Hailemichael, 2015). This would purely be due to the lack of road safety interventions as reflected below-:


There has to be a higher focus on clean vehicles using clean fuel along with a low impact on the environment. 

Consistent steps to reduce the older vehicles that have been a high focus to reduce the effects on the environment (Masuri, 2017).

Improvement on Roads

So far the government has also ensured better safety, better maintenance on the roads and also a substantial improvement. It is mainly due to the safety impacts and also focused on reducing the environmental hazards. So far all the factors intrinsic and extrinsic have also been reduced.


So far the given men ahs also impacted by educating the masses and also focusing on reducing the accidents.

There has also been a high applied rule and regulation, that would be harmful to the environment, it is mainly due to the polluting vehicles and using the old vehicles

Gaps & Current Policy

While reviewing the activities of the personal motor vehicle as per the Motor Vehicles 2017 amendment this has been related to the duties and applied regulations (Singh, 2017). With the higher instances of Punjab, it has also caused a higher case of the road accident that can impact the cases of higher negligence and related issues. This would be a higher instance of the road accidents that could be a problem caused due to the rural areas, and also accounts for the 250,000 that would reach a mark by 2025. 


To include the findings, there has been a higher case of road accidents which are purely due to the higher impacts caused on account of road accidents (Singh, 2017). It has been caused due to the speedy driving vehicles and being unable to follow any specific traffic rules. It is all because of the government's lack of control, lack of enforcement and at the same time has even caused higher cases of the " mighty right". Another form to include how there can be instances, of using more of the eco-friendly smaller vehicles which would help to reduce the overburdened public health. Another way to look at increase more of the public transport which are eco-friendly and should be properly maintained to reduce the impact (Taravatmanesh, 2015). In the end, the vehicles have to be controlled and show clear proof of higher maintenance that could reduce the driving accidents, drunk cases and also be able to improve the encroached roads toa void any accidents.


Chauhan, R. C., Manikandan, P. A., Samuel, A., & Singh, Z. (2015). Determinants of health care seeking behavior among the rural populations of a coastal area in South India. Int J Sci Rep, 1(2), 118-22.

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Singh, S. K. (2017). Road traffic accidents in India: issues and challenges. Transportation research procedia, 25, 4708-4719.

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