Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society

Introduction to Principles of Catholic Social Thought

The catholic principles are based on the nine postulates, the main principle of Catholicism is human dignity, the common good, and community feeling, subsidiarity of goods, and the universal purpose of goods. Moreover, it needs to be stated here that the stewardship of creation is also an important element of catholic consideration and existence. Peace is an important proposition here in Christianity (Novak, 2017). Moreover, it needs to be further stated that participation in community events and endeavors are encouraged in catholic society. It has been also evident that the Christians and the Catholics in the specialty have the aim of providing alms and grants for the poor and the needy therefore it can be stated that they sponsor preferential treatment for poor. Furthermore, all these principles play a vital role in the nursing profession. The analysis aims to analyze the four major catholic social thoughts and their role in the nursing profession.

The Dignity of The Human Person

Dignity is an intrinsic value that all human being possesses in separate amount. It cannot be earned by practicing any concrete ceremony rather it requires to be developed from thoughtful understanding about oneself. Furthermore, the indistinct idea of dignity cannot be distinguished in stipulations of any incidental procurement rather it can be recognized methodically from the reaction one shows towards a definite condition (Brady, 2018). From a humanitarian viewpoint, people require to support dignity to combine the disputable core of humanity itself. As it is considered as an inherent characteristic that subsequently varies across possible human beings, this cannot be empirically allied with the communal perception of Catholicism, but the people across the globe suffer from a gross deficit of dignity that ultimately can be cited as the probable drivers of the fearful behavior all around. Apart from all, as it is an inherent individual attribute, it is methodically incumbent upon all the human beings to support, encourage and convey self-respect in order to diminish the rife violence all across the sphere. 

Common Good and Community

In this initiation of complacence and self-pleasing, probable human beings are getting arrogant day by day, and factually started to overlook the concept of union. In addition, the normal belief of individual liberty has been destined as the probable player to lead the individual ambiance towards this renowned arrogance. The fundamental idea of the common good is believed to tackle the basic emotional, communal, mental, and psychological requirements and desire that typically comprise the mainstream of a human mannerism (Levy, Leffers, & Mayaka, 2018). It can be further expressed that the person, as well as the equivalent cumulative view, can flourish merely if the person and the civilization can be obsessed with an ordinary yet broader reason

Principle of Solidarity

Solidarity highlights in a particular mode the inherent societal environment of the human person, the fairness of all in distinction and human rights and the general path of persons and peoples towards an ever more dedicated unity; there continue in each part of the world stark disparity among urbanized and developing countries, discrimination strengthen also by a variety of shape of misuse, domination and dishonest (Lysaught & McCarthy, 2018). The hastening of interdependence among people and people’s requirements to be accompanied by uniformly powerful efforts on the ethical-social plane, in order to shun the unsafe penalty of perpetrating unfairness on an international scale.


The principle of subsidiarity defend citizens from mistreatment by superior level social power and call on these similar establishments to assist persons and intermediate groups such as families, educational, recreational and expert associations, amalgamation, supporting bodies, neighborhood groups to accomplish their responsibility. This principle is very important as each person, family and the intermediate group has something original to present to the society.

According to my viewpoint Dignity applies uniformly to those who have the ability and to those who need it. I believe that everybody has corresponding worth as human beings and must be treated as if they are capable to sense, consider, and act in relation to their value or worth. I think that the principle states that “nurses and nursing staff treat everybody in their concern with dignity and humankind. They recognize their requirements, demonstrate sympathy and kindliness, and give care in a mode that compliments all citizens uniformly (Garrett & Garrett, 2018). If citizens gain information on how important human dignity is, this will permit them to integrate better relations with customers, therefore contributing to the common good and human prosperity of all. The growths of nursing as a separate occupation reveal societal credit that the gathering of services offered by nurses is helpful for the common good. It addresses linked notion such as concern for the whole person in the community and result connected with the common good, such as distributive justice.

Healthcare providers must treat all citizens with a similar level of dignity and admiration. The healthcare structure is intended so that everybody gets the best probable treatment. The attitude supporting the healthcare system is based upon a few more or less worldwide principles:

  • admittance to care for all,
  • harmony through medicinal insurance (which is necessary for all and available to all) and
  • Premium healthcare services.

This means that a principle of solidarity does not direct us consistently towards conduct in our test cases (Condit, 2016). Though persons operating in a solidarity structure have argued on others, and the structure in which they function, as solidarity is reciprocal natives also have a compulsion to others and may have obligations to act in a definite manner in that structure. 

I have learned that the principle of subsidiarity offer resolution to these problems. At its center, subsidiarity stress and compliments the role of the being free will in his or her life alternative. In other terms, the human person is the necessary performer in the concern of his or her wellbeing. Subsidiarity excels most luminously in the reconnection of the patient to individual stewardship over his or her wellbeing. Greater accountability shared among the healthcare group and patient promote a stronger sense of faith (Buckley, 2020). Within subsidiarity's pressure, individuals are better placed to present real fraternal support as they are more personally linked to those people and troubles to which they have accountability. In any wealthy society, the wise allocation of power and capital demands a matching sensible sharing of accountability.

In all healthcare background, it must be probable that a person's human dignity and basic human rights are encouraged.

Conclusion on Principles of Catholic Social Thought

Dignity, the common good, subsidiarity, solidarity are significant as they are based on great Law and they relate in all social associations. They are ethical principles and consequently are binding on our principles. It has been concluded from the overall analysis that catholic social thoughts are a crucial strategy in nursing practice and assist in endorse human dignity. Furthermore, the nursing practice issue of routine learning which engages sickness avoidance, therapy, and individual healthcare is completely direct by the catholic thought principle to endorse human decorum. In addition, the principle specified that fortification of human rights and tasks for good nursing practice. Catholic social though offer connections between human rights and accountability and nursing client connection throughout training service to clients. Nursing practice so plays a crucial function in respecting patient’s rights to good health and I have to give reasonable services to the patients.

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