This is my Song


This is my Song,

This story is a vision of life

Where many secrets of living become alive

From Rafael Ullmann's, Annie Ullmann and Joe Hawke Ullmann

Existing decades apart, but still trying to pursue the same spark

All grew from the same seed of ancestry, times were different but all saw the same destiny

Following the one same song composed by their grandfather

All three seek salvation in the world of social enigmas.

The story tells the songs that all the sang in various years of world war 11

The story rhymes the aspirations that they had in all the limited resources in hand

The story is a journey from grandfather to grandsons,

The age, the time, the circumstances are different, but the fire burning inside them is the same.

The truths, the secrets and the desires untold

Pass from generation to generation uphold

Each one struggling hard to attain their solace

Each one proudly narrates their own reminisce

The song well masters and shared from generations over

Expressing the emotions and salvation that bond them all

The wants vary the needs differ, yet the souls of each urge for a deter

One might be singing Jewish carols, the Other living in solitude the third needs certainty from divinity

But all are clinging to one same identity

Massacre, killing, and trauma is what the time made them see

But the atrocities of war have taken away all their glee

They might be laughing, singing and making merry

But deep inside their hearts are the sunken holes of traumatic misery

The poem above is a synopsis of the life shared by three people from the same family living in different time frames. The poem aims to express the unexplained, undescribed unity of three different people who belong to varied backgrounds, different countries, and different time zones (Yaxley,2017). In the early 1940s, Rafael Ullmann from the 1940s in Czechoslovakia was a music lover and a passionate artist by heart. He and his family are forced to join a model ghetto for Jewish artists in Terezin. Amongst all these upheavals and challenges the one thing that Rafael compromise is his music. The horrors and trauma at the Nazi camp numb the poet inside him. His hearts lose his passion and his ultimate resort is to find the meaning in his living

Annie, Rafaela’s daughter grown up amidst the pain and unease of his father and the helplessness of her deaf and dumb mother. The young girl is bursting with ambitions and wishes to fly high with her aspirations but is stuck with the emotions and plight of her dear ones. The girl is in search of her blue skies where she can fly high

The raiders see a similar situation but three decades later, far across continents in Australia another man, Joe Hawker is trying to survive each day with her uncertainties and doubts about her future thirty. Joe Hawker is a son who lives in Brisbane with his divorced mother, Annie

Ullmann, who is a divorced mother. Joe’s life is also in pursuit of his dreams( Bauer Yehuda,2000). A dream of signing so well that his teacher gets impressed by the hidden meaning behind his songs and pursues a career as a cow historian. His belongings cover the major part of his desires but unfortunately are still not strong enough to become reality.

All three from members in the varying eras of time are running behind their dreams and passion. The atrocity and barbarity of war had left broken dreams that keep rising now and then and curbing the strength to follow their heart,

The story unknowingly gives a glimpse of the turmoil and damage war does to the survivors. Being a part of the war or growing up with people who faced war are equally demanding. War leaves a sense of wastefulness and emptiness. The daily pursuits towards goals and one's happiness seem useless when a war one day can end up everything.

World war brought with it tremendous persecution, massacre killings nad education for most of the Jewish families (Hartwick & Sharon, 2003). Many lost their lives and families. Those who survived were taken to nazis camps to witness more brutal aspects of living. By the end of the world war, more than half of the Jewish population of Europe was murdered in the Holocaust by the end of the war. Poland, which is known for being the largest Jewish community in Europe, witnessed around 3,000,000 Jews detained by the Nazis. Around 70 per cent of the Jewish population lost their lives in Lithuania, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, and Latvia after the world war

The Ullmann family is thus crying the curse of war for generations to generations. It’s rightly said the parents face the war but the grandchildren bear the consequence of the emotional turmoil the war marks on the souls of many generations to come

The discovery of the song written by Joe, composed by Rfaeal during the misery and tough time of war relates equally well to both Annie and joe. All three are mental victims of war crusades and struggling hard to curate a frame for their dreams

The story focuses on the importance of music. How one song becomes a medium of connection and solace to people belonging to three different generations. Music visualizes life beyond possessions, mind work, and gains. Music creates feelings, music builds passion. Under the spell of passion people are just beings that love, spread kindness and are considerate, Music is the patronage of happiness and soulful living.

When Joe discovers the song written by Rafeale, his great grandfather, he was surprised to feel its effect and authority for his own life too even after decades of the incident. This is the power of music. It creates a mojo that surpasses all clings of time and boundaries. The story of Rafael is particularly heart-wrenching, emotionally overwhelming, and truly a crusader of powerful connections that dwells through the three generations.

Looking at a broader perspective the Catholic social teaching also believe in humanity and distinctive appraisal of human value, distinctive in its consistent critiques of modern social and political ideologies both of the left and the right: communism, atheism, liberalism, fascism, feminism, socialism, capitalism, and Nazism have always been condemned and ridiculed but the torch bearers of catholic origin

Catholic social doctrine teaches the followers to learn to paint a balance between the human rights and needs of society. Music has always been that one common connect that bonds people irrespective of caste creed and religion. Music knows no language and is unbiased, Good soulful music bears the power to move mountain and melt souls belonging to any human body.

This is my story eventually helps three people from different backgrounds, time and age yet related to world war 11 in some way, very well connected to one song created by Rafaela during the time of World war 2. All three Rafael, Annie, and Joe Ullmann weer somewhere related to the song and strongly believed the song spoke about the story of their lives, healing souls, and unfulfilled desires.


Bauer, Yehuda (2000). Rethinking the Holocaust. Yale University Press. p. 5. ISBN 0300093004.

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Yaxley R. (2017) “This Is My Song” Scholastic, 2017 ISBN 78176027614

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